How Did Liane V Become Famous

By Tiara

One of the most famous faces in YouTube is that of LianE, or as she goes by her online handle, lIANEV. She has over 1 million followers on both her personal channel and business account!

Her popularity took off when she uploaded her first video titled “The Best Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence”. Since then, she has consistently put out quality content every week.

She covers everything from self-confidence issues to beauty tips to diet suggestions — you name it, she covers it! Her style is always fun, catchy, and educational.

But how did this popular YouTuber get here? What made people start listening to what she has to say? In this article, we will be diving into her rise to fame and some of the secrets to her success.

She started a YouTube channel

how did liane v became famous

After filming her first video, in which she painted herself in an aesthetically pleasing way, Liane Kolkman Bower launched her YouTuber career with the name LP to The Beat!

Her first video was titled ‘Dye Your Hair’ and it became one of her most watched videos, passing the 1 million views mark within two months. Since then, her popularity has been rising steadily.

As of early July 2019, her channel had over 2.9 million subscribers and her latest upload passed one million likes just under three weeks ago. Her channel features beauty and fashion tips and reviews as well as fun experiments that she performs for them.

She also holds weekly giveaways via her followers on social media where they can win products from top brands such as Tarte or Amazon.

She released a book

how did liane v became famous

In May of 2018, Liane Vittat published her first book under her pen name, Liane v. It is titled The Power Of Being Quiet. As the title suggests, this how-to workbook teaches its readers to embrace silence as an effective tool in their lives.

Virtually every major success in life was built upon the silence of others. A lot of people are too talkative, so they struggle to be heard and recognized. At times, these overcommunicators even feel that they must always be talking because they believe they have nothing to say that other people don’t already know.

This constant need to speak up can become very tiring and frustrating for those around you. These conversations may also hurt your feelings or make you feel bad about yourself. You may even start to feel self-conscious when you want to share your ideas or thoughts.

Many individuals never learn how to effectively use silence as a means of communication, and this can limit their potential for success. According to research, however, there are several good reasons why practicing silence could improve your health, wealth, and personal relationships.

There are some theories like this one out there, but most studies agree that silence has special benefits.

She appeared on TV shows

how did liane v became famous

After filming her first episode of The Block, host Natalie Neysen got to talking with Lian about how she grew up and what her career goals are. As it happened, Neysen had just started her own business so they brainstormed ways that other people could do the same!

Neysen asked if Lian wanted to start your own interior design company or be more niche in nature (which is becoming increasingly popular) – designing furniture or painting rooms a specific color palette.

Lian said that she would like to go into both fields but focusing on one area at first seems best. Therefore, Neysen helped Lian create hers — she calls them “lifestyle brands” because they're not necessarily for very wealthy clients, but instead designed products that help make you feel good about yourself and your home.

Something as simple as finding new colors for the bedroom can make a big difference in how you feel when you look in the mirror, for example. Or picking out new towels or sheets for your bed and bath-room.

She went on tour

how did liane v became famous

After quitting her job as a lawyer to pursue acting full time, Liane Vásar took some time off before she started trying to get into acting roles. But it was not easy!

It is very hard being picked over other people’s shoulders for your talents in a field that is still relatively new. So, V entered the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Academy where she spent eight months training with experienced professionals.

After completing the program, she made her screen debut playing herself on an episode of TV show The Office. Since then, she has starred or co-starred in several hit films including Captain America: Winter Soldier, Gone Girl, All You Can Gift and More.

She also hosted two seasons of MTV series The Listening Tour.

She became a meme

how did liane v became famous

People made funny, interesting, or insightful comments about her pictures and/or videos and then other people took those bits and built upon them. This is how memes are created!

A quick reminder: A meme is anything that spreads like wildfire through the internet. It can be an image, video, joke, or topic. People add in their own special touches and then share it with others.

The liane v meme was first noticed when its creator uploaded a set of photos to Instagram showing you, as the viewer, looking into a mirror and then seeing what appeared to be a fully-functioning computer next to you.

But this computer had no screen, just white space where one would normally go. The caption read: “I’m gonna get me a big ol’ cup o’ joe and I ain’t drinking outta this plastic crap!”

From there, all sorts of jokes were made and theories spun as to what the device could possibly be. Some thought it was a voice activated speaker while others imagined it as some sort of smart home gadget.

No matter what they said though, the only thing everyone agreed on was that the device wasn't very practical.

She sold out stadiums

how did liane v became famous

Singer, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur, fashion designer, influencer — what’s not to love about Taylor Dayne? The singer known for her distinctive voice has sold us all out with her infectious melodies and self-branding as an artist.

Dayne made her singing debut in 1995 when she was just 18 years old. Since then, she has amassed over 40 million YouTube views and 10 Grammy nominations!

Her songs have been featured in TV shows such as Grey's Anatomy, Glee, Nashville, and most recently The Goldbergs. Her hit singles include “I Was Here (As In I Am)”, which is also the theme song of MTV’s Teen Wolf, and “Breathe”, both of which reach number one on the Billboard charts.

She made a movie

how did liane v became famous

Many people know her as the famous YouTube star, Liane V., but she actually has another career under her belt! In 2017, she released an online film called You’re More Than Your Body Weight in One Hour.

It was filmed during that time when she lost all of her weight and it became very popular. It even got featured on The New York Times website and TV show Webseries High Def Re-Glam.

Since then, it has gathered lots of views across all media platforms.

She is still famous

how did liane v became famous

People all over the world recognize her as The Girl from IKEA. Many have even made her their style icon! It’s no wonder why she has such a loyal fan base.

In April of 2012, just three months after her first appearance in the show, Liane posted an image to Instagram with the caption “I want to be known for being me.”

Since then, she has consistently shared her authentic self with the world through social media and online videos, including some YouTube channels that are dedicated solely to showcasing her playful personality.

Her popularity also doesn’t seem to be waning – it was reported earlier this year that she earned more than $1 million in the past twelve months alone!

She definitely paid her dues though, as she often mentions how hard it can be as a freelance influencer. At times, she says, people don’t understand what she is trying to do or why she is working so hard to promote brands.

But if you ask her, she will tell you that she loves helping other companies grow and knows that things would not be where they are today without the influence she brings to bear.