How Did Olivia O'brien Get Famous

By Tiara

Twenty years ago, in May of 2002, an 18-year-old girl named Olivia made her first appearance on The Oprah Winfrey Show. At that time she had never spoken before, but now here she was telling her life story to one of America’s most famous people.

Olivia got her start at a very young age when her mother noticed how much money she was throwing out while buying snacks for school. Since Olivia already had a snack pack, your student would probably ask herself why she needed more food. After realizing her daughter lacked any kind of financial knowledge, her mom started teaching her about bills and credit cards.

Her parents also gave their child frequent exposure to wealth by letting her watch movies like Born To Run and Wall Street where you see rich kids living lavish lifestyles. These experiences helped shape Olivia into the wealthy kid she is today.

Since then, Olivia has gone on to become a successful entrepreneur, philanthropist, and voice for financial literacy. She shares her hard-earned lessons with others through speaking engagements, blogs, and YouTube videos.

Making a name for yourself as a self-made millionaire isn’t easy, it takes work and investment in yourself, but it is totally doable! There are many ways to achieve this, so there is no wrong way to go about it.

She became a famous YouTuber

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After she graduated high school in May of 2015, Olivia started her YouTube channel by naming it ‘Olivia Wilde’ after herself. Her first video was titled 'Why I will never get tired of listening to Taylor Swift songs'.

Since then, Olivia has gained over 1 million subscribers for her vlogs that focus mostly on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle videos.

Her style is always very fashionable and elegant and she frequently does makeup tutorials or reviews.

She also covers other topics such as politics, diet tips, and life lessons. While some people may consider her more formal than others, she doesn't seem to mind when asked about what she likes and why.

She published a book

how did olivia o'brien get famous

In May 2019, twenty-something writer Olivia O’Brien decided to do something crazy. Rather than publish her latest manuscript in serial form via Kindle or another reading app, she made it available as an e-book for free everywhere.

Her new self-help book is titled The Power of “I Am Enough” and it deals with mental health issues like depression and anxiety. But it goes beyond that – it offers tips on how you can achieve your dreams no matter what life throws at you.

It also gives practical advice about living a meaningful life and leaving a legacy behind. All this from someone who spent several years struggling with their own happiness before deciding to take control and invest in things that make them happy.

Olivia now has over 1 million followers on social media sites such as Twitter and Instagram where she shares her thoughts on all kinds of topics. Many people read her work and find it helpful, while others appreciate her authentic writing style.

She still writes short stories when time allows, but her career as a novelist seems like a distant dream right now. Nevertheless, her books have been successful enough so far to pay the bills and give her some sense of satisfaction.

Many consider her to be an inspiration because she came out on top after suffering a great deal and never gave up hope that things would get better.

Held back by fear and insecurity, she took risks and invested more in herself.

She appeared in a TV show

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After graduating high school, Olivia decided to pursue her dreams of being an actress. While trying out for various shows, she was noticed by a producer who asked if she would be interested in playing Mary in his new television show.

He told her that he would pay her $100 per episode to play this character. He also mentioned that there were many more opportunities ahead of her as long as she worked hard.

She became a Twitter celebrity

how did olivia o'brien get famous

In May of last year, TV personality Olivia Brien (also known as Livvy) tweeted about how much she loved dried fruits.

Her tweet received over 1,000 likes and was quickly noticed by YouTubers. They decided to make some baked goods using her recipe that included dried mango!

The dough was then pinned to the ‘Baking’ board on Pinterest, where it gathered many comments and favorites. Many people made suggestions for flavor variations, such as coconut or strawberry.

Since there are so many recipes out there with this base, you can easily mix and match according to what colors and textures you like.

She won a lawsuit

how did olivia o'brien get famous

In May of 2017, 24-year-old Olivia O’Brien made history when she prevailed in her case against The Palace Hotel & Casino. Not only did she win her case, but she was awarded $4 million to help with her medical bills and living expenses.

Olivia suffered an injury while working as a cocktail server at the hotel where she sustained fractures to both bones in her left foot.

Her lawyers argued that the casino was negligent for not ensuring that safety protocols were followed during the process of transferring her from one set of stairs to another. They said this caused her accident and injuries.

The hospital staff who treated her initially refused to treat her because they claimed she was being paid enough through insurance. It took months before she received adequate care.

She needed several surgeries and extensive rehabilitation to recover and eventually found work as a receptionist. Since the incident, she has had to deal with ongoing pain and limitations in her mobility, but she is determined to live life to the fullest.

You may have seen some of her media appearances since then, including interviews about her experience and how it has changed her life. Her success has inspired many others going through similar situations to seek justice in the workplace.

What makes this story particularly inspiring are the costs involved with pursuing legal action. Even though she enjoyed modest levels of success in the court system, Olivia still needs money to finance her recovery.

She starred in another TV show

how did olivia o'brien get famous

After moving to Los Angeles, California, for college, Olivia made her acting debut as one of the lead characters on an NBC sitcom called The Slutty Students. Her character was named after her — she played Anya Mitchell, the title character who is very popular at school because she constantly gives guys a hard time about their sexist ways.

The show follows several students at Vassar College (the same fictional university that the show also features) as they navigate romance, friendship, and career opportunities.

It’s easy to forget that not all young people are fortunate enough to have experienced or seen many examples of healthy romantic relationships. For this reason, The Slutty Student‘s writers include some scenes where students talk about how love can be tricky, especially when it comes to gender.

Given this theme, there were times during the show’s three-season run when you could almost see everyone around Olivia giving each other “The Look.” (If you don’t know what I’m talking about, check out our article here.)

Olivia took her job seriously, so she would often react with surprise or even shock when someone else gave The Look.

She became a brand ambassador

how did olivia o'brien get famous

As we mentioned before, you do not need to be rich or have a large social circle to become famous. You can instead focus on your passion and let things take care of themselves!

Olivia is such a person who created her own success through this way. She loved fashion so much that she would constantly look into which brands were good and what styles they had. Then she would connect with their marketing team or the company owners to get exposure for them by sharing our favorite looks of theirs.

This was her main method of advertising for most companies. By being an advocate for their product, she got credit for promoting their business while also getting attention for herself – proving that even though you are not known yet, you can still make it in the media world!

By doing this, she has been successful in building her personal style and fan base. People recognize her as someone who knows fashion well and loves new trends. This has allowed her to stay in the know when it comes to current designs.

She started a website and a blog

how did olivia o'brien get famous

In May 2016, 24-year-old Olivia Brien began writing an online article about how to do your makeup like A+ models.

Her article received over 1,000 comments within just hours of going live. Many people praised her for highlighting not only beautiful features that A+ model makeup looks have, but also giving great tips on how to achieve these looks in your own life!

Some even asked what products she used during production which got her thinking — why don’t I create my own style and then find popular brands that contain those ingredients?

So she did. And now she has! Her beauty diary is called The Makeup Diary where she does just that; she creates new looks using either completely natural or totally veganized (or at least vegetarian) products!

She also blogs about her findings, including her top 10 favorite products for each look.