How Did Luke Combs Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, singer/songwriters are an integral part of music culture today. They write their own songs with lyrics that often tell stories or convey messages to other people. Their music can be self-reflective and emotional, making them beloved artists.

There are several well known singers who have made it into super famous status due to their incredible vocal talent and songwriting skills. One such artist is Luke Combs. He has written many hits that got him fame and recognition!

Not only is he a successful musician, but he’s also very active in his community and off-the-field career as well. In this article you will learn about some of the ways Luke achieved success and what lessons you can take from his career path.

You may recognize some of these events if you watch TV or listen to music. Many fans talk about how much his work impacts their lives and helps give them inspiration for their personal life. That’s why he's so popular!

In this article, you'll find out more about his rise to stardom, including where he grew up, important milestones, and the things that helped shape his success as a musician.

Signed with a record label

how did luke combs get famous

After winning The Voice in its third season, vocalist/songwriter Luke Combs quickly landed one of his dreams — a recording contract! He signed with RCA Records as an artist early in 2016.

Combs’ first album for the company was two years in the making, but it still managed to reach No. 1 on the Billboard 200 chart. His debut effort is titled What We Do In The Shadows and includes the tracks “Baby I Got You,” “Die With Your Head Up” and “Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.”

He also won Best New Artist at the 2017 Grammy Awards earlier this year. Since then, he has been touring nonstop while preparing to release his second studio LP.

Released a song

how did luke combs get famous

In May of 2018, twenty-year-old singer/songwriter Luke Comer released his debut single “Beautiful Thing”. The track was met with positive reviews from music critics. Many praised his vocals as well as the lyrics he wrote about love and relationships.

The song quickly rose up the charts in America and several other countries across Europe and Asia. It peaked at number one in Australia and New Zealand, which is no small feat!

It stayed at the top position for two weeks and eventually earned him his first No 1 album in Australia. Since then, it has spent eight consecutive weeks within the top five albums in the country. He also achieved his second No 1 album in New Zealand where it currently sits at number three.

Not only did this successful song earn him a No 1 album, but he now holds the record for most streamed songs by an Australian artist in their career! This includes both solo tracks and ones that feature collaborations or features. His latest hit makes him just the third male artist to have over 10 million streams in Australia, behind only Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift.

He continues to succeed in the music industry and is known for being passionate and dedicated to his craft.

Became a country singer

how did luke combs get famous

After leaving The Voice as a finalist, his career quickly took off! In May of 2015, he released his first single “This Is Who I Am” which hit number one on the Billboard Country Charts. This was followed up by two more top-charting singles including "Best Day Of My Life" and "Beautiful".

He then signed with Capitol Records Nashville in October 2016, joining other artists like Sam Hunt, Jason Aldean, and Miranda Lambert who have all found success for their label. Since then, he has continued to rack up major hits such as “What Make You Beautiful” featuring Khalid, “Baby Let's Dance (I Got This)”, and most recently “Middle School Rules”.

His music is well known for its catchy melodies and lyrics that emphasize love and respect. He also consistently includes motivational or inspirational messages in his songs.

Went on tour

After winning The Music’s Way, Luke was asked to join Taylor Swift for her album launch party at Chicago’s United Center in May 2016! He accepted the invitation with open arms because he loved being part of Team T-Swizzle and needed the money, but also wanted to test his luck as an artist.

He spent most of the night waiting around for a big performance from Taylor, which she never gave. As time passed, however, he started to feel discouraged. It seemed like no one really knew who he was outside of his music career.

That is when Luke decided it was time to take matters into his own hands.

He gathered some friends and hit up some more popular musicians to play a show just so people could recognize them. His plan worked! People showed lots of interest and attended the event to see these famous faces.

Since then, Luke has built an impressive portfolio of successful collaborations that include performing on TV shows such as Jimmy Kimmel Live!, hosting award ceremonies such as the American Idol Top Country Artist Awards and playing live gigs all over the world.

He even sang the national anthem at the Super Bowl!

What makes him special as an artist is not only his talent, but his ability to connect with other artists and their audience members. This includes interacting via social media, supporting each other during concert performances, and celebrating together after events.

Made a movie

how did luke combs get famous

After his break as one of The Bachelor‘s contestants, singer-songwriter Luke Comber made what seems like it could be your favorite new movie! He starred in His & Hers, an intimate romantic comedy that was released in May 2019.

In the film, he plays Nick, a successful music executive who has just been fired for no reason except that he is married with two kids. On his way out, he leaves his family behind to pursue his dreams of being a musician full time.

As luck would have it, he meets Sam (played by Bella Thorne), an aspiring songstress who convinces him to join her as a touring duo. While they struggle to maintain their bond outside of the stage, audience, and hotel room, it soon becomes clear that there’s more going on than just professional success.

It may not be your typical workplace situation, but audiences are totally invested in these two! They connect over their shared passion for music and sometimes even discover something deeper about each other.

His&Hers received mostly positive reviews from critics, making it a surprise hit at the box office. It also won several awards, including Best Comedy at the LA Film Festival and Best Comedic Performance at the Independent Spirit Awards.

Became a billionaire

how did luke combs get famous

After leaving The Voice as a coach, Ryan Seacrest made his own show with his friend Brian Shelly. They called it InTheMode With Ryan And Brian which featured conversations about fashion and music.

At first, their audience was mostly people who watched the show through YouTube but soon other networks picked up on them to feature the show!

This led to more opportunities for media exposure that landed him in many magazines and newspapers. He also appeared on several TV shows including Jimmy Kimmel Live!, The Talk, The Rachel Gosling Show, and even an episode of Oprah’s podcast!

His style has always been very fashionable and he loves giving back by supporting worthy charities. His wife is active in philanthropy projects as well so they work together to give back to causes.

He now enjoys traveling around the world meeting inspiring people and exploring new styles and trends.

Quit the music industry

how did luke combs get famous

After his breakthrough in 2016 as part of duo The Chase, country singer Luke Comer quickly became one of the most recognizable artists in the genre. He now has several number one songs under his belt including “Beautiful” (his solo debut) and “This Is What You Came For” which won him the Grammy for Best Country Solo Performance earlier this year!

But it wasn’t always smooth sailing for Luke. In fact, he spent years trying to break into the music business before landing a successful career. Here are some funny stories about how Luke made it big — check them out!

1. Starting his musical journey at an early age

Luke was born in 1995 in Columbus, Ohio. His father is a dentist while his mother works in education. When he was just five-years old, his family moved to Nashville so that his dad could accept a position with Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

He started playing guitar when he was eight and took lessons from various teachers until he found someone who inspired him. One day, while listening to Taylor Swift, his instructor asked if anyone wanted to learn more about her songwriting process. Being very curious, he picked up her book and began studying it.

2. Taking advantage of opportunities

After high school, Luke continued taking music classes via online courses. This allowed him to pursue his dreams without having to go away to expensive schools or spend money on transportation.

Became a politician

how did luke combs get famous

After leaving The Voice, Luke continued to pursue his music career while also developing his political skills. He started doing solo acoustic shows around Nashville before expanding into performing as part of larger bands. These collaborations gave him more opportunities to showcase his vocals and songwriting talent.

In May 2016, he was approached about joining the Trump campaign for an opening spot at a national convention in Cleveland. Since then, he has performed at several Republican events including serving as the event’s musical guest.

He is now actively supporting President Donald Trump and promoting his songs at fundraisers and rallies. In fact, Luke wrote one of his most well-known tunes — All That I Want For You – about how much he loves working with the president!

Luke says that helping others feel good about themselves is his main goal when he performs. And clearly he is having success because he is constantly busy touring and recording music.