How Did Nicki Minaj Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, not every artist is lucky to have their music heard by more than just their close friends and family. Some artists need exposure so people can hear their work and enjoy it, which then leads to them promoting you for your art!

Nicki Minaj is one of those artists that needed exposure. Her voice has incredible range, she writes her own songs with a flowy narrative style, and she always keeps an eye on the trends in fashion and entertainment.

Her personality as a person is very strong too — she doesn’t shy away from being vocal about things or supporting other causes.

She really put in the effort to make her career happen and she will keep working hard to stay popular. She'll never stop owning what she does and going full force into each day!

This article will talk more in depth about how Nicki got famous and some of her most memorable moments.

Released her first album

how did nicki minaj get famous

Before there was The New Year, before there were songs like Hey Mami or Roman Numeral I, there was only one thing that got people really excited: an artist’s debut LP!

Music has always been important to us as humans, so why wouldn’t it be for other people? An album is usually six to eight tracks that are typically longer than a minute long. They're designed to tell a story, feature some great music, and promote the artist's work.

Many musicians struggle their entire careers with what they write and how they structure their songs, so we should all appreciate artists who have done something right. A lot of them will launch their career with their first full-length record.

It helps create anticipation for the upcoming project while also creating a sense of community among those who enjoy their music.

Won awards

how did nicki minaj get famous

As we know, being famous means doing things that make you popular, so how did Nicki get here? By winning several awards for her music and entertainment career! She has won many awards for her work including Best Rap Album for The Queen, Best Hip Hop Artist at the MTV Music Awards, Favorite Female Track of The Year (“Truffle Butter”) at the Billboard Music Award, and Song Of The Year ("Chick In You" feat. Ariana Grande) at the VMA's.

She also received an award from the Recording Academy in 2017 for her excellence as a recording artist with their GRAMMY Award For Non-Classical Album - Pop/Rock.

Started a feud with Drake

how did nicki minaj get famous

After being heavily criticized for her lyrics, “Bitch I’m in this bitch like white people in Starbucks”, she responded to his criticisms by referring to him as an MC (or rapper) who doesn’t bring anything new to the game.

She then went onto say that he didn’t even have a style, which is something most artist work hard to develop. Her comments sparked another round of criticism from both Drake and other artists, including Future.

Drake took things one step further when he released a song titled "The Best Part", about how much he hated Minaj and everything she represents. The song also included some harsh words towards her fans.

Minaj did not take too kindly to these insults and responded back to Drake's track via an interview with MTV News. During the chat, she called out his lack of talent and asked if he ever felt insecure about his own music.

Her final remarks were telling; she said, "I feel bad because you're so talented, it makes me want to cry." She later added, according to Complex, "You don't understand what art means until you make it yourself.

Sold out several shows

how did nicki minaj get famous

After her breakout performance at The VMA’s, many people noticed how much of an influence she has as a musician and artist. She now has her own music studio, is constantly recording new songs, and even launched her own fashion line!

Minaj began performing in 2007 when she was 19 years old. At that time, she had no idea what kind of career she wanted to have. All she knew was that she loved to perform and enjoyed listening to rap music so she made herself into a professional rapper.

She started by posting videos and lyrics online and eventually got enough feedback to start taking rapping more seriously. Since then, she has only continued to grow as a musician and entertainer.

Her success comes not just from being a talented person but also because she actively cultivates his fan base. She always keeps up with all of her followers on social media sites and uses this exposure to talk about everything from her personal life to her artistic journey.

Made a movie

how did nicki minaj get famous

Many people may not know it, but before she was one of the biggest rappers in the world, before she had her own album and music video, Nicki Minaj made a very popular movie! Her first big break came when she starred in The Reel Romance as Ariana.

The film received good reviews from critics and many praised Minaj’s acting talent. She won an MTV Movie Award for Best Comedic Performance and also got nominated for best actress at the Young Hollywood Awards.

Minaj didn’t stop there though, after winning the award for best comedy performance she decided to launch her own show!

Her show is called The Rap Game which features interviews with artists and things related to hip hop. It premiered back in February 2015 and has since then gained a large audience.

She still hosts the show alongside other co-hosts, however only two remain from the original team. This doesn’t seem to matter much to her or the viewers because The Rap Game just keeps getting bigger every week.

Became a brand ambassador

how did nicki minaj get famous

As we know, before she was famous, there were no pictures or videos of her online. Before she had huge social media followings, people didn’t recognize her name nor did anyone listen to her music. But now that has all changed!

Nicki is a well-known artist who doesn’t feel like an artist because she isn’t formally trained as one. She spent time studying art in college which helped develop her creativity, but she never took any creative classes beyond that.

She is very passionate about creating artwork and incorporating style into hers. This passion for artistic expression comes through in her songs and designs.

As a musician herself, she understands what it takes to be successful so she uses this knowledge when helping other artists succeed. Her success can easily be attributed to her talent as an artist and business person, but more importantly, her dedication to educating others on how to do the same.

Her first major role came when she became a global ambassador for Pepsi by appearing in their advertising campaigns. Since then, she has appeared in ads for many brands such as Coca Cola, CoverGirl, and Beats By Dre.

These collaborations have allowed her to spread her message and help promote the products while also earning some extra cash. Although she receives compensation for these advertisements, she does not make money off of promoting each product; she only gets paid if you buy something after watching her movie or listening to your favorite song.

Sold millions of albums

how did nicki minaj get famous

Before she was known for her flamboyant fashion choices, dramatic makeup looks or even having a running gag about being in a boy band, there was young bae with a lot going for her — she’s famous!

Nicki Minaj is one of the most prominent rappers of our time. She has hit songs like The Reunion, Diamonds (In Life) and Chandelier that have music video parts where she dances and/or raps very seriously.

Her style is interesting to watch as well. Her dress styles never seem boring, and she always manages to keep it classy while still showing off some skin.

She is also known for her many collaborations, both with other artists and herself.

Became a billionaire

As we know, music is a form of expression that comes to us naturally. We all have an internal soundtrack that includes songs that make you bounce or stir your emotions. For some people, it’s soft ballads, for others it’s faster tunes, and still another group has songs they can never get out of their head.

For most people, though, there are two types of songs that stick. One type makes you feel good and the other makes you feel bad. Usually, the first kind outweighs the second.

But every now and then, a song will do both at once and go beyond those bounds into something new. That’s how a hit song becomes a classic!

Nicki Minaj is one of our greatest singers of all time, but she didn’t become famous by being beautiful. She became popular due to the way her voice drips with venom — sometimes directed at herself, sometimes not.

Her style is unique because he sings about sex and drugs in a way that feels honest even when they're not. He's got great rhythm and his lyrics always seem to make sense, which isn't easy to do when talking about junk food or self-harm.

Minja's success wasn't just limited to her vocal talent either - she also marketed and sold herself really well. Even after she made it big she kept developing her image and persona.