How Did N Dubz Became Famous

By Tiara

As seen with many artists before him, A-List rapper Nelly has his very first hit song that got him famous. His song “My Way” was famously recorded in 1999 and features lyrics like, "So how did it feel to lose your virginity / With a beautiful girl next door?"

Nelly's version is slightly more romanticized than Taylor Swift's but he isn't shy about sex being a key part of his success either. He even includes a line telling his listener they look good while having sex!

His catchy chorus made this R&B track a classic and now you can listen to it anywhere at any time. It has been covered by other singers and musicians as well.

The first TV show

how did n dubz became famous

Before there were Drake, Kanye West or any of your favorite rappers with their own music or fashion lines, there was an artist who made his name by doing something different. He experimented with his style and what he would use to promote himself as an artist.

Nyce is one of those artists! Nyce has always designed his own clothes and even paid for them to be manufactured or sewn professionally.

He also does not have a personal manager or publicist that works exclusively for him. He manages himself and designs his own marketing strategies. This is how most people are in the business industry — except for very high-profile individuals like himself!

His artistic style includes wearing tight clothing such as jeans, leather jackets and sweatshirts. He sometimes layers up and/or uses jewelry to add some flair to his look. All of these things combine together to create his signature style which is known as “urban street”.

The first album

how did n dubz became famous

Many people know n-dubz for their hit song “Numbah 1″, but that is only because of what happened next! They released their second single off of their debut EP “Bling Bling” which was titled "Summer Time".

This song quickly became popular and within weeks it had over 2 million views on YouTube! This made them choose to add this song as a feature track in an app called Spotify.

Now before you start thinking that they got famous due to their music, let us talk about how they got into the music business in the first place. Their manager found them singing songs online and asked if they wanted to be part of his team.

The first video

how did n dubz became famous

In May of 2017, South African rapper N-Dubz uploaded his very first song to YouTube. Titled “Numbia”, it was an up-tempo track featuring fellow artistes Kambada and Vlisco. It featured some catchy lyrics including references to smoking weed and drinking whiskey.

The music video for the song also features cameo appearances from several well known YouTubers such as Tati Odenek, Regan McCloud, and Jake Paul. All five of these individuals provide adequate exposure for both N-Dubz and Kambada and Vlisco, making this collaboration successful.

Since its upload in May of 2017, the song has received over 5 million views on YouTube alone. This is due to the fact that it was published around July or August of that year. Since then, it has amassed even more popularity and has been covered by various media sites across the globe.

Not only does it feature many famous people, but it is also widely regarded as one of N-Dubz’s most memorable songs.

The first tour

how did n dubz became famous

After their successful music launch, Naughty Boy and Drake decided to take their success one step further by touring as a duo. They called this tour the ‘Drake vs Taylor’ tour because it was titled after an argument that happened between Drizzy and Tayl0r in early 2018.

The two were talking about how much money they made when NDB asked if he could get some too. This sparked an argument which included both of them telling each other what kind of cars they should buy and who was paying for what.

This got pretty heated so NDB suggested they do a joint tour instead! He thought that would be better than having a full-on fight or even being apart due to issues. Plus, he knew how popular Drake was and wanted his help spreading his brand.

He won himself some points with this reasoning and before you know it, the pair had agreed to do a tour together! It was announced as the #BoyOnCampus Tour where there would only be three dates — all at NBA arenas. These are very special venues since most people have never heard of an average NBA team going into the playoffs unbeaten!

Not only did these concerts sell out within minutes but also raised over $3 million for charity! Both artists donated part of the profits to charities focused on youth and mental health initiatives.

These efforts inspired more people to donate and spread awareness about the importance of self-care and wellness.

The first movie

how did n dubz became famous

After filming his debut film, “Nasty Boy” in May of 2017, actor Omoni Obo-Olokonu (better known as Ndubz or just N) had already established himself as an internet star. His infectious laughter has garnered him over 1 million followers on Instagram, where he posts mostly entertainment videos and jokes.

In June of that year, N uploaded his second project — a short video titled "How did N dubz become famous." In it, he teased his fans about the fact that he would soon be unveiling something big. He then revealed his new career path: making music!

He subsequently released several songs online, including one called "Bae Bae" which was later featured on an episode of MTV's flagship show Yo Mama Life. Although it didn't quite reach the popularity of some other songs he has made, it still received over 2.5 million views within its first week alone!

His next song release also proved to be very popular. Titled "I Like Them", it features none other than Sean "Diddy" Combs.

The first lawsuit

how did n dubz became famous

In May of 2017, an Instagram user named Kross was sued for copyright infringement by producer Sean O’Mara over his song “Broken Down Vehicle.”

The lyrics include the lines: “I got in my car/ Checked it out/ I see her face, she look like mine.”

Kross responded to the accusation with a tweet reading, “LOL @seanoftheweb you just lit yourself up! This is too funny!!! Broke down vehicle? Thats sooooooo him. He sampled me!”

He then proceeded to list several reasons why this wasn’t true and how he made sure to get permission before including the writer’s name in his songs.

Sean O’ Mara didn’t take the comment lightly though and filed a formal complaint against Kross later that month.

This set off what would be a series of lawsuits from both artists as well as YouTube channel owners. All involved allegations of plagiarism and copyright infringement.

Most people know about the infamous Taylor Swift vs Katy Perry feud but there are many other instances of plagiarism throughout music history. Some have even gone as far as calling it an epidemic.

The first breakup

how did n dubz became famous

After three years of dating, Ariana clearly had enough of Nairobi-based rapper Deen. She broke up with him in April 2018, just two months after they got together.

At that time, media reports say he was focused more on his music than anything else. He even deleted all his social media accounts to focus on his career as an artist.

But things soon took a turn for bad when he started making accusations towards Ariana of cheating. At one point, she found out he posted private photos of her online.

He later claimed it was because she wanted proof she was already cheating on him, which she denied.

After many people heard about this, it became very public knowledge and sparked a huge debate. Many supported Ariana while others believed Nirok’s allegations were false and made up to gain attention.

The first comeback

how did n dubz became famous

After his departure in August 2017, D-Block member Nehy was quickly picked up by another artist. This time, it wasn’t Drake but rather South African rapper Iggy Azalea!
Iggy had just released her new song “Fancy New Year” featuring American singer Charli XCX and she wanted to feature someone else for a remix. She asked around who could do a good job and Nehy got the chance to show off some of his talents.

He remixed the song and added his own twist to it! His version received positive reviews and he even won the prize for best remix at the Vodafone MAMA's Music Awards that took place in March 2018.

Since then, Nehy has been featured on several more songs as an additional vocalist or rap performer, most notably on Ariana Grande's hit single "Break Up With Your Boyfriend".