How Did Lilly K Get Famous

By Tiara

Over the past few years, artist Lilly Khayyam has become extremely popular due to her striking use of bright colors in her paintings. Her vibrant pictures have garnered many fans all over the world!

Her unique style makes it easy to tell whether or not she painted using Photoshop as a tool. If you look at some of her works, you will see that everything is totally digital.

However, even though most of her work is computer generated, there are still some things such as brushes or textures which are imported from real life. This shows how much effort she puts into making her artwork perfect so they do not feel like automatic software programs.

She also does not mind sharing her artistic process with others, showing that she enjoys what she does and wants to keep improving it. She posts lots of photographs and videos online about different stages of her painting projects.

If you want to get closer to Lilly, you can find her on social media sites such as Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram.

She created a book

how did lilly k get famous

In May of 2018, twenty-seven year old Lilly K published her first book: My Life So Far. It is a collection of essays and stories that focus mostly on her life up to that point.

The book covers everything from growing up in California to moving out to New York City and beyond! Her writing style is very candid and self-referential which makes it easy to read.

Her storytelling skills are also incredible – she weaves together narratives into one cohesive piece. Many people can tell interesting tales, but few know how to do it well.

She became a guest on many TV shows

how did lilly k get famous

As her social media following grew, so did her career as an influencer. In fact, she has done several collaborations with brands to create new products or designs that feature her likeness.

One such collaboration was with beauty line Lilly K, which specializes in natural skincare products. The company asked Lilly to do a review of one of their products, and she loved it!

She began sharing advertisements for the product on her various platforms and took some time to talk about all of its features. Since then, the company has continued to gain followers due at least in part to her endorsement.

Not only does it enjoy a high rate of positive reviews, but also sales have been rising since Lilly shared the product.

She made a movie

how did lilly k get famous

In 2017, actress Lilly Singh (also known as “Lilly Y”) got famous for making a YouTube video that went viral. The video is called ‘Hit It Like A Boss!’ and it features her dancing to Drake’s song of the same name.

In the video, she covers her face with one hand while shaking the other one violently. At the end, she removes her hands and dances like there’s no tomorrow.

The video has over 6 million views and 250k likes at the time of writing this article. Many people have used it to learn how to dance or just to enjoy watching someone else do some crazy dancing.

Her followers have also given her many different usernames to use when posting about health related issues such as keto diets and probiotics. Some have even referred to her as ‘Dr. Ish’ because she puts so much effort into sharing knowledge and information about nutrition and wellness.

She has also done interviews where she talks more in depth about healthy eating and keto diets.

She went on tour

how did lilly k get famous

After launching her makeup line in September 2017, Indignant over the lack of diversity in beauty products, Lillie launched an online campaign to bring more color into your life by introducing yourself to new shades of concealers and foundations.

Her most popular product is The Refine Collection, which includes eight high quality concealers that match every shade under the sun!

Her collection has been very well received with almost all reviews being five stars. Many users praise her for offering such a wide range of colors and complimenting or matching their own skin tone.

Since then she has continued to launch additional products like blush-luminizing bronzer and eye shadows as well as bronzers that work both for lightening and toning. All are sold together in one kit or individually!

She also now offers skincare products, including face wash, moisturizer, sunscreen, and night cream.

She sold lots of merch

how did lilly k get famous

A few years ago, when Lilly K was in high school, she designed some t-shirts with her logo on them. Her designs were seen as very cute and unique at the time, and they began to gather popularity quickly!

Her style is kind of like if Lady Gaga mixed Japanese culture with cartoon characters. It’s pretty interesting to watch her design process.

She uses a lot of different apps such as Adobe Photoshop and InDesign to make his or her logos and typography. But most importantly, she mixes it up by experimenting with color schemes and patterns.

After designing their shirts, people started buying them and spreading her brand online. Before long, Lilly had enough money to start investing in more expensive merchandise that she wanted to use her name for.

Many sellers are able to turn their business into a profitable ones because of how smartly they market themselves. For example, many famous brands hire graphic designers to help promote their products on social media sites like Instagram.

She had a baby

how did lilly k get famous

As we mentioned before, Lilian Eva “Lilly” Gotthgein was born in Germany on March 9, 1988. Her father gave her the middle name of Katherine after his late grandmother who he loved very much.

She grew up attending private Catholic schools where she learned how to sew and do simple hairstyling. When she was 14 years old, she began doing professional makeovers which included washing and styling hair as well as using fashion products such as bronzer and eye makeup.

Her talent soon became known when she won first place at The International Beauty Show for under 25s with her DIY Makeup Tutorial. This earned her some media attention and many requests for collaborations and sponsorships.

After high school, she moved away from home to attend college but quickly realized that studying art was not her passion so she switched tracks and studied business. It did not take long until she found her career though!

She started selling beauty products online and then took it one step further by creating her own line of cosmetics. Since launching her company in 2012, she has raised over $250,000 for charities focused on women’s health, literacy, and education.

These include organizations like the Girl Effect (an organization that helps young girls succeed in education), Heels To Help (a nonprofit that raises money via charity events for charitable foundations and projects), and Literacy Volunteers Australia (an organization that trains volunteers to be reading tutors).

She is still famous

how did lilly k get famous

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She should keep making videos

how did lilly k get famous

Most people know Lilly as the creator of her YouTube channel, but she’s much more than that! Her main channel has over 700K subscribers and her second channel, which is focused on beauty tips, has almost 690k followers!

Her success comes not only from creating entertaining content, but also promoting and supporting other brands through sponsored videos and giveaways. For example, in May 2018 she partnered up with TooManyItems to give one person who subscribed both channels a $100 VISA gift card!

She always shares her love for products via detailed reviews and includes all info such as cost, potential benefits, and any special events or times they are marked down at stores.

By leaving a positive comment or review about their product, companies will reward you by giving back to your channel.