How Did Olivia O'Brien Get Famous

By Tiara

After graduating high school, Olivia attended The University of Arizona in Tucson as an undergraduate student studying business marketing. While attending this university, she became involved with Student Broadcast Productions (SBN), producing radio shows and hosting events for them.

Her hard work paid off when one of her show producers gave her his contact information for AMAZ! Radio, a station that caters to young audiences. He said they were looking to start up a new morning show and asked if she was interested. She accepted the position immediately!

After receiving their approval, she began preparing for her debut by meeting with other members of the team and getting familiar with the studio. Only a few weeks later, she took over the airwaves as co-host of the weekday morning show alongside Sam Ross.

Olivia has never stopped working since coming onto the air, and now she is rewarded for all her efforts. Not only does she get to talk about fashion every day, but she also gets to interact with many different types of people who are at least part way into the fashion industry.

She released a book

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After graduating with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, she decided to make the most of herself by doing something that many people have a hard time doing: self-publish a book.

Olivia wanted to share her knowledge and experience as a psychologist and work coach with other professionals. So she wrote a book about how to be a work coach and launch your career after college.

She designed the book to be motivational and helpful for anyone who wants to become a professional work coach or needs help launching their career.

The book is geared towards young professionals between the ages of twenty and thirty-five years old who want to advance in their field. It is also ideal for older workers looking to change positions within an organization or find new opportunities outside of of the workplace.

Her goal was to inspire readers to develop their skills as a work coach and take action to improve their work style. Many psychologists and work coaches agree that being aware of your strengths and weaknesses helps you grow as a person.

She did a podcast

how did olivia o'brien get famous

Many people gain popularity by hosting their own show, creating an environment where others can come to hear them talk about things they are passionate about or learn new things from them. This is how most television shows get started!

Olivia was no exception to this rule. In fact, she may be one of the top ten biggest YouTube stars in the world today!

After graduating high school, Olivia decided to try her hand at writing some creative essays. Her knack for writing quickly led her to start sharing her insights with other students through written blogs on different topics.

Her writing style was unique – very poetic and motivational. Her audience loved it because it made you feel good after reading it.

This inspired Olivia to launch her first digital magazine in 2015 called The College Journal. It focused on student life tips and tricks at various colleges across America. Since then, it has grown into a successful website containing additional college advice as well as entertainment content such as podcasts and videos.

As of January 2020, The College Journal boasts over 1 million monthly visitors all coming for more educational resources. Not only that, but it also brings in revenue via advertising and affiliate marketing.

The success of The College Journal helped Olivia grow her career as a writer and influencer. Now, she gets to share her knowledge with many people every day!

She also gets to inspire young writers to keep experimenting with their craft and being confident in what they write.

She appeared on TV shows

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After her first appearance on The Bachelor, where she finished in third place, Olivia quickly landed one of the show’s most prestigious prizes — a date with the winner.

Her second episode was filmed during week three when Chris Harrison announced that new bachelor Ben Higgins would be leaving to pursue his career as a firefighter.

During commercial break, he asked if anyone wanted to join him for an interview at his house. When it came time to pick who should go, Olivia said yes.

She then proceeded to talk about how much she loved watching his season because she saw things about him that made her feel comfortable and confident around men. Then she told everyone what had been going through her mind since the last scene shot – wanting to propose to him!

After confirming that she was indeed interested, he gave her his phone so she could look up some information about him and make sure this is really person number twenty-four. Two days later, they officially became a couple!

Olivia says being part of The Bachelorette has allowed her to express herself more than ever before and helped shape her into the person she is today.

Since appearing on the show, she has shared her story publicly for the first time and received lots of love and messages of support from fans everywhere.

Many people have mentioned how inspiring it is to see someone come out and tell their own story while also giving back by sharing theirs.

She made a movie

how did olivia o'brien get famous

Many people have successful careers in entertainment, but not many have career achievements that match hers. In fact, she is probably one of only few who has ever done so!

Olivia O’Brien is an actress with a very impressive career. Not only does she enjoy success as of now, but she has consistently enjoyed major success for years!

Her first big break into the industry was when she appeared in a TV show at the age of nine. Since then her acting talent has been recognized by various awards and campaigns to promote literacy.

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for this beautiful young star. It took her almost ten years before she got her second chance in the industry! And even after getting that second opportunity, it didn’t lead directly to bigger and better things.

It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if Olivia never got her own television show or if she never got that second chance in the entertainment business, but here are some stories about how she managed to achieve fame anyway.

She went on a concert tour

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After graduating high school, Olivia decided to pursue her dream of becoming an entertainer by going on a concert tour. This was not your average teen job! At the age of 17, she packed up all of her belongings (including two sets of clothes) and left home for good.

Olivia’s parents gave her their full support and she even received help from family members who would stay behind back in Georgia while she traveled across America as a professional musician.

She made enough money to fully pay off her student loans and now she enjoys sharing her experiences with other young artists. By offering motivational talks to students, she helps them to believe in themselves and gives them inspiration to follow their dreams.

Since launching her career at such a young age, Olivia has appeared on several television shows, toured worldwide, and won many awards.

She went on a blog tour

Many people have famous dabbled in blogging, some more successfully than others. However, none quite like Olivia O’Brien! In March of 2016, 24-year old Olivia made her Instagram profile private so that she could begin creating content. Within the next few months, her account would become completely overrun with pictures and videos celebrating the beauty of makeup and fun ways to use it.

Her followers loved her natural looks but wanted more depth than just blush and bronzer. That is when Olivia began doing experimentals and trying new products. Her audience grew as she shared her loves and dislikes with various shades and types of cosmetics.

She has over 200K likes on both her personal and business accounts and her income has continually grown since then. Since starting her career as a social media influencer, she has collaborated with brands such as Too Faced and Anastasia Beverly Hills.

She did a speaking tour

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in communications, Olivia decided to take what she learned in school and apply it somewhere people could see it – she organized a speaking tour.

Olivia gathered up all of her certificates and diplomas and spread them out across the room so that anyone who wanted to look could. Then, she asked everyone attending if there was anything they were wanting to get done or achieve next year.

After some brainstorming, one individual said that he wanted to start his own business, so Olivia helped him do just that! He gave away his business idea and the name for free as well.

He hired her to help run his new company and now she does this every day, helping other people launch their businesses. It is really inspiring watching someone who has gone through similar experiences to his or hers become successful at giving back to others.

She sold merchandise

how did olivia o'brien get famous

Many people know her as the girl who got famous for selling merch outside of a movie, but that is only part of her story. Before she made her big screen debut in Warner Brothers’ The Deadliest Season, she had another career path ahead of her!

Olivia played Becky in the 2017 film The Intern, which was recently released on Netflix. You may have seen some pieces of her clothing or gear online or from store sales. It is now time to give you more information about how she got there.

Olivia started her career by repping brands and promoting products through influencer marketing. As she progressed in her career, she invested into her own brand, which she perfected over the years.

She has done photoshoots, interviews, and videos supporting and branding various products. All of these content creations are paid for via sponsorship or advertising dollars in return for product placement or media exposure.