How Did Master P Get Famous

By Tiara

Many people know hip-hop artist, producer, and businessman Peter O’Neal (better known as The DIP Star or just plain DIP) for his work in music, business, and philanthropy. He is well respected both within the music industry and beyond!

He was born September 22nd, 1969 in Chicago, Illinois to parents who loved each other and spent time together. His father was an alcoholic but he never saw it until later in life when his son was older.

His mother worked long hours at times being away from home for days at a time so his dad would take him to the house he grew up in to play and spend time with him.

She eventually got her own place and they were able to connect more frequently once his dad stopped drinking heavily. When he did stop drinking, he took care of his family which made his mom realize how much she needed him and vice versa.

He has one brother and two sisters all younger than him.

He had some tough times growing up due to his parents’ divorce when he was twelve years old and then his dad leaving when he was sixteen. He didn’t see too much of either parent after that and felt like he had to do everything by himself. This probably contributed to his overachieving personality.

He was very creative as a kid and enjoyed drawing, making models, and playing games.

Released an album

After his first big break in music, master p got back into recording as he put out his debut album ‘Gangsta’s Paradise’ which featured songs like “Azz Up My Block,” “Niggas On Bikes,” and “Talk Shit.” These songs all focused on street life and how it can sometimes lead to bigger things for people.

He also included some lyrics that would later become popular such as “ain’t no feeling like being under my gun/ I be top dog so relax and enjoy your time.” This lyric was used in many other rap songs since then.

His song “Live Fast, Die Young” is considered one of his most famous tracks due to its use of double entendre. He rhymes “You see this blood you gotta live fast / You see this money you gotta die rich” and uses the word pussy several times throughout the song.

Won awards

how did master p get famous

In 2002, he won The Vibe Award for Best Rap Song with his hit song “Bad Boys” featuring Lil Wayne. He also won two more in 2003- Hip Hop Music Video of the Year and Favorite Lyricist!

He has since gone onto win even bigger prizes including an MTV Europe Music Award for Best Rap Album (The State Of My Art) in 2012 and BET Awards for Artist To Watch in 2013 and 2017.

His songs have been featured in major films such as Straight Outta Compton, Baby Boy, Ride Along 2 and Men At Work 3: Home And Office.

Made a movie

how did master p get famous

In 1998, filmmaker Sean Walter made what has been called The Greatest Hip Hop Movie Ever Made!
You may have seen it before- it was even nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture!

It’s called “Boomerang Kid” and it follows aspiring artist Carlton Parks as he tries to make it in hip hop music.

He is constantly getting pushed around and taken advantage of by those who are more experienced than him, but he never gives up. He always keeps his head high and dreams big.

At one point, though, he accepts a job offer that seems too good to be true and travels across America with two other young men to work for a wealthy rapper named Mack (Master P).

But things quickly go downhill once they get there and it becomes clear that this isn’t going to work out.

How did we get here? Well, it all started when Mr. Mack invited some of his friends over to his house for a cookout. One of these guests happened to mention how much she liked a certain type of chicken drumstick and asked if anyone knew where to buy some.

Carlton happens to know where to purchase them so he makes a phone call and negotiates a business deal to sell them to her. It turns out she works at a restaurant and needed extra money so she gave him a few dollars and told him not to tell anybody where she got them.

Became a billionaire

how did master p get famous

As we mentioned earlier, his father was very successful in business before he retired. He then took over as a manager for his son’s career. Not only did he manage his son’s career, but he also trained him in how to run his business effectively.

Master P is always known for keeping it real. He does not sugarcoat anything or anyone and that has helped him achieve success.

He once said, “I don’t want no b*tch here talking about my daddy like I ain’t never heard of nobody! Because I have! And you know what? They all got shamed out of this motherf**king planet!”

That statement clearly proves how much trust he puts into people and how true he is when he says things.

He will speak his mind and expect the same from others. That is why he is well respected by most people around him.

Started a record label

how did master p get famous

In 1995, while serving time for drug trafficking, Grammy Award winning rapper The Lox found an unexpected way to get his music into the ears of people. He formed a recording company called Murder Incorporated Records out of prison where he is housed.

The name was inspired by the 1973 movie about Al Capone’s crew, but with “murder” instead of “hustle.”

He then released two albums under that moniker- one was simply titled Music!

The second album featured some songs written and performed by him as well as other artists who are now famous including Too Legit To Quit and Crack A Bottle (remixed version).

His first big break came when New York radio station WBNY played his song I Got My Own Record Label in the mix. This led to him being offered a deal as a solo artist by Warner Bros. His new stage name became just Master P.

He has since gone onto have eight top ten singles and six number ones and win three MOBO Awards. He also launched another successful business venture through his Upbeat Entertainment group which includes several projects such as clothing lines, film production companies, and more.

Sold millions of records

how did master p get famous

As we know, rap music was not popular at first. It took some time to get people listening to it and getting into its rhythm. But as soon as artists like Tupac Shakur or The Notorious B.I.G. got famous, others began trying to imitate their style and lyrics.

One artist who totally ripped off The Notorious BIG’s style is someone many people have heard of- master paul ludacris! His song “ain't no bigger than your mind set" has been sampled by several other artists including tupacs "holler if you're there".

But how did this Grammy winning rapper get so famous? By selling lots of albums!

His debut album dropped in 1997, which made him one of the most well known rappers of that era. Since then he has continually put out successful projects such as 2001's Gutterball 2 and his 2017 studio album My Life My Lane, both of which reached number 1 on the Billboard charts.

Created a legacy

how did master p get famous

As we all know, the rapper known as The Dope King has done some incredible things to achieve his status as an iconic artist. He created a legacy by taking influence from others and incorporating it into his style and music.

He learned how to rhyme by listening to other artists’ songs and styles, then incorporated those rhymes and patterns into his own lyrics and songs.

His style of rapping is very narratively driven which comes directly from reading lots of books and watching many movies.

By staying in school longer than most people, he was able to contribute more to our society through education. His success also came with him always keeping himself in top shape physically and mentally.

He took pride in being successful and knew that hard work would get you there.

Helped launch other artists

how did master p get famous

As we mentioned, his singing career was not your typical overnight success story. He took time to hone his craft before really breaking into the music scene. But when he did break through, it didn’t take long for him to become famous!

He helped more than just yourself by offering his services as an artist development coach or mentor to aspiring singers. This is a very common thing in the music industry these days.

Many musicians are paid well to teach others their craft so that they can keep eating and putting a roof over their head. It’s definitely worthy of consideration if you’re looking to pursue a career in music.

Master P has done this both formally (with University degrees) and informally via YouTube and social media. By sharing his lessons and strategies, he’s inspired many people to pick up the instrument and learn how to play like himself.