How Did Nasty C Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, the internet is a big place with lots of content. There are millions upon millions of blogs, videos, articles, and messages posted online every day! While some people gain fame from posting pictures or making fun of things, there are also those that get famous for doing something much naughtier than most normal people would ever consider. These individuals will usually go by their social media profile names to emphasize how naughty they are.

Most people recognize these “Naughty America” YouTube channels as brands that make porn videos, but not everyone knows what kind of porn they make. Some have referred to them as “semi-nude partying” videos, which seems like an adequate description. Others call it “party porn” because it looks more like someone invited all your friends over so you can watch them have sex while you stay back and drink.

The term Naughty America gets attached to this genre mostly due to one video in particular that got popular. It was released around April 2020 and it has been watched nearly 30 million times already! The movie is called Living In A Vain Paradise and it is simply too good to describe in just few paragraphs. You must see it for yourself!

There are many theories about why this one video became so popular, but none seem totally conclusive. Many think it is because of the song that plays during the climax, whereas others believe it is the overall theme and tone of the film.

The group originally signed to Tommy Boy Records

how did nasty c get famous

After releasing their first album, No Introduction Needed in 2010, the trio was quickly noticed by music executives for their catchy songs with lyrics about sex and money. At this time, they were known as “the most expensively priced t-shirts at TJ Maxx” due to their popular sweatshirt designs.

Theirs is a classic tale of how an up-and-coming artist finds success after working hard to achieve it. Naughty By Nature, Lenny Kravitz, and Drake all feature heavily in their story!

The group initially signed to Tommy Boy Records before being released through Warner Bros. As more people became familiar with them, they were able to land bigger recording contracts. They even landed their own TV show which made them famous beyond the entertainment industry.

However, despite all of these achievements, there’s one thing that many may not know about NDC.

The group released their self-titled debut album in 1997

how did nasty c get famous

After rising to fame with their breakout hit “Bassline,” New York rap duo The Outlaws (known then as Naughty by Nature) disbanded in 1996. But before they went their separate ways, member Treach formed a new project called Tribe of Judah along with rapper Styles P.

The pair recruited DJ Drama — at that time an upstart radio personality who had built his career offering street level perspectives through lyrics and interviews — to be their unofficial third member. They took the stage name Diversey Jackson for this new venture.

Tribe of Judah was more intimate and personal than anything either artist had done previously. Their songs tackled weightier issues like racism and drug use while also being totally hilarious.

But it wasn’t until 2007 when people really started listening to what Diversey and Stylz were saying. That’s when Tech N9ne picked them both up for his own label, Strange Music.

Tech signed Tribe of Judah after hearing one of their tracks and witnessing their live performance. He helped get them some much needed exposure and got rid of any lingering doubts about whether or not they belonged in mainstream music.

The album went on to sell 500,000 copies

how did nasty c get famous

After dropping their first full length in May of 2016 with no expectations, they quickly made an impact by meeting fans where they were at both musically and socially. They would make songs about different things, but always include references or messages that pertained to social justice issues such as racism, classism, sexism, and homophobia.

Their lyrics often address internalized oppression, which is when people within marginalized groups promote stereotypes and prejudices of other groups. For example, if someone from the black community uses the term “big mouth” instead of “talk too much,” it may be because they perceive them to talk way more than anyone else.

The members themselves come together to discuss what songs mean and how they relate to current events. In one instance, Chai Noir mentioned how her favorite song was changed due to the rise of racist acts happening around the country.

After listening to the new version, she noticed some similarities between the song and today’s world. She said, “the lines feel even more relevant now, even though he wrote it over ten years ago.”

Nyana also noted how his music has never been soft, so it was interesting to see him place emphasis on this softer side. This change gave off a feeling of trust, which is something we need these days.

Overall, their musical style does not seem like your average artist. They are very outspoken and do not shy away from anything.

The group then released their second album called “The World Is Yours”

how did nasty c get famous

After the success of their debut studio album, how did Naughty Cherry get to work with some of hip hop’s top artists? It was due in large part to them creating their own hype and staying hungry!

Nasty Cherry never took things easy and they always wanted more. They made sure people were aware of who they are by constantly posting content and interacting with others in the music industry.

By creating an online presence that people talk about, you draw attention which is what any artist wants. Their hard work paid off as they received multiple collaborations from other musicians and producers.

They also organized meet-and greets at local venues where fans could connect face-to-face. This allowed for direct communication and better impressions of each other.

Overall, it helped Nasty Cherry gain recognition and even friendships within the music community.

The album went on to sell 750,000 copies

how did nasty c get famous

After the success of their first full length effort, Naughty Burglar, Kanye West asked for your help in choosing what songs should make up Their Newest Album! This was back in early 2016 when they announced that they would be releasing an EP titled If You’re Reading This Message It Clearly Shows That We Are In A Serious Relationship.

The song with the most radio play was not included on the EP though- it is also not one of the many collaborations On My Level features. Rather than include another collaboration or some other popular track, They chose to put all the focus onto One More Time which quickly became very famous.

Many people know this song as just “Nasty” but Beyondthebeat gives more information about how it got its name. According to them, the word nasty comes from the lyrics “I ain't trying to fuck around I need to taste you like nasty”. They say that the initial s is pronounced like sh instead of zh and the l is said like la instead of ll.

This article will talk more about why this song is so famous and how it connected With our generation.

Nasty C then released their third album called “Backstage”

how did nasty c get famous

This album was even more polarizing than their previous ones, due to its explicit lyrics and darker themes. The songs were also noted for being very catchy and well-produced. Many people praise this album as one of the top ten albums of all time.

Nasheara is an artist that gained popularity in South Africa after she first made her appearance on television singing and dancing. She later branched out into rapping and recording music.

Since making her debut in 2012, Nasheira has had quite some success and has gathered many fans across different genres.

The album went on to sell 1 million copies

Between his breakout hit “Bassline Bang” featuring Nicki Minaj, which peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 in May of 2016 and “Make Me Feel” with Ariana Grande, both songs reached the top 10 of the chart.

He also had the song "Bad Boy [Trap]" reach the top 40. Both tracks are off of his debut studio album, Non-Stop (2017).

The success for Nas is nothing new — he has been putting out music since 1994! He even released an extended play earlier this year called Just Us. But it seems like people are listening more closely now than ever before.

Nas is one of the most influential artists of our time. His lyrics always seem relevant and his style never goes out of fashion. It's hard to imagine anyone else sounding quite like him.

Nasty C then released their fourth album called “Unfinished Business”

how did nasty c get famous

The song that broke them was titled "I Hate You" and features Gucci Mane, one of the most notorious rappers in the game. In it, he raps about how you got your start as a rapper by taking advantage of others’ hard work and success.

He goes on to say how you never gave credit to anyone else when they worked hard to get where they are now, and how you always take credit for everything yourself.

This is why people don't like you – because everyone knows what an asshole you are,” he rhymes. “You're not even personable, you're just nasty."

After listening to this track several times, it becomes clear that his words have stuck with both listeners and members of the media. People feel very strongly about him and his career.