How Did Nick Cannon Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, The Power of Pop is more than just a music genre – it’s a culture! With songs like “Touchdown,” “Too Sexy,” and “Pink Party (I Got A Plan),” there’s no denying that our nation has been obsessed with power pop for quite some time now.

But what makes this style of music special isn’t only its catchy melodies and lyrics, but also its ability to inspire other people. After listening to a few notes, many musicians can’t help but pick up the guitar or take inspiration from the songwriter’s penmanship.

Power pop was never meant to be popular, however. In fact, most artists who practice this style are usually very secretive about their craft in order to keep it a secret. This is why so few people outside of the community really understand how powerful these songs truly are.

Nick Cannon is probably one of the few exceptions to this rule, though. Not only does he publicly acknowledge his love for the genre, but he even made it into the mainstream as a famous musician! He’s not too proud to admit that his success came down to his mastery of the art form, and he doesn’t mind sharing his secrets with others.

In this article you will find out exactly how he was able to achieve such a successful career by creating your own version of a power ballad.

Hosted award shows

how did nick cannon get famous

As we know, The Joker is one of the most well-known characters in comic book history. He made his big screen debut in 1989’s Batman, where he starred as the film’s villainous psychopathic clown. Since then, Jared Leto has gone onto to become an acclaimed actor with major movie roles such as Dallas Buyer’s Club (Jock, Hottie) and My So-Called Life (High School Student).

But before all that, Jared was best known for playing the role of the Clown in Suicide Squad! What makes this so impressive is not only does he bring his A+ acting game, but he also designs his own costumes and patterns for them.

He didn’t just pick any old look either — many are inspired by or directly taken from popular culture. For example, his Harley Quinn costume is heavily influenced by Catwoman and her “Purring Point” tights.

His Captain America outfit is patterned after those worn by Chris Evans during his time hosting Sunday Night Football. Plus, his Yellow Jacket resembles ones often seen in comics featuring Superheroes like Spiderman and Deadpool.

Overall though, his most recognizable looks include lots of yellow and black clothing, along with face paint and white hair.

Produced TV shows

how did nick cannon get famous

Before he was famous, Nick Cannon made his name as one of the stars of MTV’s popular show Jackass. He is also well known for producing other successful television programs such as Comedy Central’s The Rick Ross Show and VH1’s Rap Nation.

In fact, it was his production company that helped launch Cardi B into stardom with her breakout song “Bodak Yellow.” While she received some recognition earlier, it was Cannon who took notice of her potential and worked to get her wider exposure.

He eventually promoted her enough that she gave him credit for helping her career in an interview last year. It's clear that he has invested a lot of time and effort in supporting others, which is why many people respect him.

His success comes from being willing to put in the work to promote and help talented individuals gain attention and fame. These individuals will go on to do great things because of his influence and push towards success.

Recorded music

how did nick cannon get famous

As we know, before anyone gets famous they have to put in some serious work — creating art, sharing it with the world, and promoting themselves. For most people, however, this isn’t easy or possible.

It's hard enough getting up every day and working on your craft, much less taking all the steps needed to get somewhere. That's why there are so many celebrities that never really enjoy their level of success early on.

With technology these days, you don't even need an online presence to succeed. You can start filming YouTube videos or writing blogs and then spread your talent via social media.

But what if someone already has a large platform? What if they're already well-known for something? This is where things get tricky.

How did Nick Cannon manage to become one of the biggest names in entertainment? He made his name as a rapper, but he didn't stop there! He also released several successful albums as a singer, producer, and actor.

Created a brand

how did nick cannon get famous

As we know, entertainers are always trying to be seen and heard. Some do it through music or comedy, but many use TV as a way to get their foot in the door and then move onto other things.

Nick Cannon is one of those people who got his big break in television. He created an entertaining show that made him famous and continued to make money for him since he’s still filming it today.

His show The Wildest Dreamerz premiered back in 2008 and has aired every week ever since. In fact, it’s such a success that he now produces two more shows within it!

He also hosts another show called America's Got Talent where aspiring performers can showcase their talents. Both of these programs have helped him stay in the entertainment business for very well-paying jobs.

These careers wouldn't exist if it weren't for him creating and promoting himself before anyone else did.

Worked as a model

how did nick cannon get famous

Before he was famous, Nick worked as an exotic dancer. He began dancing when he was 15 years old and later studied dance at Miami Dade College. While studying there, he also trained in stage acting.

He made his professional debut performing onstage in 2002, where he received rave reviews for his work. Two years later, he left college to pursue a career in entertainment full time.

Since then, he has starred in several TV shows and films, including The Fast and the Furious franchise, Pitch (2016 film) and most recently, Space Jam 2!

His rise to fame came after he launched a YouTube channel in 2008 that quickly grew into a successful vlog series. To date, he has over 1.3 million subscribers to his channel and his videos have amassed more than 300 million views.

Became a comedian

how did nick cannon get famous

As we know, The World is Watching was one of his most famous TV shows. He made his name as an actor with films such as Baby Boy and Wild America before he took to hosting.

He first found success fronting Power Team, a show for kids that parodied game shows. But it was his performance as Sabu in the comedy series The New Edition Story that really put him on the map.

Sabu is the best friend of Carlton Banks (Newt), who wants to be just like rapper Young King. So he creates a fake band called NERD and puts himself in charge — which doesn’t go well.

In fact, things get so bad that people start referring to him as ‘the black Hitler’. It takes all the self-control Carlton has not to punch him in the face.

Afterwards, Sabu becomes very popular and even lands his own spinoff show. And from there, his career keeps rising.

Joined the House of Blues

how did nick cannon get famous

As we know, The Power Team is made up of mostly comedian/actor/musician types with different styles that contribute to success in their field. What people don’t realize is just how influential each member of this team is to other aspiring professionals.

Nick was always known for being funny, but he didn’t become famous until he took his talent outside of entertainment by becoming an entrepreneur. He opened up several restaurants, organized music festivals, produced TV shows and movies, and started his own line of clothing products.

He got where he is today because of his creativity, leadership skills, and hard work. His knack for marketing has helped him create successful businesses that continue to bring in money years later!

His favorite way to teach these business lessons is through educating others about capitalism. This isn’t a lesson only for rich people — anyone can learn from studying what makes a business profitable and how to apply those concepts to themselves or someone else.

That’s why he created his educational program called Wealth Academy.

Became a TV personality

how did nick cannon get famous

As we know, The Joker is one of the most famous comic book characters ever created! He has starred in his own live-action show as well as several animated films. His popularity even led to him becoming an international celebrity with appearances on talk shows, podcasts, and more.

He made his big screen debut back in 1982 in the film adaptation of Batman, where he played the villainous Harley Quinn. Since then, he has gone onto play other iconic villains such as Scarecrow, Carmine Falcone, and Vicky Vale.

But it was his work playing Jerome Jones that really put him on the map. He won two Golden Globes for his performance as the high functioning autistic man who uses humor to mask his mental anguish.

His career took off from there, and he’s still going strong today. You may have seen some or all of his work before, but here are five things you probably didn’t know about Nick Cannon.