How Did N Dubz Get Famous

By Tiara

As mentioned before, N-Dubz is an English group that got its start back in 2010 when TV personality Donny Osmond (a New Zealand national) recruited his cousin Mark McLean to be part of the team as MCs.

Their first song was called “Too Sexy” which featured some pretty catchy lyrics like, "I will fuck you like a porno" and ""When I get behind me, it's a party." This made people talk and soon enough they were famous!

Now, almost two years later, N-Dubz has officially disbanded.

The YouTube video that launched N Dubz

In May of 2016, South African YouTuber Necee released her song “Nasty”. It was an ode to every girl she knew who had let themselves go and spent too much time in front of the mirror.

The lyrics contained some strong messages about self-confidence and beauty including references to fake eyelashes and nose gels. This inspired Necee to create another catchy tune with similar lyrics which she called “Nubia”.

It is almost impossible to tell whether or not this new track made people more confident because it asked if you are pretty enough already.

The initial launch of N Dubz

how did n dubz get famous

After he launched his business, Ayo first did something that’s become his trademark — he hosted an event to celebrate it with all of his friends. On this night, he invited everyone to come meet him at one of his favorite local diners and eat some food!

He also made sure to tell them about his business and what he was trying to do for it. Many people there knew him as Anthony, so he used that name when asking if anyone wanted in on his business idea.

Some people said they were already buying cheap t-shirts or sweatshirts and rebranding them, while others mentioned how they loved shopping at Amazon and getting products at lower prices, making it hard to resist starting your own brand online store.

The first fashion show

how did n dubz get famous

A few months ago, if you were paying attention to popular culture, you would have seen lots of references to a new artist named NDubZ or just N for his catchy music and incredible style. He even had his own line at most major retailers!

Most people know him now as Ngugi Wa Thiong’o, an award winning writer, poet, and politician in Africa. But before all that he was known for being one of the main writers behind the song “Skele-Dee-Scape.”

That song got popular back when it was written and recorded in 2007 but has since gone viral and made him famous beyond his wildest dreams.

He put himself through college by singing and dancing along to this song while studying business administration. Now he teaches students how to manage money in order to help them achieve their financial goals.

His teaching career is full because he uses his knowledge of finance to also inspire students to pursue their dreams and never give up no matter what life puts in front of you.

The first brand partnership

how did n dubz get famous

Back in May of 2019, DVLP released their debut song “Broken Machine” with Ghanaian rapper Mugeez. The music video for this track was met with praise from both critics and fans.

It didn't take long before people began talking about how much it resembled an already popular dance style called ginga raffia.

Ginga raffia is a South African dance style that has been around since at least 2009 when YouTube user uMfunke uploaded a remix to the song "Boom Boom" by Major Bhang featuring Gingaa Raffia.

Since then, many artists have incorporated gingaa raffia into their songs and even covered other artist's songs!

This got the attention of several dancers across Africa who started creating their own versions of the style.

The first store opening

how did n dubz get famous

So, how did N-Dubz get so famous? It was in May 2016 when we last left our beloved TV show! Since then, they have opened two more stores, hosted their own music festival, and even had their very own movie!

All of these things are incredible achievements for an already well known group. You may know them as the gang that couldn’t stay out of a room, but now you can enjoy some of their greatest hits and learn some of their secrets to success!

If you loved watching or listening to any of their songs, read on to find out who is involved with the business side of this popular group!

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The beginnings of N Dubz

how did n dubz get famous

As we mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why people love listening to music is because it helps them relax and focus. Music has been shown to reduce stress and promote relaxation. With our increasingly hectic lives with constant technology use, music can be a way to achieve that.

In May 2016, South African radio station MOOV hosted an audition for new artists. Two of these new artists would win major exposure through their song and album! Their songs would then go viral and help launch their career as successful musicians.

The winner was Jordan Miller, who now goes by his stage name N-Dubz. His winning song “Too Sexy” received over 1 million listens in its first month. This gave him enough momentum to pursue his dreams of becoming a recording artist. He now has his own record label and is working hard to take his music career to the next level.

The growth of N Dubz

how did n dubz get famous

As mentioned earlier, N-Dubz was first seen in January 2016 when TV personality Daniel O’Donnell launched his own fashion line under the name ‘NDubz'. He then paired up with designer Monya Aynsley to create more products for the collection.

Their collaboration consisted of men's leather jackets and sweatshirts which were marketed as being 'urban street style' clothes.

The duo later added some t-shirts to their range and these made it onto the shelves at many high end stores such as Selfridges and London Flagship Store.

The N Dubz phenomenon

how did n dubz get famous

As seen with other popular music styles of the past, people have gotten famous for creating their own style to make it onto music charts and TV sets. Some do this by adding funny or catchy lyrics, others add unique sounds or melodies, and some even use powerful vocals!

Nyghts since 2012 when he made his debut song has Nyght been an ever-growing success for South African singer Izo Aye. He is known for singing and writing his own songs, experimenting with different musical genres and themes. His latest album is called Perfectly You which includes songs about love and self-love.

His most well-known songs include “Perfectly You” and "Self Love". Many fans compare him to Justin Bieber due to his similar vocal range and charismatic personality.

Izzo's infectious energy makes him perfect for performing in front of large crowds.