How Did Nicki Minaj Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, Nicki Minaj is one of the most famous people in the music industry! She has had an incredible career that includes seven number one songs, five Grammy wins, and over 100 million views on her YouTube channel!

Her rise to fame was anything but easy, however. It took years for her to gain recognition as an artist, so she’s definitely not taking it for granted at this stage in her life.

In fact, she tells some pretty funny stories about how she got here! Check out our article to find out more.

Released her first album

how did nicki minaj get famous

As we know, music artists are not just given a chance to succeed in their career when they have a successful song or album. They must consistently promote themselves for more opportunities.

Music is a medium that people enjoy listening to, so it makes sense that most people will want to listen to an artist’s latest work at some point. More than half of all songs in America are consumed within the listener either directly by someone else or shared through listening apps and services.

When your favorite singer releases a new song, you may start sharing your love of their music with other people. You might even discuss how well they sing or what kind of musician they think this person is.

Won Grammy Awards

how did nicki minaj get famous

After her breakout in 2008 with the song “Bassline,” rapper/singer Nicki Minaj won two of music’s highest honors at this year’s 60th Annual GRAMMY AWARDS! She nabbed both Best Rap Album for The Queen Of Hip-Hop, as well as Best Rap Song (for its title) for the former.

Minaj is just one example of how artists use social media to take their careers to new heights. Through creating an online presence, she was able to connect with other people and get feedback which helped shape her career.

Having a large fan base helps artist promote their work, as individuals with similar interests will spread your songs or videos far. Many musicians make money through Patreon, where you can support them by donating more money per period!

Some may also earn income through merchandise, advertisements, or direct sales. Even though it may seem like there’s no extra cash from these sources, they are important parts of having a successful musical career.

Nicki Minaj is a great example of this. Her fashion line has been growing steadily since she launched it in 2013, and she does lots of promotional activities related to it. She even designed her own line of pizza!

Artists should always be trying to find ways to make additional money beyond singing and performing.

Was in the court case with Taylor Swift

how did nicki minaj get famous

In June of 2018, just over a year ago, The Verdict was announced — not guilty to two counts of violating copyright by altering lyrics for her song “Look At Me”. This case had been going on since February of 2017 when she first faced accusations.

The song in question is actually called "Champions" but many people refer to it as "Look At Me". Either way, it's about how someone feels after they're made fun of or put down and how that person will win in life because of that feeling.

Became a billionaire

As mentioned earlier, before she became famous, Young Money artist and entrepreneur Nicki Minaj struggled to find success in music. She would go through several jobs- including working at a McDonald’s as an assistant manager!- before finding her footing with rapper Theaster Ghertus.

Minaj eventually left Theaster for another man after two years together. However, he wouldn’t take no for an answer and constantly made it clear that he wanted more from her.

This only fueled his desire to win her back even more and make sure she knew just how much he loved her. He posted about their relationship on social media over and over again which is what helped him gain popularity.

Most people know of this now but not many realize how powerful these posts can be when marketing software companies use them to generate buzz. Businesses will pay significant money to get your attention via such sites so they’re worth looking into.

He also started a Twitter account where he promoted and spoke highly of Minaj frequently. This earned him enough followers to match hers and then some!

With all of this effort put in, Nicki was finally able to focus solely on her career and success exploded! Before long she had hit song songs like “Roman Holiday” and “Bed Rock” under her belt and was making a name for herself.

Married a rapper

how did nicki minaj get famous

In May of 2011, just two years ago, there was very little you could find about Ariana Grande online. You wouldn’t be able to look up her personal profile or any pictures of her, nor would you be able to find anything about her past.

But all that has changed in the last year. Since she made her debut as an artist with the release of her self-produced album Breaking Point back in October of 2010, Ari has left quite a mark on the music industry.

Her singing style is characterized by its powerful vocals and lyrics that touch upon important issues like love, loss, and life. She also doesn’t shy away from being vocal about politics or social injustices either!

She is known for writing her own songs, including the ones she covers (which are mostly sung in English), but she does hire other writers and producers to help contribute to her music.

Ari started her career as a dancer before making the transition into singing, which many say helped her develop her voice. After winning The X Factor in 2012, she was quickly catapulted into stardom, landing herself several hit singles and eventually becoming one of the biggest artists in the world.

Now here she is again, only this time collaborating with arguably one of the most famous rappers out right now! Let us talk more about how she managed to get where he is today.

Had a baby with a rapper

how did nicki minaj get famous

As we know, not every celebrity is famous for being glamorous or having large fan bases. Some are known for their outspoken personality or catchy songs. Others have built up fame due to hard work in the industry.

It’s great to admire those who make it big through sheer talent but there are many other ways to become a well-known public figure.

In fact, some would say that becoming a popular singer isn’t even the most important thing about Nicki Minaj! Her success comes from her ability to maximize exposure by creating and sustaining media attention.

She cultivates online followers (or “fans”) via social networks like Facebook and Twitter, she writes prolifically on blogs and forums, and she actively shares content and messages on all these platforms.

By consistently talking about herself and promoting the things she says and does, she creates an air of authority around herself. People feel inclined to agree with her because she seems like someone worth listening to.

Opened her own restaurant

how did nicki minaj get famous

As we know, music is a huge part of our culture, something that people are constantly listening to and studying how to do better. Some musicians achieve fame with it alone, but most need a platform to spread their music.

Nicki Minaj is one of those artists who needed such a platform. She got here by opening up her own restaurant!

On April 30th, 2018, just over a year ago, Minaj opened up The Pink Tablecloth in Chicago, Illinois. Since then she has spent almost every moment promoting the place across all social media platforms.

Her posts always include pictures and stories about herself and the staff at The Pink Tablecloth, as well as some tips for what to order or ways to save money there.

Minaj’s influence has also extended beyond the restaurant — many say the space feels like hers. Her fans have created several different groups and accounts dedicated to supporting both her and the restaurant.

Made a movie

how did nicki minaj get famous

After being discovered by Muge Basher, an aspiring rapper who made his way up the music ladder as The Reject, she helped him gain recognition with her song “Roman Numeral” which featured his rapping style. This led to her offering him his first recording contract at the age of 21!

Minaj then proceeded to make several more songs featuring his style before dropping her first album Anaconda in 2007. Since then she has gone on to achieve great success both artistically and commercially.

She now holds the record for most weeks spent at number one in the Billboard charts with her latest album Queen. Her highest charting single is probably ‘Bed’ with Ariana Grande, which peaked at number three in the US. It also reached the top ten in Australia, New Zealand, and Canada!

Her second studio album The Pink Album was nominated for Best Rap/Hip-Hop Album at this year’s Grammy Awards. She won two awards for it including Favorite Rap Album and Favorite Rap Song for ‘Champions’.

Her third studio album The Eminem Experience features collaborations with the rap icon himself and fellow Queens native Rakim. The track ‘The List’ features just his voice and hers. Many consider this to be among her best tracks.

Her fourth studio album The Empire Strikes Back – A Story Of Music Charted when it was released back in 2016.