How Did N Dubz Become Famous

By Tiara

As seen with many new artists, N-Dubz first gained recognition for their music before they were known as “the boy band”. In fact, some may even say that The Year Wasn’t Theirs! They spent most of 2011 being noticed for the wrong things (most notably because of Abrame – lyrics like ‘baby I want to fuck you hard’).

It was only in early 2012 when people really started talking about them, and not just because of the catchy song ‘Sexy Mummy’. It seems that everyone wanted to know how these guys managed to get so famous so quickly.

To put it simply, they made themselves popular online. People who had heard their songs or watched one of their videos shared links to their social media profiles and/or websites. This resulted in more attention for the artist and thus, continued success.

But what are the best ways to gain internet fame? Let us look at some examples!

Example 1: Taylor Swift

Taylor is probably the biggest example of this. She has been very open about her love for the web since childhood, and she isn’t afraid to use it to promote herself either.

Her website features lots of information about her career, and there’s even an area dedicated to her favorite fashion brands! Her Instagram account is also full of pictures from various events and backstage looks, making it easy to follow her on both accounts.

They released their first mixtape

how did n dubz became famous

As mentioned earlier, one of the main reasons why people recognize N-Dubz as a group is because of their song “And Then”. The music video for this track was posted to YouTube in May 2012 by member Dara. It features other members Ira, Vybz and Bizzy making cameos and gaining fame off the song.

The lyrics refer to how they made it into an MTV show and got famous. This gave rise to many different theories about what show they appeared on. Some say that it was The Catty House Superstars or Teen Beach Movie while others think it was Lip Sync Battle!

After appearing on the show, some of the members continued to make a name for themselves outside of the group. Many collaborated with artists, launched successful careers, and even received awards for their work.

This all started when Dara uploaded his own solo project onto the internet which he called N-Dubz. He then began posting songs and videos under his new stage name, N.

The mixtape received positive reviews

how did n dubz became famous

After listening to several songs, many people praised how well produced his music was. He also made sure to include some of his most popular tracks like “Meant To See You” and “Too Good” onto the album. Many noted that his lyrics were very relate-able and he would put himself in certain situations related to different songs.

He sometimes rapped about love which is clearly seen in his song titled “Love Me Like I Love You.” His flow sounded smooth and natural which left listeners wanting more. Some even said that his voice fit the style of music he produces perfectly!

His catchy dance melodies and rhymes definitely helped his popularity grow as well. People loved his creativity and ability to tell stories through his music.

The group released another mixtape

how did n dubz became famous

After their successful debut, the members began to take things one step further by forming a new group! They called themselves N-Dubz, which means “North East Dublin” in English.

The first song they dropped as N-Dubz was titled “Two Words.” Since then, they have constantly been dropping songs that are known for their incredible lyrics and catchy tunes.

Many of these songs focus on relationships or life lessons. This is because of the personal experiences the member wrote about and how those experiences related to theirs. For example, the song “Love Me Or Hate Me” is about a person who feels like her boyfriend doesn’t love her enough and she even thinks he might be cheating on her with someone else. She wants him to prove his love to her so she does something crazy – she kisses a lot of people!

This isn’t only limited to romantic situations either. Some of their most popular tracks include ones about bullying, religion, and politics. These types of songs make them very popular since everyone is an individual with different beliefs and opinions.

Their popularity has grown rapidly due to their consistent output. Not only do they put out music frequently, but they also tour often to promote their music as well!

They started off doing small tours around Ireland before expanding into other countries such as England, France, Germany, and Japan.

The mixtape received more positive reviews

how did n dubz became famous

After being featured on his friend’s song, “Bitch I’m On A Budget,” South Florida rapper N-Dubz got enough attention to launch an EP of his own. His debut album is called More Than Just a Man which includes the songs: “Ghetto Anthem,” “Numbaz,” and "Summer Time."

The lyrics in these three songs emphasize self-love and acceptance of yourself.

They released their debut album

how did n dubz became famous

After recording several songs, including some collaborations with fellow artistes, Nick and his team decided to release an album! This was in early 2017.

They picked the name for this new project very carefully. It had to mean something, so they came up with ‘N-Dubz’. The first letter of each word is also how the alphabet is organized, making it easy to remember!

The music on their debut album makes it clear what kind of style the duo have. Their lyrics are mostly about love and relationships, which is why many people refer to them as the Love Song Duo.

After the success of their album, the two were featured on TV shows, starred in their own show, and won lots of awards.

The album was received positively

how did n dubz became famous

After his first mixtape, Dripman 2, dropped in May of 2017, South African rapper Nyro has been consistently putting out music ever since. He released another project early this year, titled This Is Not A Test!, which featured him rapping about everything from relationships to politics to social justice.

The song that broke his big break, however, was not part of That Album. It was instead an instrumental track called “This Day And Age” featuring American singer-songwriter Alessia Alami. In it, he interpolates lyrics from her song “Bitch I Love You” with the same title.

After the video for the remix went viral, Nyro found himself being interviewed by media outlets around the world. His popularity quickly took off as people spread his songs and videos online through social media platforms like YouTube and Facebook.

His success really picked up steam when the artist behind the original version of the song saw his cover and wanted to feature him on their own song. British recording artist Charli XCX reached out to Nyro via Twitter asking if she could use his vocals for her new song.

He agreed and they both worked together to create what would become one of Charli XCX’s most well-known tracks. Partially due to its infectious beat and catchy chorus, “Nasty” became popular all on its own.

They released another mixtape

how did n dubz became famous

After their first successful album, they decided to start working on their next project. Since they already had some music that got popular, they wanted to focus more on creating an audience for themselves as artists. To do this, they needed to put out more music!

They made their second musical effort by posting it online free of any kind of marketing or sponsorship. This is what made them famous.

Many people heard about ND’s songs through various social media sites like YouTube and SoundCloud. Some even found their songs through direct downloads.

By offering your music for free you are inspiring others to create and expand your fan base. Your followers will pick up the songs and spread word-of-mouth about them which eventually leads to more listens and fans.

The mixtape received positive reviews

how did n dubz became famous

After being released, The Mixtape Received Positive Reviews. It also gathered some media attention as it spread across social media platforms. Many considered it to be an entertaining listen with solid songs.

Some even went so far as to say that it was better than many of his previous projects due to how well organized it is. Others praised its production value and how much diversity there is in the music genre.

This got the word out about N’Dubz and he soon began receiving offers for collaborations and other opportunities. These included features and producing other artists tracks!

He has already recorded one song and will most likely have several more by next year. All this exposure helped him grow his fan base and influenced others to check out his work.

N’Dubz always gives his music away free online, which helps it to remain popular and accessible to anyone. He posts videos where he performs some of his songs and includes interviews to discuss his career and what he wants to achieve next.