How Did N Dubz Get Famous

By Tiara

As seen with many other artists of his generation, South African rapper Nicky D has made it big via social media. He released his first mixtape in 2017 which quickly gathered steam online. Since then, he has continually put out new music featuring ever-changing collaborators and styles.

His catchy songs have garnered millions of views on YouTube and Spotify, and his style is unmistakable — bright colors matched with rugged clothes that emphasize flashy textures.

He cultivates an almost cult like fan base who are actively engaged with him on all levels. Many admire and even follow him on various social media platforms, making it hard to connect him with anyone else but himself.

Nicky D’s rise to fame was not quick or easy, however. It took years before people began to recognize his talent and potential as an artist. He had to prove himself over and over again!

This article will discuss some of the factors that helped N Dubz get famous and what you can learn from his career path. If you are just starting out your artistic journey, these insights may help you reach your goal.

Then, they released their debut album

how did n dubz get famous

The first song off of this new album is called “Numb”. This song features South African rapper Macho Camacho. After listening to this song many times, it was clear that Camacho took his lyrics very seriously. He delivers every line with intensity and conviction.

The music video for this track also featured lots of close up shots which helped make the lyrics even more meaningful. During these scenes, you can see Camacho showing strong emotions such as anger, sadness, and passion. These are qualities he projects in his own songs and style.

After viewing the clip several times, it became apparent how much inspiration Camacho gave to his guest artist during the recording process.

Then, they released another album

how did n dubz get famous

After their first hit “Nasty” in July of 2016, then-unknown rapper Ozzy Osbourne (real name Daniel Osborne) took to his Twitter account to announce that he had made his music debut under the moniker No Doubt! He also mentioned his new group as being called NDubz for short.

He later revealed the members of his band were very close friends of his who helped create this new project. One of these people was Adrian Younge, an American musician and journalist who goes by the stage name of Adil Omar.

Younge is best known for founding hip hop website TheRapGenius and running it with his brother Gene until 2018. Since then, he has focused mostly on journalism and social justice work.

They collaborated with artists

how did n dubz get famous

As mentioned before, music is a medium that allows for collaboration. Artists work together to create songs, stories, or pieces of art, and then they are mixed in with other people’s material to make new products. A lot of times, these collaborations occur because of an existing connection — you hear one song and think it is great, so you look around and see who has done what and how you can combine those ideas to make your own song!

N-Dubz teamed up with several different artist to create their latest track “Bounce With Me.” The lyrics were written by Nas, the beat was made by South Africa-based producer DJ SONNY BERNAL, and the vocals were provided by Ghanaian singer TINY. All three of them have worked with N-Dubz team members before, which helped facilitate this collab!

These individuals contributed to the success of the song, but none get the credit for being directly involved in getting the track into heavy rotation. That person is… YOU! You chose to listen to this song, you shared it with others, and now you get to enjoy it while also receiving some credits for helping bring this product to market.

Give yourself credit for supporting new artists and buying their music! If someone else did not purchase this album for you, no problem – just go out and buy it yourself and give them a warm hug.

They started their own clothing line

how did n dubz get famous

In May of 2017, we got our first look at some new apparel from an artist named NDubZ. The company is very special to us because it’s not only his clothes that are famous, but also his business strategy!
He launched his own collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts under his brand name “NDUBZ” which is short for New Da United Black Owned Zone.

His shirts tell stories through bold typography and imagery while promoting self esteem and confidence in his customers. His style is unmistakably stylish, but he also incorporates messages that matter to him.

His lifestyle as an entrepreneur has inspired many people including himself! He always looks out for others and wants to see success for them. This inspiration can be seen in his products where his logo and font styles are direct inspirations of those used by large companies like Puma or Nike.

That effect really sets his designs apart and makes his product stand out more than your average t-shirt.

They appeared in a music video

how did n dubz get famous

In May of 2018, an artist by the name of ILLO made his way onto the music scene with his new song “Bop Bip”. The lyrics to this track describe how he likes to bop around the house to the music while drinking coffee or water. This gave rise to him creating one of the most popular dance moves out there today – the bboy bounce!

The bboy bounce is when you hold your hands up in the shape of a circle and then quickly lower them as if throwing a ball. When the hands are at their lowest position, they make a sound like someone bouncing off the ground. This move was first perfected and created by African American kids that wanted to learn how to do something more than just shake your feet!

After performing this trick for some time, people began recording it and sharing it online.

They released another single

how did n dubz get famous

After their first song got over 1 million views, they decided to launch an album! This is when people really started paying attention to them. Many considered them to be artists that made it big very quickly.

They recorded all of their songs in a studio by themselves with only a laptop as equipment. All of these tracks were written and composed by either T-Dub or one of his friends who he worked with frequently.

He would record his vocals and guitar parts in a room alone while listening to music he wanted to use for inspiration. Then he would move onto the next part and repeat this process until each song was fully completed.

After everything was finished, he then mixed the songs down into what we know today as rap songs.

They went on tour

how did n dubz get famous

After their debut in July, 2017, as “N-Dubz” (the name comes from their initials), the duo embarked on their first major solo tour. This was not your average one night stand! The two stayed at iconic hotels across America for three months, performing to packed houses every show.

They kicked off the tour with an intimate show held at New York City’s Hammerstein Ballroom where they performed songs such as Too Bad and Tell Me What You Say In Your Dreams. Since then, both members have continued to perform together as a group and also go on individual tours.

After five years, how did N-Dubz get so famous? By going out and sharing their music and themselves with the world. Having success as artists is about putting in the work consistently, and these guys have never stopped working.

They made a movie

how did n dubz get famous

In January of 2018, entertainment company Monalisa Johnson (known professionally as Monie) launched a new project with her business partner Robert Allen Jr., also known as B-Money. The two partnered up to launch a new fashion line called N.Dubz.

The duo invested in their own money into the project, and they both pitched it to several major media outlets for investment. Luckily, they were able to find enough funding to make the product visible to the public.

N.Dubz is a collection of denim jackets and sweatshirts that feature elaborate designs and rich colors. Many people refer to these products as “midi” style clothing because they are typically longer than your average shirt or jacket.

Many celebrities have displayed their love for the clothes by wearing them frequently. This helped spread the word about the brand and allowed for more exposure.