How Did Lizzo Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, there are many ways to get famous, but some don’t work for most people. For example, you can not take any chances when it comes to marketing yourself or your product and must be very careful with what you say and how you market yourself.

It is hard to tell if someone is trying to go after popular success or personal fame though. People who try to use popularity as an end goal often fail to maintain their status.

Some things that contribute to celebrity status are having large fan bases, being in a field that breeds media attention, and/or producing quality products or services. It is important to recognize that just because somebody is well-known now, this does not mean they will always be known.

As humans, we develop relationships with other people and learn about ourselves from these connections. This article will talk more about one artist’s climb to stardom, how she got here, and some of her secrets to staying relevant. Let’s look at the story of Lakay Diab!

Konrad Vytlacil is a twenty something year old business student living in Canada. He enjoys listening to music, reading books, and going out with his friends. His hobbies include drawing and writing.

Released her debut album

how did lizzo get famous

As we know, musician collaborations are nothing new. They’re an integral part of how music is made and seen by most people. Artists have always collaborated with other artists for songs or features and musicians have constantly worked with others to create new songs or styles.

However, it took off in the 21st century when technology allowed for it on a much larger scale. Technology gave us the opportunity to connect with each other at a level that was never before possible.

Social media sites like Twitter and Instagram give everyone the chance to be famous (or infamous) quickly. People make money online through creating and sharing content which leads to more followers and fans. It’s become very accessible and anyone can do it!

It’s great to see how interactive social media has become but there is one downside: users feel the need to advertise themselves constantly.

As writers, we get exposed to this constant advertising every time you share a article you wrote on Facebook, tweet about an industry topic, or launch your own book. We as writers are not necessarily paid to promote ourselves, so why should we? This looks bad for our writing career.

Luckily, there are ways to mitigate this problem. One of those strategies is to use what’s known as sponsored posts. These are advertisements that linked sponsors pay to put promotional material up next to yours.

Won several awards

how did lizzo get famous

As we know, in this era of social media, your career can really take off or fall by what you share with the world. With that said, some artists need more exposure to succeed. Others though, remain relatively anonymous unless they launch their own solo tour.

Lizzo is one artist who has always been very open about her life. She doesn’t shy away from attention nor does she keep things to herself. When she was younger, it seemed like every song had something meaningful to say!

She talks a lot about relationships, love, sex, and everything in between. Her frank talk makes for interesting listening if you are looking to improve yourself as person or learn new things.

Her personality comes through in each lyric which helps make her music catchy and memorable. Even when she isn’t singing, people can tell she knows how to have fun!

Since launching her musical career over a decade ago, Lizzo has won multiple Grammy Awards, received numerous Billboard Music Award nominations, and even scored an Emmy nomination for Best Dance/Electronic Album.

Not only that, but she also boasts impressive collaborations such as Drake, The Weeknd, and Future. All three musicians have featured Lil Tay (yes, that is her real name) on at least one track!

Overall, Lizzo has made a successful career out of being honest and never keeping secrets.

Performed at the Billboard Music Awards

how did lizzo get famous

After performing her breakout song “Bodak Yellow” back in May, rapper Cardi B invited fellow New Yorker Lizzo to join her for an encore performance of the track. It was during this second rendition that Lizzo truly hit her stride with the song.

After dropping into the chorus, Lizzo let loose an unexpected rap verse that has gone viral across social media. With lyrics like “I feel so pretty even though I ain’t got no clothes on / Cause my self-love is insatiable,” she connected with other women (and some men) who struggle with body image issues.

Her candid raps also addressed societal pressures surrounding black female beauty, from using heavy makeup to emphasize dark features to having large breasts. By bringing attention to these things, Lizzo helped shine a light on important conversations about diversity in pop culture.

Since its release, the remix version of Lizzo’s verse has received over 1.3 million views on YouTube alone, not including re-posts and comments left by fans inspired by her messages. The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive — many applaud Lizzo for her creativity and poignancy in addressing difficult topics, while others praise her for being able to bring something new to a well-known song.

Visited the White House

how did lizzo get famous

In April of 2018, popular recording artist Kandi made her presidential visit as she met with President Trump in the Oval Office. This wasn’t your average meeting — it was almost like watching a movie.

Kandi arrived twenty minutes early for the appointment and quickly got down to business talking about how she grew up in Chicago and what motivated her to start singing. Then the president asked if anyone knew who he could bring into the room to help promote his organization, Generation Unlimited.

At this, Kandi jumped in and said that she would be happy to do it! She then began rapping her own song while dancing around the room, promoting the organization. It was very entertaining to watch and she clearly had fun doing it.

After the event, Kandi shared some pictures and comments on Instagram showing off the experience. Many people remarked on how cool it must have been to witness the meeting like that and how much she seemed to enjoy being there.

Sold out stadiums

how did lizzo get famous

Dance music has always been popular, but not everyone is able to enjoy it as much as others can. For some, dancing for fun comes more naturally than for other people. For those individuals, their dance moves are very special and they may be inspired by something they see or someone they meet who dances well.

For most people, though, learning how to dance takes practice and motivation to keep practicing. It’s great if you’re passionate about moving your body, but there’s nothing particularly magical about most people’s dancing unless they work hard to learn how to do it.

I know this from personal experience because I spent years trying to teach myself how to dance. I was never very good at it, but I kept going until one day I didn’t.

That was over five years ago, and ever since then I've been teaching beginner classes in many different styles of dance (cha-cha, rumba, swing, etc.). Every week I get lots of smiles when students achieve a new trick or two and feel comfortable while doing them.

A few weeks later we move onto another style! Some people just have natural rhythm and step down every now and then anyway, even if they don't know what they're stepping forward or backward to. A small part of each person's brain is already organized into steps so they don't need to use the rest of their brains too heavily to remember them.

Made a movie

how did lizzo get famous

In early 2018, actress and singer Lizzo made her feature film debut in The Hustle, an action comedy starring Jessica Alba as the protagonist. As the movie begins, Alba’s character has just been robbed at gunpoint and she must find the person who did it before he or she tries to make their next move.

The plot quickly thickens when another character mentions that one of the suspects looked like someone who had done something scandalous in the past. This sparks Alba’s curiosity, so she does some research and discovers there is a live stream of the suspect’s activity online. While watching this footage, Alba notices a resemblance and alerts the police.

After the police arrest the culprit, they bring Alba into for questioning. During this time, Alba realizes that she knows not only the thief but also his accomplice because she met them both earlier in the same place. When the two are put together, they form an unexpected friendship which eventually leads to a romantic relationship.

Alba’s character decides to keep this new acquaintance a secret from everyone else, even herself, for several weeks. After realizing what she has started, however, she can no longer prevent it. She tells her colleagues and friends about him and the rest is history.

Became a billionaire

how did lizzo get famous

As we know, before she was famous, Sticky B****y took off her clothes for us to see and enjoy. Now, some might say that’s just stripping, but what Lizzo does with her body is way more than that!

When she dances, you can tell that it’s not only about having fun; there’s an element of performance in how beautifully and seductively she moves her limbs. Her dance style is very unique and special.

It’s hard to describe exactly why, but once you watch her perform, you’ll understand. She brings something spectacular to the stage every time she steps out.

Her dancing isn’t your average, casual move either — it’s powerful and soul-searching. It makes you feel things and ask questions.

That’s what artists are supposed to do, right? Artists use their art to make you think and feel… and sometimes they go too far. That’s what makes them interesting.

After all, if someone doesn’t get moved or stirred up after listening to a song twice, then they weren’t paying attention. We’re talking about songs that have lyrics – so why wouldn’t people be reading those?

I definitely learned something from most of Lizzo‘s songs.

Has gone on a world tour

how did lizzo get famous

After leaving her home in Chicago, Lizzo has traveled across continents to promote her music. She’s visited over 20 countries so far!

In May of 2017, just one month after she released her first album, BOMB!, Lizzo headlined at Australia’s Soundwave Festival alongside some big names like Ariana Grande and Taylor Swift.

Since then, she’s shared stages with artists such as Justin Bieber and The Weeknd, performed for Queen Elizabeth II, and even sang onstage during Oprah’s final episode!

Her success hasn’t stopped there though — since early 2019, she’s been nominated for two Billboard Music Awards, winning for Best Dance Album.

She also won this year’s MTV VMA For Artist To Break A Record – most wins by a female artist (and second overall win ever) under the award category Most Buzzworthy Video. Her song is called “Truth Hurts.