How Did Nasty C Became Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, the internet is a place full of incredible opportunities as well as heartbreaking experiences. For me as a writer, it has been an outlet to share my creative work with the world in various forms- blogs, YouTube videos, and writing articles. My readers have helped me spread my message and grow my audience, which makes this career very rewarding.

The downside is that the internet is also a place where people lose their temper, say hurtful things, and sometimes even threaten violence towards others. These are unfortunately some normal parts of life online, and they’re usually much more prevalent than just about any other medium.

It was late one night when I realized how bad things had gotten for me. I will never forget what happened next.

A user named “Nicky84” made an insinuation about someone close to me on Twitter. They used hateful language to describe them, and said something along the lines of “I hope you get run over by a bus tomorrow.”

Now, let me tell you, I am not easily offended. However, being insulted like that definitely pushed my buttons. It got so bad that several people asked if I wanted to report him, or if I needed help finding his address or phone number so he could be prosecuted. Luckily, I found out who he was soon after, but it took hours.

Popularized a brand of ketchup

how did nasty c became famous

In October 2010, Chipotle Mexican Grill received some bad news- their most popular condiment was going off sale. That product is now known as “chipotle sauce” or just “chipotle ketchup.”

Originally created in 1990 by marketing executive Doug Terfehr at the company that made the ketchup, chipotle sauce took off when it was marketed as having more flavor than regular ketchup. It quickly became very popular with customers.

Now, the chipotle sauce you find at restaurants across America has his name printed on it!

What makes this interesting is that until recently, no one knew who manufactured the chipotle ketchup or where it came from. The ingredient list gave credit to Heinz, but not the original maker.

In fact, many people didn't even know what brands of ketchup existed before chipotle sauce hit the market! Since then, it's been credited as helping create the current ketchup boom.

Went on a nationwide tour

how did nasty c became famous

After their national tour ended, Nasty C went back to Los Angeles where they started working on new music. As you can probably tell by now, these men work hard! They have very busy schedules with filming projects, promotions for their songs, recording new tracks, etc.

They decided to take some time off before starting that process. During this break, one of them came up with an idea. Why don’t we start doing interviews again? So, they gathered all of their interview clothes and packed away those that were no longer needed.

Then, they brainstormed ways to promote ourselves and our career. What are your strengths? What do people like about you? What are your hobbies? These are great questions to ask yourself and others. Having answers to these will help you come up with the right marketing strategies to spread your name.

After all, sharing what makes you different from other artists is a way to get attention and grow your fan base.

Released a single called “Drop a Bomb on Your Baby”

how did nasty c became famous

In May of 2018, rapper Nasty C released his song "Drop A Bomb On Your Baby." The lyrics in this track are very dark with some harsh words that may offend some people. The main topic of the song is about how he has been hurt by someone before and how he will not tolerate it happening to him again.

The music video for the song features Nasty walking down an empty street while dropping various objects onto the ground. These include bottles, water, coffee cups, you name it! He drops everything but no one else comes to help or acknowledge what happened.

Thirteen seconds into the song, Nasty says his famous line: “I'll drop a bomb on my baby/ I'm-a break her off a bottle and put her to bed.” This sparked conversation about whether or not the word “baby” was appropriate given the content of the song.

Many people took offense to the use of the term because they feel like it promotes violence against children. Some even claimed that the song encourages child abuse since the listener can connect the lines referring to breaking a bottle to sleeping.

Released another single called “I Don’t Wanna Know”

how did nasty c became famous

The song is an ode to women who are very direct with their men, telling them things they don’t want to know. It also makes light of how some people describe relationships as being like a marriage or a partnership.

Naughty lyrics include references to wanting to keep your man away from his friends so that he can be alone with you and talking about not trusting him when he says he will never cheat on you. In the chorus, she even goes as far as saying she doesn’t wanna know if he has been cheating!

The video for this track was released around March 2018 and it features Naya Rivera (of TV show Friends fame) playing her character Sandy from the movie Desperately Seeking Susan. This version of Sandy wants to know just how much her boyfriend loves her and what kind of person he is beyond the romantic feelings he has for her.

This song became popular quickly due to its catchy nature and because of all the reactions it received. Many praised the lyrics as truthful and inspiring while others said it was too blunt and didn’t represent real relationships.

Released a music video for both songs

how did nasty c became famous

In May of 2017, South Florida rapper Yung Rich released his first song as an artist, “Bad Guy”. The lyrics to this track describe how he had to take care of his kids while his girlfriend was in rehab, so he gave up his spot to her daughter. This did not go well for him.

The next day, Rich found out that his ex-girlfriend had posted about him online along with several other women. One even included a clip of the aforementioned music video along with some harsh comments.

This is when things got ugly for Rich quickly. Social media users spread Rich’s name around and the stories kept multiplying. Many people claimed he abused his position at Anile Systems, one of the top social media management companies in America, to sexually harass and assault female employees. Some said he used his power to coerce sex from under-age girls. Others alleged he spent company money on alcohol and drugs for himself only.

No matter what story you choose to believe, there are hard facts we can tell. Between all of these accounts, one thing is clear: Most if not every woman who worked at Anile Systems felt uncomfortable or unsafe while working there.

Sold millions of dollars of product

how did nasty c became famous

Before we talk about how Naytive became famous, let’s talk about what they are now! You probably know them as “Naked Chocolate.” But before that, they were just another chocolate bar with cream in it. They also had some sort of fancy pattern on them which is why people call them “Candy Bar Chocolates."

However, back in 2006 when these bars first appeared, there was quite a scandal surrounding them. Many complained that they didn’t like the taste of the cream and wanted nothing to do with it. Some even said that it was too strong for their liking.

Despite this backlash, the company kept producing and selling their products. This made many more people upset because now they would either have to try the product or remain loyal to the company and market leader.

Many people took action by boycotting the brand and telling others not to buy theirs either. In fact, several news sites reported that Nestle (the company that makes the Hershey’s brand) gave up over 1 million dollars in advertising revenue due to the boycott.

This all led to Naytive being known as the “boycott candy” company. Because of this, their popularity skyrocketed. People loved knowing that they could get their favorite dessert but still send a message to the company saying that they don’t want anything to do with it.

Went on tour again

After his first major hit in 2017, “Bad Guy”, Kanye West decided to take his music on another round of touring. He gathered an impressive supporting cast for this new trek including Ciara, Pusha T, Travis Scott, and more.

This was not your average hip-hop headlining tour. This was like having Drake, The Notorious B.I.G., Jay Z, Big Sean, and Kendrick Lamar as supporting acts!

And even though he is known for being very outspoken, Ye kept most of the chatter lighthearted and fun. Some examples include him telling stories about how many drinks he had or joking around with fans during meet and greets.

Released a song and music video called “Pound the Alarm”

how did nasty c became famous

In May of 2017, Naughty Boy released his debut solo album, No More Sleepy Eyes. The track that made the rounds was actually not part of the album but instead a standalone single titled “Pound the Alarm.”

The lyrics to this catchy tune describe an individual who is in danger of being attacked by someone else. However, the person warning people about the threat does so with clever wordplay and puns.

For example, one line says, “Don’t be sleepin’ on your job. You know what you gotta do/ Break down those doors and save me!” This lines references saving someone from getting hit by a car or saved from drowning.

The singer then encourages his listener to help him get out of the situation he describes in the rest of the song. He also asks them to put more effort into their career because it can make or break how well they do in life.