How Did P Diddy Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, music is one of the biggest forms of media that shapes culture. It inspires people to dance, action movies and even politics are sometimes influenced by songs!

Music has always been an integral part of our lives which makes it perfect for us to take advantage and explore. An easy way to start exploring music is looking into what genre you like and studying your favorite pieces.

For young audiences, learning how to play the guitar or learn an instrument is very popular. Many kids who enjoy musical instruments also create their own tracks either as stories or just for fun. Learning how to sing or lead a song comes in really handy since most of us have to at some point!

As artists ourselves, my friend Justin and I wanted to share our knowledge about different types of musicians with everyone else. We figured why not make this website full of information and interactive lessons for anyone to use? This article will talk about the artist known as Mase, his rise to fame and some funny moments he had while promoting himself.

Started making music

how did p diddy become famous

As we know, music has always inspired people to create new things – it creates an internal feeling that you can’t describe. When someone listens to a song they like, it gives them inspiration to do something related to what they heard.

In his early years, rapper The Dapper Don started writing songs and performing for himself. He would record his experiences in life into lyrics and melodies he created himself.

After developing his craft as a lyricist, he then took these skills and applied them towards creating more structured songs. More than just stories of his personal life, his creations have catchy tunes with lyrics about love, life, and career advice.

His first big break came when artist Sean “Diddy” Carter noticed his work while listening to a friend's CD. Since then, Diddy has featured him on several tracks and even gave him his stage name!

He is now one of the most well-known rappers in the industry thanks to his successful collaborations and solo works.

Got into the music business

how did p diddy become famous

As we know, before he was famous for being an entrepreneur and rapper, Sean Combs got his start in the music industry as a musician. He actually wrote his first song at age 14!

In 1988, when he was just 19 years old, he penned his first tune called “Hello”. Two years later, he self-produced and released it under his stage name — The Real Don Steele. It received moderate success, so he decided to pursue music full time.

He spent the next few years developing his skills as a producer and singer while also perfecting his rapping style. In 1993, he finally made the transition from artist to mogul by founding his own label, Bad Boy Records.

Since then, he has gone on to launch several more successful brands such as Phat Farm, Glamour Magazine, and of course, his empire that includes clothing lines, fragrances, and even a line of sunglasses.

Made a song with Jay-Z

how did p diddy become famous

As mentioned earlier, music is one of the main components in someone’s career as an artist. Having your own track on an album is like having your very own piece of merchandise that people can add to their playlist or listening experience.

For musician Shawn Chrystie, his most famous song was not written by him but instead made him famous. In May of 2015, he released a song titled “Bad Boy Billionaire.” The lyrics include references to rapper Kanye West and business mogul Donald Trump so naturally, it got popular fast!

Chrystie wrote his verse about two months before recording it and had already sent it off to be mixed when Kim Kardashian posted a picture on her Instagram account of herself kissing Kanye just days before the song’s release.

He quickly rewrote the verse and recorded his part over top of Kanye’s voice while filming his season 5 episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He then uploaded the finished version onto YouTube where it received mostly positive feedback.

Since then, the song has been heard more than 100 million times on Spotify alone! It also reached number 1 on the Billboard Hot Rap Songs chart making Chrystie and his partner Jay-Z both millionaires many times over.

The duo have since collaborated on songs such as “Big Bank $1,000,” which features Nicki Minaj, and “No Church In These Streets,” featuring Nas.

Made a song with 50 Cent

how did p diddy become famous

In May 2004, rapper/business man Shawn “P-Diddly” Bridges made his first appearance on The Breakfast Club as he performed his hit single ‘My Name Is My Game'. He was accompanied by fellow New York artist Fifty (real name Daniel Diaz).

Bridges had met Fifty at a party where they both happened to perform their music. After realizing that they shared an agent, they decided to team up for a track together.

They recruited some of the show's regulars to be part of the recording including DJ Envy, Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Yee who all sang parts in the song.

The lyrics refer to someone trying to get into Bridge’s game but coming across as too focused on getting rich instead of giving back to others - which is something he prides himself on.

Since its release in April 2005, 'My Name Is My Game' has received many remixes and versions. It was featured during the climax scene of the movie Pitch Perfect 2 and also on TV shows such as MTV's Teen Wolf.

Started a fashion line

how did p diddy become famous

After leaving his position as an accountant, Sean “Diddy” Combs decided to do something he had been thinking about for years — start his own clothing company! In December of 1999, just one year after launching MMG, he officially launched The Sean John Collection with an event held at New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel.

At the launch party, which was broadcast live online, attendees received special edition t-shirts and sweatshirts designed by Combs himself. He also announced that he would be donating all proceeds from sales during its first month to help rebuild earthquake victims in Kobe, Japan.

The collection quickly took off thanks to Combs’ reputation as America’s most famous hip hop mogul. Since then, he has released six additional lines under the Sean John umbrella including fragrance, bedding products, jewelry, and footwear.

Combs is now considered among top business moguls in the world, making him one of only a handful of self-made billionaires through hard work and determination.

Became a brand

how did p diddy become famous

As we all know, artist are not just people that sit around painting pictures of nature or still lifes. They create stories through their paintings, which tell us something about who they are as people. Artists use different mediums to convey messages, and how they manipulate those media to tell their story is important.

Music artists develop relationships with other musicians and music industry professionals to get exposure for themselves and their songs. Film producers recruit music artists to include their tracks in movies to help promote the song and the movie!

Drake is one such musician who has done this extensively. He features many of his peers’ songs in various projects and styles, establishing himself as an influential composer and producer.

Similarly, Jay Z includes references to The Blueprint in almost every episode of His documentary series, Life Is Game, showing how integral he was to the album.

For his latest project, HOV (his nickname) included several Drake songs and even credited him directly in the lyrics! This helped establish Draketoon as at least someone hip hop heads should be listening to.

So what makes a famous rapper? It’s more than just having a few hits. It’s being able to take control of your image and branding yourself. Being in control of your name and legacy is very powerful.

Bought a mansion

how did p diddy become famous

In 1988, just two years after his debut album, The Bait-And-Switch Album, A+D=M dropped off of Billboard’s top 200 albums chart, he released his second studio effort No More Drama 2A Few Years later, in 1993, he would release his third full length LP, Mr. Nice Guy. Both releases are considered classic works for Diddy’s career.

It was during this time that Diddy made his first appearance onto the music scene as an artist. He starred in his own short film titled “This Is My City” which features him rapping alongside several other artists at Miami’s Wave Lounge.

He then proceeded to perform the song live with Mase, Big Kap, and Jermaine Duproh along with some additional lyrics. This performance is said to have inspired Nas to begin writing his breakout hit “Niggas Done Started Wars.”

After making his way into hip hop through his work as a rapper, actor, and producer, Diddy decided it was time to expand his horizons. So he bought himself a house!

Having enough space to enjoy his home life while simultaneously pursuing more creative ventures proved to be perfect for him. It also gave him the opportunity to host parties and gatherings where he could inspire others.

Not only does having a house give you room to relax, but it gives you the chance to showcase your artistic talents.

Became a billionaire

how did p diddy become famous

As we know, music is a major source of income for artists. It is virtually guaranteed that anyone with a successful career was either famous or wealthy before they made their first song/music video. Artists spend lots of time in front of cameras to express themselves and convey their message through music, so having a popular song helps them get seen and heard.

In addition to earning money from songs you produce and perform yourself, most musicians are paid in royalties for other people’s work. When an artist sings a part of another person’s song, they typically receive a royalty for that interpolation. A portion of those royalties go towards helping others become famous as well!

Actors and actresses make good amounts of money due to the popularity of their characters. They often negotiate large sums of money for the rights to use copyrighted material (like scripts) as parts of their character. These payments help ensure that future works will be able to contain some element of what made this specific character successful.

Writers create stories, which lead to authors being awarded writing credits and receiving royalties for their work. If someone writes a book about how to be rich, then they can include details related to things like investing or improving your creative talent, then they would get credit and a check sent their way for doing so.

There are many ways to amass wealth, but none of it happens unless you are already very wealthy.