How Did Lil B Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive in, you should know that this article will be going into great detail. This means there will be some reading commitments for yourself as you follow along! But don’t worry, everything you need to know can be found easily through your own research or by talking to people who are familiar with his career.

By now, most of you have heard of rapper The Doxxling (also known as Tyler McVicker), more popularly known as LIL TX -The Artist- He is well known for using lyrics filled with metaphors and references about self love and body positivity.

His music has many followers across all genres, making him one of the top hip hop artists in the industry.

But how did he get here? Why are so many people listening to his songs? What makes his style special and different from other rappers?

In this article, I will go into depth and discuss the things that made Lil B famous and continue to help spread his message today.

Released a mixtape

how did lil b get famous

In early 2017, rapper Lil Wayne launched his career back in the spotlight with an album called The Dummy Boy Diary. This is not your average new artist self-produced album! He hired several writers to help shape this project and even recruited some famous friends such as Traviella King (daughter of Rev Run) for features.

However, it was his first single off the album that got him into the news again. “Bitch I’m On A Budget” has lyrics about how he doesn’t have much money but he will still treat you like a queen. Some say these lyrics are directed at Cardi B because she often brags about her expensive lifestyle and demands respect just by being herself.

His feuds with Drake aside, Weezy clearly loves rap music and wanted to make more of it so this was definitely a step in the right direction.

Was featured in a movie

how did lil b get famous

In 2017, you may have heard of an artist who goes by The Wolf. He is known for his unique style that mixes cartoon-like features with very real imagery and themes. Some of his designs include cars designed to look like they’re from another era, landscapes inspired by nature, and even supernatural creatures or stories.

His most famous work includes designing logos and characters for several large companies including Google, Nickelodeon, and Paramount Pictures.

Wolf has also starred in his own short film which he wrote, directed, and produced himself! You can find it here on YouTube along with some other videos about him.

He got his start as a rapper, however, so he didn’t need much help finding exposure. His music quickly gathered a loyal fan base due to his witty lyrics and references to popular culture. Many consider him to be one of the biggest influencers in hip hop today.

How did he do it? By creating content people wanted to see and sharing it frequently on all available platforms. This strategy works because people love seeing new material from anyone, and his followers helped spread his name far and wide.

Another reason why he was successful is because he gave away lots of free merchandise via his social media accounts. People loved what he had to offer and were willing to support his artistic expression by buying shirts, hats, and stickers featuring his logo or brand name.

Released a book

how did lil b get famous

In May of 2018, Lil B released his first full-length title, The Death Of Me As A Lovelife. He titled it as such because this is his last chance at survival due to his health issues.

The book is mostly made up of poetry with some stories mixed in. It’s also very personal — he talks about everything from relationships to death to politics.

But one thing people will find hard to swallow are his claims that rappers like Drake and Future have stolen their style and lyrics.

He says they ripped off his rhyme scheme and flow and even took credit for writing certain lines!

It’s definitely not the way most people would describe elite artists, but his fans seem to appreciate his take. His album has been streamed more than 3 million times on Spotify alone.

Had a TV show

how did lil b get famous

Before he was known as The Based God, there were talks of him not making it in this industry. People doubted his ability to keep up with all of the media that he now has.

He didn’t have a television show back then. He had a couple YouTube channels but nothing majorly popular. All that changed in May 2016 when his new series premiered on the streaming service Netflix. It was called The School Of Money And You Can Too Here Now!

The show follows rapper/artist Lil B as he teaches people about money through lessons and stories set in different time periods. His style is very entertaining to watch as you get to see how he applies concepts to real life situations.

His teaching method seems simple at first, but he always makes sure his students understand everything fully before moving onto the next lesson. This gives his audience more opportunities to relate to what he is saying.

Since the show started airing over two years ago, it has gathered a large fan base. Many people enjoy watching episodes while sharing tips and lessons they learned from them.

He continues to update and add content to the show to make it more interactive for viewers.

By adding questions or changing settings, like which era the class is in, fans can experiment with the show to find out more about the topic being discussed.

Became a meme

how did lil b get famous

Before he was famous, rapper The Doxxing of Lil’ Bobby was just another person in the music industry trying to make it big. He released his first mixtape at the age of 19 and has been working hard since then!

He started filming videos and hosting YouTube livestreams where he would talk about different topics such as life lessons, politics, and media influence. Many people found these lectures interesting and wanted to see more so he made his debut album “The Real Lil'Bobby Talk About Life” exclusively for Spotify.

His songs quickly began to gain traction on social media and he eventually signed with Epic Records as an artist. Since then, his success has gone up exponentially!

These days, he is constantly touring around America and other countries promoting his new music and himself as an artist. His social media followers have also seen a rise due to his engaging posts that touch on everything from beauty tips to political ideologies.

Was sued by his management

how did lil b get famous

In May of 2018, just over one year ago, rapper The Dolan Brothers filed a lawsuit against Lil Baby and his team claiming that they had no legal right to use their likeness in several of his songs.

The two brothers made an appearance as characters “Young Los” on the TV show Loiter Squad which is about aspiring rappers trying to make it into music. They also appear in videos for Lil Baby songs like "Broke Ass Birdies" and "I'm On A Boat."

Their lawyer said at the time that Lil Baby was using their identities without permission and illegally obtained profits from their work. He asked for compensation and a court order preventing him from exploiting their image or song lyrics any further.

It seems he didn't take too kindly to being called out either because less than a week after their suit was filed, Lil Baby released another track with some references to The Dolan Brothers.

Went to jail

how did lil b get famous

In May of 2017, just months before his first birthday, Lil Baby was born in Compton, California. He would grow up with very little money or resources as he approached toddlerhood. His parents struggled to make ends meet while trying to put their son through school and develop his career.

He didn’t have much growing up, but what he did have he spent heavily on. He had toys that were expensively designed and manufactured by professional artists. He also had clothes and shoes that cost a pretty penny. All of these things helped him establish an image and brand for himself.

His style and fashion set him apart from other young rappers and influenced how people perceived his music and artistry. Artists like Nas mentioned him in songs and albums as an inspiration, which only solidified his status.

But none of it would be possible without going through some major hurdles in his life. It is hard to achieve your dreams when you don’t have enough money to live on.

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Became a billionaire

The way that he got his start in the music industry is by creating and curating his own content. He launched an app called Tha Block Is Out! which features him rapping, singing, and breaking down different business concepts for you to learn from.

This app has over 2 million downloads now, and he’s received constant praise for it. His followers love his educational videos and helpful tips so much that they started organizing meet-ups with him and donating money to his charity organization, Team Liquid.

He also hosts YouTube livestream events where he talks about various things such as self-development, entrepreneurship, and investing. He calls these events “Thinking Time With Lil B” because they focus more on educating his viewers than entertaining them.

His influence continues to grow – he was just featured on CNBC talking about how to save money via cryptocurrency. He always keeps himself updated on what’s happening in the media, technology, and entertainment industries, making sure his career is staying ahead of the curve.