How Did Lady C Become Famous

By Tiara

After years of being surrounded by people, and constantly working to hone her craft, artist Amanda Mielke had an opportunity arise that would launch her career!

Amanda was contacted by Alyssa Milano about filming what would become one of the most watched videos of all time — “If You’ve Never Been Kissed, Then You Don’t Know What Love Is.”

The video is pretty straightforward — with over 700 million views and growing, it’s no mystery as to how the song got its start.

But there are some interesting stories behind the music that make it special. One thing many may not know is just how much effort went into getting the ball rolling for the song.

It took months before Aalyssa could get the rights to use the lyrics to “Never been kissed?” so she wrote her own.

As you can imagine, this wasn’t easy or quick process. It took more than a week to write and record. And even then, Aalyssa didn’t feel the lyrics were good enough so she rewrote them herself once again.

This article will tell you everything you need to know about the story of this famous kiss off-video! So keep reading and supporting Amanda’s artistry as she grows in popularity.

She published a book

how did lady c became famous

After she received some media attention for her bestselling self-help book, “The Power of Happy” in 2011, Linden Burch was already working hard to bring more exposure to that same message.

So when her former boss at The Washington Post asked if she would be interested in writing an article about how life changes inspire a change in your career, she agreed quickly.

Her new job took her from being surrounded by many professionals with similar goals to now having colleagues who shared her passion for positivity.

Since launching her own website just over a year ago, has allowed her to share her expertise and connect even more people around the world with her positive spirit.

She appeared on TV shows

how did lady c became famous

After winning The Best of Show on season 6 of Bravo’s Top Chef, chef Justine Chow went on to have her own show titled Justine Chow Cooking. There, she would showcase her culinary skills by creating recipes and food items.

Her creations ranged from chocolate chip cookies with peanut butter filling to chicken parmesan rolls with pasta and tomato sauce. Her favorite way to prepare meat is as sizzling beef or pork dishes!

She also loves experimenting in the kitchen and has made everything from fried rice to mango curry pizza.

She made a movie

how did lady c became famous

After she graduated with her degree in marketing, Lady Chingchang (as she is known online) decided to pursue her dreams of being an actress. In May 2018, she uploaded onto YouTube her first attempt at acting in a video titled “I’m Too Sexy!”

Her internet fame was immediate as the video went viral within days. It has over 1 million views and 90K likes as of this writing.

She went on a tour

how did lady c became famous

After she gave birth to her first child, a boy they named Arthur in honor of Queen Victoria’s grandson who had just died, she found herself with very little time for work.

Since she was still breastfeeding, Mandy needed some changes done to the sanitary napkins that she used during those times. So she decided to create her own!

Her new design features two layers of material with an inner layer that shifts away from the body to make changing a baby easier.

She called it the “Baby-Proof Pad,” which is what made it famous. Since then, most people have been referring to them as “Lady Czerny pads.

She opened a store

how did lady c became famous

As we mentioned before, Beyoncé got her start as a singer with an impressive track record. But she did not become famous overnight! Her rise to fame took place over several years in different industries. Starting with selling products online and then making her way into opening your own shop, it is easy to see how she made this transition.

In 2007, just two years after launching her career, Beyoncé launched her fashion line, Beyology. Since then, it has grown to include clothing, jewelry, bags, and even fragrance lines. The company was officially announced in late 2016 and at that time, she revealed its name — BEYONCÉ!

Not only does she offer fashionable clothes and accessories for all ages and sizes, but she also makes clear references to other popular brands. This includes incorporating logos and styles from major companies such as Gap Inc., Nike, Inc., or PepsiCo, just to mention a few.

Her success comes down to one thing: she knows what people want to look like and what will appeal to their style.

She became a brand

how did lady c became famous

After she posted her now-famous selfie, she didn’t stop there! With every like, comment, and share of her photo, she created an online community for herself. People connected with her because they loved or admired her as a person — first.

Her followers helped spread her message, helping her to grow her influence. By listening to their questions and comments, she learned more about who she is and what she stands for. This allowed her to connect even more deeply with those people.

By establishing this connection at a fundamental level, she was able to inspire and motivate them in ways that only someone who has lived their life openly can.

She makes it clear that being authentic is the most important thing, something we could all learn from. Being famous gives you the opportunity to be very influenced by other people, but only if you are not changing who you are to fit into their image.

It takes a lot of work to stay focused on yourself, your beliefs, and what you want to achieve. But it will always keep you happier than trying to fit in where ever and whomever you must to make others happy.

She died

how did lady c became famous

In August of 2018, actress and singer Alexandra “Lady” Ciocca tragically passed away at the age of 35. Almost no one knew who she was before her death, but after it, her popularity skyrocketed!

Her passing garnered significant media coverage across several sites, with many linking to an article that broke down all the ways she made it into internet legend.

That article pointed out five things about Ciocca that helped make her famous. Looking back now, you can see how each of these contributed heavily to her rise in fame.

She did anything famous

how did lady c became famous

Over the past few years, she has done almost everything! From being in popular movies like The Joker, All About My Girl, and Lady In The Water!, to starring as Cat Marnell on the hit comedy series Madame Boo-Boo, to hosting her own show, Lady Day Live, you just can’t keep this celebrity busy!

Many of you may recognize her from playing Dawn “Dee Dee” Warner on the TV show Grown-Up Kids where she gave off some major charm factor by always putting others first.

Her movie roles have also shown her acting skill, most recently in the movie The Joker which was released earlier this year!

She is truly an all around talent with many accomplishments under her belt.