How Did Kylie Jenner Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how Kylie got famous! She is not your average celebrity. While she has her own line of cosmetics and some very popular lip products, she does not focus heavily on that side career.

She started with YouTube videos where she would do makeup tutorials or chat about beauty products. Her followers then began to create Makeup and Beauty Blogs using her style as an inspiration!

Her popularity really took off when she posted a picture of herself in a crop top and dark wash jeans along with the caption “ASAP.” This was picked up by several media outlets who coined the phrase “I DO MY OWN THING.”

Since then, she has transformed her image many times over for the sake of publicity. At first she had long hair with no make-up, now she almost never goes without making at least some part of her look show off her features.

But why should you be inspired by Kylie? Why should you try doing your own thing and being yourself? Let us discuss!

Why Being Yourself Is Great

Being yourself is the best way to go through life. You will find just like Kylie, people who think you are too much of what everyone else is saying and doing. These types of people may even suggest that you are copying them or that you are wrong because they are doing something different than what others say is correct.

Launched a makeup line

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie Jenner launched her own cosmetic brand. In April 2010, Kylie announced that she would be launching an additional business venture at New York Fashion Week. She unveiled her Makeup Line which consisted of two products — Liquid Matte Lipstick and Bronzer/Blush in Mousse.

The lipsticks were labelled as being “mould-proof” and “wearable” due to their dry quality. Since then, Kylie has expanded the collection with several other shades of liquid matte lipstick and bronzer mousses.

She also released some limited edition sets such as The Dream Team which included six different makeup products (four each of bronzer and blush). These are now sold online and at many retail stores.

Started selling makeup online

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie started her career as an entrepreneur by creating her own cosmetic line and marketing it to people all over the world!

Kylie first began experimenting with beauty products while in high school, when she would buy small samples of everything from her collection to see how they worked for her skin type. She would then add some features or take away things that didn’t work for her and mix up the brands to find ones she liked more.

From there, she would invest in larger sample sizes to test out prototypes before investing in retail quantities. It is very common to find pictures of Kylie using various shades and types of concealers, foundations, blush, bronzer, and nail polish products to show off their quality and effect.

She loves taking chances and trying new things so naturally she made his own product line!

Her first product was lip color called Lipstick Varnish which she sold through Amazon. Since then, she has expanded into other products such as eye shadow, face masks, and gummy snacks. All of these are marketed under her company name, Kylie Cosmetic Labs.

Established her brand

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie started her career as an influencer by sharing pictures of herself on social media sites such as Snapchat and Instagram. She would typically edit her photos using editing software and then upload them to both of those websites.

By posting these slightly manipulated pictures, people could see that she had fun doing things and were thus drawn in to watch her adventures.

Her followers soon noticed how popular she was and so she began receiving more and bigger jobs! It is very common for ‘influencers’ to gain financial success because they have built up a community of loyal fans.

These fans spend money online shopping or buying products related to what the influencer posts about, helping to boost their income.

It is important to note that just being rich or well-known isn’t enough to earn you an Influencer Paycheck. You will need to prove that you are trustworthy and that your messages can be trusted. Most people who make a living off of promoting products do not advertise products that they know are harmful or useless.

Launched a perfume line

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie made her name as a super-popular fashionista and influencer. Starting with an easy way to gain attention — by posting pictures of herself online in trendy looks and outfits — she gradually built up a following of admirers who enjoy her creative style and ability to update her look.

As her popularity grew, so did her desire for more glamorous ways to be seen. In 2017, she launched her own fragrance, KYLIE! It’s already a best seller, and has helped make her one of the most well-known beauty gurus around.

You may have heard of some of its top notes like strawberry and watermelon, but there are actually eight different ones that make up the basis of the scent. None of them contain alcohol or sugar, which is why it didn’t get categorized under any specific genre.

It just kind of swings from one thing to another without anyone being able to exactly place it.

Opened a boutique

how did kylie jenner get famous

After leaving her position as an online marketing manager, Kylie started to put together her own collection of clothing and jewelry. In April 2010, she opened up her first brick-and-mortar store in Venice Beach, California.

The shop was fully stocked with merchandise that Kylie designed or found for herself. The products were mostly fashion related — no toys here!

Since then, she has expanded the business many times over. Today, she boasts five different stores across two countries along with several other ventures, including a lip kit company and skincare line.

She is also the founder of Life’s Work, which offers employment opportunities to underprivileged teens through education and career services. Many people refer to her as the “royal ambassador” of self-love and beauty.

Started a family

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie started her career as a model at the age of 15. She is most known for modeling bridal looks and matching sets with her sister Kendall.

While growing up in Chicago, Kylie became close friends with another young girl who would go on to become very wealthy. This friend’s father owned a tanning salon, and she took advantage of his business by selling self-tanner samples in the store. Her parents allowed her to use the spa services free of charge so that she wouldn’t feel left out!

After getting some good reviews, Kylie’s friend opened up the shop as a franchise and gave Kylie a small stake in it. Since then, Kylie has made herself through the money from this investment while still keeping the company thriving.

She eventually bought out her friend’s share, making her own path towards success. As she got more popular, other companies wanted to hire her as an ambassador for their product, which she agreed to do because she makes a decent amount of money just being yourself.

Herself? I guess you could say that now.

Became a billionaire

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie was an internet celebrity.

She started her career as a social media superstar with over 10 million followers on Instagram before she even had her first job!

Before she made it big in fashion, Kylie’s main source of income was from selling products online through her own website.

In fact, her site has since been rebranded as KYLOIE.COM and you can now make money online selling beauty products just like Kylie does!

By offering low price tags, free shipping, and flat-rate delivery, you get paid more for each product you sell (with no minimum purchase requirements).

And most people are underpaying when it comes to their favorite beauty brands – I know I used to spend way too much time looking into whether or not I should buy some product before buying it.

Sold her company

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie started her career as an entrepreneur. After dropping out of college, Kylie founded her own cosmetics line in 2007 under the name “The Body Shop.”

The product line quickly became popular and spawned several successful lines such as Lipstick & Glosses, Mascara, Makeup Brushes, and more. It also made Kylie one of the richest people in the world with a net worth of over $1 billion!

Kylie is best known for her lip products like lipstick and gloss. She has also designed some clothing items and shoes. But even though she now sells mostly cosmetic products, her initial success came from designing and selling beauty products.

She is an inspiration to other young entrepreneurs since she launched her business at a very early age (she turned 21 last month!) and already had many successes. You can learn a lot about being creative and starting your own business from watching how she did it.

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