How Did Olivia O'brien Become Famous?

By Tiara

After graduating high school in 2011, Olivia spent some time traveling around Europe before returning home to Australia. While she was away, her Instagram account took off! Before long, she had over 100k followers and it grew from there.

Olivia now has over 1 million followers and is known for posting heartwarming pictures with an honest tone. Her posts are mostly about beauty or fashion tips as well as diet advice (she’s very popular on that front!).

She also regularly shares inspiring quotes and messages. Many of these focus on self-love and acceptance which go hand in hand with her style choice of avant garde clothing.

In this article you will learn all about Olivia’s life story including how she became famous and what she does beyond social media. So, stay tuned and read up!

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What's your name?

I have two names, one given to me and one I earned for myself. My official name is Olivia Jade Schubert but everyone calls me simply “Olivia.” It’s simpler and more intimate than my full first and last name.

How old are you?

Twenty-four years old.

Where were you born?

Sydney, Australia.

Do you have any siblings?

No, I am an only child.

Moved to New York City to pursue acting

After graduating with her degree in Fine Arts, Olivia moved to NYC to try out for more roles. She was not having any luck until she landed one that would launch her career as an actor.

Olivia had read an article about how professional voice actors make good money and she wanted to be like them so she made the decision to give it a shot.

Since investing into a quality voice-over kit is very expensive, most people don’t speak up because they believe their voice isn’t strong enough to draw attention to themselves as speakers. This can sometimes be what holds someone back from developing their talent or giving VO a chance – fear of failing.

Luckily, there are ways to improve your speaking ability without needing to invest heavily in equipment.

Appeared in a few TV shows

how did olivia o'brien became famous

After graduating high school, Olivia enrolled at The University of Texas at Austin as an undergraduate student. While attending UT, she appeared in several television shows. Some included being part of a reality show, starring in a sitcom, and playing a lead role in a dramatic series.

Her appearance in the most well-known show is College Tour. In this show, students take tours around various universities to determine which one they would like to attend.

Olivia played the role of Ariana, a student who wanted to go to Georgetown University. This made her want to go there so much that she did not care about cost or anything else. She was very determined and focused on going there.

This show was filmed over the summer before her freshman year and thus she had just one semester to prepare for it. Luckily, she received lots of help preparing for her role!

She invited many people from different departments onto the filming set to be friends and make connections with her character. These include professors, students, and staff members at the university she wanted to attend, along with some who worked at Georgetown.

These people helped shape her character and contribute to her success in college.

Won a Grammy

how did olivia o'brien became famous

After winning Best New Artist at the 30th Annual GRAMMY Awards, Olivia Breen was greeted with lots of love and praise. Her success did not come as a surprise to her or anyone watching her grow as an artist over the past few years.

Olivia has been performing professionally since she was 10-years old when she first took the stage in front of her parents’ friends. Since then, she has perfected her craft by participating in various music competitions across America.

She is also well known for her vocal prowess that allowed her to win several awards under the Vocalist category at The Recording Academy’s annual event.

Her impressive song list includes collaborations with some of the top artists in the industry such as Jason Mraz, Mark Jackson (Marky Mark & Funky Broadway), and Andres Garcia (Latin Pop Singer). All three singers wrote songs about their experiences while growing up and how those things have influenced them as people.

Became a YouTube sensation

how did olivia o'brien became famous

After her first video went viral, Olivia was approached by many brands to work with them as an influencer or content creator. She has accepted several jobs including filming sponsored videos or creating dedicated accounts for companies.

Olivia now receives up to $5,000 per post to support products she loves that are either manufactured or imported from abroad. Her followers help boost sales for these brands, helping them profit off of her influence!

Her success also helps their brand gain exposure through YouTube’s algorithms. Systems such as Kaylle, which connect you with other users of your niche to create engagement and conversation, rely on how popular you are to determine what kind of content you can produce and upload.

Kaylle automatically gives you credit for producing quality content if it sees you have a large audience, so being famous is just another way to get credit for your hard work.

Was in the Netflix original series, The House of Cards

how did olivia o'brien became famous

As an actress, she has done everything from starring in major films to playing supporting roles on television. But it was her performance as Katherine Pierce, Chief of Staff for United States Senator Frank Underwood (played by Kevin Spacey) in the first season of hit show The House of Cards that made her famous.

Katherine is one of the most powerful women in politics – she’s clever, ambitious and constantly looks out for number two. She also happens to be married to someone else at the time!

As such, people tend to compare her with other successful politicians and their wives or partners. This can sometimes be very entertaining to watch if you are a fan of the show.

However, some viewers may feel uncomfortable about this comparison especially when it comes to issues like abortion.

Abortion is a highly controversial topic where each side absolutely refuses to back down. Many believe that having an abortion is wrong and sinful, while others think that terminating your pregnancy is morally acceptable.

A lot of people find the argument over whether abortion should be allowed boring so they may not pay much attention to what the characters talk about during a scene related to this. However, there is always something mentioned that sparks controversy.

One of these things is the role of abortion in the character’s relationship. Some fans may feel uncomfortable because they perceive abortion to be negative even though the speaker says it is moral.

Was in the movie, Bird Box

how did olivia o'brien became famous

Many people have asked how actress Olivia Muneer (Olivia) became famous since she was not widely known before her role in the Netflix horror film Bird Box. She is now well-known for playing Kyra in that show as well as its upcoming sequel.

Kyra was one of many characters in Bird Box who were involved in an experiment to see if they could survive by avoiding eye contact with others. It was eventually revealed that this experiment was part of creating the next generation.

This revelation made it clear why Kyra never spoke during the entire length of the series. Her silence was because she didn’t want to contribute to the death of humanity!

She also had significant lines such as “I don't wanna die here” and “We're running out of time. We need to start moving forward soon, or there won't be anyone left." All these things clearly indicated her desperation to live.

Her obsession with living solidified her status as a fan favorite character. Even though she was totally crazy, she was still very lovable.

Became a brand ambassador for many companies

how did olivia o'brien became famous

As mentioned before, her beautiful looks have allowed her to land several large job opportunities. Since she has done so well with marketing herself, you can also create new brands or promote others’!

Olivia is constantly seeking out new ways to connect with other people and expose them to their products. She does this through posting pictures of herself looking glamorous in various settings, featuring different products, or just showing off how much of a fan she is of the company.

By creating your own brand, you get to pick what products you want to feature and use those connections to spread the word about them.

It’s not only helpful to yourself but it helps the product too! The more exposure the product gets, the better it will do business.

Was in the YouTube series, Olivia and Anjali’s Home Cooking

how did olivia o'brien became famous

In May of 2018, Olivia and Anjali hosted their first episode as The Duo on the streaming platform Since then, they have grown to over 1 million followers on both Instagram and YouTube!

The duo preps fun recipes that are focused on health and nutrition. They also talk about how to bake with beginners and those who feel stuck in the baking section of the cookbooks.

Olivia is very passionate about cooking and sharing her knowledge with others. She loves experimenting with new foods and educating people on how to prepare them safely and correctly.

She is well-known for using fresh produce in her culinary creations and always says how much she enjoys it. Her favorite food products include olive oil, coconut milk, and berries.

Her style of cooking is very creative and she always looks into different recipes and concepts when preparing something new.