How Did Lil Xan Get Famous?

By Tiara

As our society becomes more connected through technology, people are exposed to new music styles at an unprecedented level. Artists have access to limitless resources for marketing themselves, which allows their voices to be heard by larger audiences.

Some artists find this overwhelming, though- it can feel like there’s never a break in activity! While having lots of content created about you is nice, sometimes it can make you feel overwhelmed or even stressed out.

That’s not your fault as an artist, however! It takes time to achieve success as a musician, so trying to focus on creating your best work while promoting yourself can get tricky.

Fortunately, we are here today to help! We’re going to talk about how Lil Xan got famous, his sneaky ways to gain attention, and what he learned along the way.

Then came the BSLP album

how did lil xan get famous

Before he was known for spitting vulgarity, rapping about money, and partying with Drake, his career started off as someone who needed help. He made music to address his own mental health issues and they were successful!

His first song that got popular was not even his work but rather a cover of Taylor Swift’s “I Know What You Did Last Summer.” The lyrics refer to some questionable actions that happened in the past so people assumed it was about something else.

It took him several more songs before he revealed the true meaning of the song. He wrote it about himself when he was twenty-one years old and felt embarrassed and ashamed of his behavior.

He still doesn’t feel like everything is okay and he will probably never feel that way but at least he can look back now and say that he learned from his mistakes. He has become very conscious about how much alcohol and marijuana he consumes and makes sure to stay awake during drinking nights so he can remember what happens the next day.

Then came the Dopamine album

how did lil xan get famous

After his breakout in 2016 with “I’m The One,” Lil Wayne left us knowing one thing: he wanted to make more music. He was not content staying within his comfort zone of songs about chasing women and drinking alcohol. Music has always been a form of expression for him, so why stop now?

He needed a concept. A theme or story that would inspire new songs and stories. So he created an album titled Dopamine, which is an over-the-top look at how someone could get addicted to cocaine.

The song titles alone tell you what kind of tone this album sets. They are very dramatic and feature lots of strong metaphors and lyrics. This style of writing is very common in rap, but not many use it exclusively.

This article will talk more in-depth about some of the parallels between addiction and fame.

He released several mixtapes

how did lil xan get famous

Before he was famous, rapper/singer/songwriter Lil Wayne had made an impressive name for himself by dropping multiple hit songs and recording albums. A lot of his success came from creating catchy music and marketing it to fans.

He coined the term “try me” in the song Try Me (featuring T-Pain) which became a popular rap phrase. You can also listen to him try me out by listening to his own album The Dedication Of Focus II where he tries to convince listeners to buy his new album.

He is very vocal about how much he wants money so when he asks questions like this, your trust level rises quickly. He uses these questions frequently throughout most of the album!

His style isn’t too flashy but he knows what works for him and makes sure he doesn’t waste any opportunities. He is known for using metaphors and examples to make his points clearly.

He toured

how did lil xan get famous

As we all know, in our society of social media stars, most people get famous for doing something crazy or outrageous. People recognize them because they are constantly sharing their lives with us, and some of those stories are just too funny or eye-opening to keep to yourself!

Xan was not your typical artist before his rise to fame. He did not put himself out there as often as he does now, which is one of the reasons why his fan base has grown so much. The other reason is that he is totally open about who he is and what he goes through in his life.

He never hides anything and always comes across as very honest and real. This is how he became known for being dramatic and unpredictable. His behavior can change quickly, but his fans have learned to expect it.

His story is interesting and inspiring. It could help you deal with difficult situations in your own life or teach you someone else’s success technique.

His songs became popular

how did lil xan get famous

In early 2018, his song “Xanny” was released as part of a mixtape titled The Dedication. It quickly garnered enough attention that it got picked up by Sony Music to be officially re-released with the help of its music label!

His new album IWelcomeYou has also received significant praise due to its catchy and relatable lyrics. Many people have discussed how his unique style and influence are very recognizable.

He initially gained recognition for being an artist who experimented with different styles and genres, but now he is considered one of the top artists in pop music.

What many don’t know about him is that he struggled with mental health issues his entire life. This affected his relationships, career, and overall happiness, which are all important parts of his music.

Music can be a tool to help you heal from past hurt and experiences, so why not use his music to do that? Or maybe it will even inspire someone else to learn more about their own emotional state and what things make them feel good or bad.

His music may help others find acceptance and love for themselves. He is an excellent role model because he comes off as honest and straightforward, just like most people want to be.

His success influenced other artists

how did lil xan get famous

In early 2018, his music caught the eye of many people. He dropped several songs with catchy melodies that quickly gathered traction on social media. Many noted how his lyrics shifted focus to mental health issues like depression and anxiety, which is important given what people experience in this world today.

His style also drew comparisons to earlier rappers/singers such as The Notorious B.I.G., who he was inspired. Both have been described as having rich, layered vocals and darkly humorous lyrics.

He even made an appearance at one of B.I.

He tried rehab

how did lil xan get famous

After his first album failed to take off, he made changes. Most notably, he entered into a 30-day inpatient drug treatment program at an outpatient facility in Phoenix, Arizona.

He was also forced to cut ties with many of his close friends as they too struggled with addiction.

After leaving the facility, he began focusing more on music and found success. His new song, “I’m The One (You Were Looking For)” became popular after it was featured on several TV shows. This helped him gain some recognition once again.

His second studio album is already being talked about for its potential breakout hit songs and collaborations. People are praising his lyrics and vocals while discussing how much he has improved since his early days.

Xan will always be known for trying hard to find his place in this world, but now that he has, he knows what kind of artist he wants to be.

He got into a fight

In June of 2018, just over one year ago, Lil Xan left his home in Lakewood, Colorado to go party with some friends in Vegas. While there he got into an argument that escalated into him punching another person and then jumping off a rooftop onto a vehicle below.

He was arrested for assault and trespassing but was later released due to a lack of evidence. The police report stated that he seemed intoxicated and could potentially be a danger to himself or others if allowed to continue drinking.

Xan returned to California the next day and continued filming his music videos while under heavy scrutiny from the media and fans. His career as a rapper took off quickly after that!

His newfound fame didn’t last long though. Less than a month later, he checked into a rehab facility to address substance abuse issues. Since then, he has struggled to maintain sobriety and keep his life together.

Since his drug use became more public, he has faced a lot of criticism. Many believe that his excessive use of drugs and alcohol helped get him where he is today – very famous, rich, and having lots of fun. But now that he needs help, people are quick to criticize and make jokes about him.

Some even say that his illness is a way for him to stay relevant.