How Did Nasty C Become Famous

By Tiara

As we already mentioned, early hip hop artists like The Sugarhill Gang needed to have catchy songs with strong lyrics to become popular. They needed to be talking about something — anything! – in order to attract an audience. With that, they would often use metaphors or examples to emphasize their points.

For instance, during the late 1980s and 1990s, rapper Naughty By Nature was famous for his lyrics full of slang and curse words. His song “Gangsta” is perfect example of this. He uses powerful rhymes to talk about how people get involved in gangs because they feel empty inside and need to belong to something.

He also describes how these gang members spend most of their time thinking about ways to hurt other people and what kind of revenge they deserve. All of this inspiration comes from watching TV shows such as The Wire where there are constant battles for power and influence between different groups.

After making the connection, some individuals decide to join one of those groups and go through with it even though they know the others will disagree and try to stop them. This person may even develop feelings for someone within the group who can promote the cause and win elections for it.

It is similar to when young kids grow up and learn about organized religion. Some find faith, while others do not, but either way they believe in the same thing. For the ones that do, it is important to admire and look up to them.

They became famous for their song “Ooouuu”

how did nasty c became famous

The lyrics to this catchy tune describe how someone got nastier as they spent more time with people. This person eventually crossed the line and hurt or killed the other person, making them infamous.

The first word in the title is ‘oooooooh’ which rhymes with ‘boy’. Then comes the word ‘come here’ which also rhymes with ‘boy’. So the whole lyric goes like this: ‘ooo-boy come here! You’re really getting nasty/ You're going all kinds of crazy things’.

After this, the singer calls out some unnamed person by saying: ‘Stop being so mean to me’. At the end of the clip, you can see the artist throwing up his hands and walking away.

This brings us back to the topic and proof that they are not very friendly at least towards the second part of the song. Many theories about what happened to the artist include him killing her because she was too annoying, or he just lost his temper and hit her.

The video went viral

how did nasty c became famous

In July of 2017, YouTube user iDubbbzTV uploaded a short clip that would go down as one of the most controversial videos of all time. Titled “Why Are Black People More Likely To Thrive”, it features an animated character named Gene talking about why black people are more likely to succeed than other races.

The video has been seen over 1 billion times now, which is pretty crazy to think about! It also sparked many conversations surrounding race relations in America, so it definitely earned its title as something important.

Many viewers found some of what Gene said to be offensive or racist, however, which is why the video received lots of attention. It was shared across social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, getting picked up by news outlets and spread via word-of-mouth around the world.

Some even labeled it as propaganda because it gave off false messages that promote certain products or ideologies. However, the majority thought it was very interesting to see how different cultures grow and compare themselves with each other.

They released another song called “I Like It”

how did nasty c became famous

The lyrics to this track are very vulgar, which is what made it famous. Many people may not know that some of these songs were written years before they became popular rappers. When these songs were first written, there was no way anyone could have predicted them becoming so well-known.

The word used in the song that most people recognize is "bitch". This word is usually considered to be an offensive term, but not always. There are several examples where the word has been used with respect. Some even use it as a strong adjective!

Some say that using the word "bitch" in a music video or lyric makes the song more powerful and interesting. Others believe the word helps promote negative attitudes towards women and contributes to gender inequality.

They released another song called “Hate You”

how did nasty c became famous

After hearing this new track, many people were shocked to hear how much of an influence The Diplomats had in shaping some of today’s popular music. Many artists have mentioned The Dips as having inspired their songs and/or style. Some even go so far as saying they are directly influenced by them!

Some examples include Drake mentioning he listened to The Diplomats while listening to his early albums or Future talking about how he learned how to rap from The Dips.

Tupac also talked about it being hard for him to find his place until he listened to The Diplomats and Jay-Z referenced them when he said, “I heard these guys say something one time that changed my life. I took off running after those words.”

He then goes onto talk about why The Diplomats was important to his success but you can tell he really admired them.

They released another song called “I’m Not Hating”

how did nasty c became famous

The lyrics to this track are very direct, telling their audience that they look like trash and need to work on their appearance. The singer goes in depth about how his or her style is not attractive and if people wanted to see it then they could go outside and find someone else to follow such looks.

The song quickly became popular and has received over 10 million views on YouTube as of the writing of this article.

Many artists have made fun of the group for their songs but most do so with love, just because some of their styles are questionable. Some even say that they inspired them into making music. Others say that they were never really famous before these songs.

Their debut EP was a huge success

how did nasty c became famous

After their successful EP, they released an extended play (EP) titled “Numb” which featured six songs. This album reached number one on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart, making it their first top position album. It also hit number five on the Billboard Top 200 Album Charts!

The song that made them famous? That would be “Badb*tch”. The lyrics contain some pretty strong words but the music is what makes it special.

The chorus has Nas rapping about how he will put his hands in your mouth and spread you like butter. The verses are more suggestive with references to sex and masturbation. All of this sets up the bridge where he calls her a bad b***h before telling her she looks beautiful and asking if she wants to have fun.

This song became very popular due to its sexual content and energy. Many people enjoy listening to it because of these qualities.

They released their first music video

how did nasty c became famous

In May of 2017, South African rapper Nicki Minaj premiered her new song “Bed” with an unexpected cameo from Milly Mbatha. The two dance together in what seems to be a bedroom setting and the lyrics refer to sex. Many people noticed how similar the song sounded to one of Milla’s earlier songs that she wrote about having sex with her boyfriend at the time.

The similarities got many fans talking and sharing their theories as to why Minaj may have sampled Milla’s work into her own. Some pointed out that both artists write very sexually explicit lyrics so it is not much of a surprise to find some references to each other in their songs. Others thought that maybe Minaj heard part of Milla’s song and wanted to include it in her own album or vice versa.

No matter what caused the similarity, most people agreed that it was pretty catchy! Since then, Milla has spoken openly about her love for Minaj and how they inspired each other as writers.

She even mentioned the inspiration in her story during an interview with Vibe magazine back in 2018. You can read that here.

So, if you are ever wondering why such-and-such artist has done something, ask them directly and see what answers you get!

Never assume that someone’s actions are the same as yours though, because we all have our reasons for things.

They released another video

how did nasty c became famous

In May of 2017, Yung Rich The Producer uploaded his new song “Bitch I’m On Drugs.” It was an ode to those who use drugs and get high as hell while also making fun of people who claim they are doing good by abusing substances.

The lyrics include some strong statements such as, “Smoke too much weed and say you're Jesus Christ/ You a bitch with rhinestones for jewels,” and “Too many Xanax, whiskey, cocaine / All day every day ain't nothing but bad.”

The music video features several artists that have been accused of using their talents to promote racist and hateful messages. Some of these artists include T-Pain (featuring Chief Keef), Lil Wayne (featuring Offset), Rick Ross, French Montana, Drake, Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, DJ Khaled, Yo Gotti, and more.

All of these artists appear in the video either rapping or singing about how great it is to be rich and famous due to their talent and success. At one point, however, all of them come together and make a very noticeable statement.