How Did Lilly K Get Famous

By Tiara

Over the past few years, Lilly has been in the media constantly for various reasons — from her impressive career to her outspoken personality. She is very candid about who she is as a person and what makes her happy, which helps other people identify with or learn from her.

Her rise to internet stardom began when she posted an image of herself with a funny caption. Since then, she has consistently uploaded humorous pictures and posts that have gathered many likes and comments.

Her popularity rose even more after she published her personal life online. People love learning more about her because she’s such a down-to-earth individual!

She's always up front about anything important so others can learn from her example. That includes things like her relationship status, struggles she's faced, and how she overcame them.

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She released a book

how did lilly k get famous

In May 2018, twenty-year-old Lilly Kane published her first novel, titled The School of Em. It is an inspirational coming of age story about a fictional character named Poppy who learns how to love herself after overcoming major setbacks in life.

The book follows Poppie as she navigates high school while also trying to figure out what career path she wants to take in life.

At times, it can be hard for people with mental health issues to understand that their emotions are normal. This can make it difficult to relate to them and they may feel like they’re not worthy or strong enough to go through things that other people seem able to do without any signs of struggle.

That is why I loved this book so much. Not only does Poppy have internal struggles, but she also faces external ones that anyone could relate to.

She is very honest about her feelings which makes you connect more deeply to her. At the same time, she strives to put others before herself which is inspiring.

She did a TV show

After college, Lilly left her home in California to pursue a career in acting. While trying out for various roles, she was spotted by an assistant director who asked if she would be willing to do some extra work for the production they were filming.

She agreed and ended up landing a small part as a doctor!

Her character didn’t speak much of the language so she had to learn quickly. Luckily, she said very few lines so it wasn’t too difficult for her to pick things up.

After shooting finished, the producers noticed how well she spoke the language and gave her the job of dubbing the movie. Her work paid off because soon after that, people started recognizing her from her voice alone!

People loved listening to what she was saying and being able to understand what was going on due to her skills as a speaker of the language.

Many online groups have formed where fans can talk about the movie they just watched and discuss parts of the film with others who understood what was happening.

All of this attention got Lilly her first big break when she landed several speaking parts including one in a French movie. Since then, she has not stopped working hard towards her goal of becoming famous.

She went on a tour

how did lilly k get famous

Many people know her as Lilly, but she goes by her full name – Lilly Kat Kalas! Her fans have coined her famous nickname — how did she get here? In May of 2017, Lilly embarked on a major career change that has allowed her to spread her message beyond just singing and dancing.

She joined The Learning Channel (TLC) for their new show “Dance Your Life”. On this fun educational dance competition show, she teaches beginner dancers different styles of dance and rewards them with gift cards for successful lessons.

Since its premiere in September of 2018, Dance Your Life has gained positive feedback from both critics and viewers. More than 2 million people now watch at least one episode every week!

Her success comes not only from teaching beginners how to move, but also from her motivational speaking skills.

She made a movie

how did lilly k get famous

In 2017, actress Lilly Singh (aka “Lilly”) got famous for making an unexpected appearance in the music video for Ariana Grande’s hit song Thank You!

In the music video, which was released in May of that year, you can see Lily walking down what seems to be an empty street with her back against a wall. As she begins moving towards the camera, it becomes clear that she is not alone.

Alongside Lilly are several other people wearing masks. Some seem to be having a conversation while others just stand around looking uncomfortable or even angry.

It quickly became apparent that these individuals were all part of some sort of cult-like organization and they had gathered together as one large group to celebrate the birthday of someone who didn’t know their own age.

The lyrics refer to this person as being “twenty something years old,” which many suspected referred to Ariana herself. Since there is no way anyone would ever confuse twenty something years old with anything beyond speculation, most agreed that the song was about Ariana.

However, none of that mattered because it wasn’t the real reason why Lilly got famous. What made everyone aware of Lilly’s existence once again was her uncanny ability to draw attention away from herself.

She did so by adding another layer to the already confusing plot and setting up a new narrative arc for the rest of the song.

She went on a concert tour

how did lilly k get famous

Many people know her as the singer-songwriter Lilly Kanon, but before that she was just another musician with big dreams. At only 24 years old, Lilly Kon took the music industry by storm!

She started performing at venues all over America when she was barely 18 years old. Since then, she has built up an impressive portfolio of songs and collaborations.

Her success comes from her unwavering work ethic and passion for songwriting. Her catchy melodies have earned her many loyal fans across genres and cultures.

She bought a mansion

how did lilly k get famous

In May 2016, she made her dramatic entrance into The Real Housewives of Orange County by buying a $4 million house! This was not your average house either — it boasted an 8,000 square foot floor plan with seven bedrooms and eight bathrooms.

The estate had its own pool, spa, sauna, steam room, and private jet runway. It also featured two master suites, one of which could be converted to a movie theater, making this space perfect for entertaining.

Not only did Lilly purchase this home, but she paid cash! Not only that, but she didn’t even use a realtor when doing so!

She hired someone to do all the work for her and in turn they got a nice chunk of change too! A lot of people have success on The RHOC, and this isn’t the first time we’ve seen that happen, but this is definitely the most expensive version of it.

She bought a beach house

how did lilly k get famous

In May 2016, Life and Style got an exclusive about how popular blogger Lilly K got famous! The 22-year old mom of two purchased her very first home — a 1,200 square foot waterfront property in Jupiter, Florida.

It cost $450,000 and at the time she listed it for sale, it was already under contract. Since then, the house has received over 20 offers and is now worth around $600,000.

The seller was impressed by Lilly’s dedication to real estate and the business and wanted to work with her more. They asked if there were any ways they could help her grow as a professional Realtor and she said yes!

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She bought a jewelry store

how did lilly k get famous

As most of you know, social media is a crazy place! With every passing day we see new users creating new accounts to share their experiences with the world and get attention. Some people use it for business purposes, while others use it just to have fun and sharing photos or videos that make them laugh or show off what they can do makes them feel good.

In November 2016, entrepreneur Brittany Taylor noticed some pictures of beautiful bracelets on Instagram and thought they were too lovely to keep hidden away. So, she decided to create her own line of handcrafted jewelry inspired by the pretty designs she had seen before she started selling hers.

One day, while browsing through all of her jewelry inventory, something caught her eye: A pair of earrings shaped like two leaves intertwined. The leaves matched the colors in her bedroom and she knew then and there that these would be her signature style — lilly leaf drop earrings!

Her friends helped her design and produce her initial collection, so she turned to Amazon’s FBA (fulfillment by shipment) service to source materials and manufacture the pieces. Since then, her business has blossomed!

Now she ships directly to customers from an office space close to where she lives, and she even hired several team members to help run the company and take over responsibilities as needed.