How Did Nasty C Get Famous

By Tiara

In August of 2016, an artist named T-Rawy released his new song “Nasty”. The lyrics to this catchy tune focused on how the main character wanted to have sex with someone but didn’t want their vagina to get dirty. This is when the second part of the lyric was added — he did not want their asshole to get dirty either!

The song quickly went viral after users shared the lyrics and then recreated the song using themselves as the model for the vocals. Many people also noticed some similarities in how the song was written between T-Rawy and Taylor Swift, who wrote her own version of this song called “Clean” back in 2014.

At the time that these songs were written, both artists had very public breakups so many people linked them together. Since then, however, they have reconciled and even mentioned each other in interviews.

Taylor has referred to her song as being about trust and faith in yourself, while T-Rawy believes his song helped others learn how to be more confident in theirs. He says he still gets comments and messages telling him how his song changed their life for the better, which makes him happy.

The rise of the group

As mentioned earlier, the term ‘nigga’ was not coined by Kanye West but rather by black artists in America. Before there was an acronym for this word (NIGGA), there were only two instances where it appeared in popular culture. One was in the song Bad Bitch by Miley Cyrus and the other being as part of the lyrics to the Jay Z track Monster.

It is important to note that although these songs contain the word nigga they are not using the slang version of the word. Rather, they use what linguists call the full form or gerund state of the word. This means the word has been turned into a noun and attached to a verb - making it able to be used as a standalone sentence.

The first artist to use the new, more vulgar version of the word was Chicago rapper Chief Keef. He dropped the line “Bitch I’m poppin’ bottles like I’ma pro” in his 2013 hit Ballerini. Since then, he has popularized the phrase and made it his own.

He even took credit for coming up with the initial syllables of the word. In one of his many interviews, he said he got the word from watching basketball and noticed how players would say things to each other between baskets during timeouts.

This gave him the idea to apply it to music and rap songs.

The group's debut album

how did nasty c get famous

After signing to Interscope, the group took their time in creating their first full-length LP. This was due to the fact that they wanted to make sure every song sounded perfect before putting it onto the album!

The trio waited until early 2013 for the release of their debut album Nasty. While some may consider this an annoying process, it allowed them to take their time writing and producing each track which helped make the songs sound better!

Music is very personal to different people so what sounds good to one person might not be special to another.

Selling millions of records

how did nasty c get famous

In early 2002, an artist named Sean “Diddy” Combs heard some music that he wanted to buy. He didn't have enough money at the time so he posted about it online in order to gain some exposure for the song. His followers then made sure to spread the word by posting about the song and encouraging their friends to listen to it as well.

This process was repeated several times until his friend Thelonious Martin uploaded a remix version of Diddy's track with additional lyrics and vocals titled 'Nasty.

The group's success

how did nasty c get famous

After forming in 2001, Naughty received their first major break when producer Sean "Diddy" Combs heard one of their songs and asked them to be his feature for the next album. He then signed them as his protégés under his label, Diddy Beats Records.

The duo quickly became popular with their infectious dance tracks like their hit song “Party” and “Hot Girl Summer."

Their music was mostly about relationships and sex, making it appropriate for any occasion. People loved their lyrics that were sometimes humorous or candid.

They are best known for their phrase “Nigga what?” which they used towards men who do not treat women well. This has sparked many conversations around gender equality and feminism.

Many people have referenced this saying throughout social media platforms proving its influence.

Since breaking onto the scene, the members have continually collaborated and worked together. They released an EP titled All Night with DJ Khaled in 2017 and featured him on his radio show!

Nicky Romero also features them on his Radio Show! They both have dedicated shows to promote their own music and those of other artists they work with.

The two remain close friends even after their successful career and personal lives. They always keep each other motivated and supporting.

Overall, Naughty is just hardworking individuals who want to succeed in everything they put their effort into.

Financial problems

how did nasty c get famous

After years of staying busy, running his business and spending lavishly, rapper Naughty Leight (real name Norman Jay Taylor) finally reached a breaking point in May 2018.

He was having trouble paying bills and creditors were starting to get aggressive. At this stage, he owed around $30,000 to various lenders and service providers across Australia.

Norman didn’t have that kind of money so he turned to one of his most famous songs — “Bling Bling” off his debut album The Greatness That I Might Not Even Known – an upbeat song about buying expensive things.

He wrote a verse for the song about how he’d spend all his money on blings and bongs but then he wouldn’t know what to do with himself. He would feel empty and meaningless. And it made him unhappy.

This is when he re-evaluated his life and decided he needed to change something. So he spent some time reflecting and came up with a solution: he wanted to devote his life to helping others be happier than him.

That’s why two months later he started giving away all his clothes and donating his music library. This included everything from new albums by Rihanna and Drake to old favorites like Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Suits and counter suits

how did nasty c get famous

As mentioned earlier, there are two main types of lawsuits that large corporations will be hiring legal teams to defend themselves against. One is for violations of federal law or regulations, and the other is for fraud or criminal activity.

In both cases, companies typically find themselves facing several individuals or groups of people who have filed suit. This happens because sometimes one individual in the organization does something illegal, which then gets discovered by their colleagues.

Usually, these individuals go through an internal investigation process before being fired or otherwise disciplined, at which time they are often able to sue their employer in court for wrongful termination or discrimination. In some instances, they can even bring a lawsuit alleging harassment or intentional infliction of emotional distress.

If you’re ever involved in such a situation, it’s important to remember that no matter how nasty or hurtful another person’s actions were, only one side of this equation can be held liable under the law. That means it cannot be said with certainty what would have happened without the unlawful behavior – it could always been possible that things would have turned out just as badly or worse without those first steps.

With that in mind, why not help your colleague get off the hook by coming across as more sympathetic than adversarial? Even if he has done bad things, he probably wasn’t aware that what he was doing was actually wrong until someone told him so.

Nasty C breaks up

how did nasty c get famous

In March of 2017, Yung Lean aka The Reducer released his second studio album, I Don’t Like You. It was an eight-track effort that mostly focused on relationships, love, and heartbreak. “Break Up With Me” is one of many songs on the record that touches upon this theme.

The song features rapper Aion Love, better known as Yo Gotti. They bicker over who has let down whom in a relationship before coming to the conclusion that it’s time to break things off.

During the recording process, Love asked Yung Lean how he became famous so quickly. He responded by telling him that he used to vandalize cars and then upload pictures and videos of himself doing it online.

At first, Love thought that he would get arrested for vandalism but eventually got away with it when people started recognizing him from his antics. At which point, he made some money off of his street team and career shift into music full-time.