How Did Kylie Jenner Get Famous On Social Media?

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how popular you are! There is a way to measure your fame using metrics such as YouTube views, Twitter followers, and Facebook likes. While most of these tools can seem complicated at first, they all have similar formulas that calculate how many people look at your content or interact with your account.

By tracking these numbers over time, we can determine when important events happen for you (like reaching one-million YouTube subscribers) and what influence you have on other people (by having more fans who do things like ‘liken’ your posts).

It’s also worth mentioning that not everyone has access to this kind of data. If you’re too young to use social media, someone else may need to take control in order to stay anonymous. This could be difficult if you're very well known, though!

In this article, we will discuss some of the ways Kylie Jenner got famous online. We'll go through her early career as a model, then her breakthrough appearance on The X Factor, and finally her current status as one of the world's highest profile celebrities.

Launched a makeup line

how did kylie jenner get famous

Since her early days as a famous person, Kylie has consistently put out quality products and designs. Her makeup collection is one of the main reasons she has remained popular for nearly half a decade now!

In August 2010, just over a year after she became well-known, Kylie launched The Kylie Cosmetics Line at Walmart. It quickly received good reviews and many people began buying it.

Started a clothing line

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie started her career as an entrepreneur by creating her own clothesline – a collection of t-shirts and sweatshirts.

In August 2010, just over a year after graduating high school, 19-year-old Kylie began selling her products on, then one of the most well-known online shopping sites for teens and young adults.

Since then, she’s designed, manufactured, and marketed more than 30 collections that include tees, sweatsuits, leggings, and even jewelry. Many are brands you know like Calvin Klein or Nike, but some are definitely not!

She has also launched two additional lines — one is a beauty product company called “Kylie Skin” and the other is a diet food service snack brand she calls “Twinkies and More.

Sold millions of dollars’ worth of cosmetics

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was known for her barely-there makeup looks, before she had over 1 billion Instagram followers, Kylie wasn’t exactly famous.

In fact, back in 2015 when she made her debut as an entrepreneur in the beauty industry, she didn’t even have her own website or YouTube channel. She mostly left that work to her team members and business partners.

But today, almost two years later, Kylie is one of the most well-known brands in the world. Her products are perennial best sellers at every major department store around the globe.

She has more than 5 million followers on Instagram alone, making her one of the top 10 most popular accounts in the platform. And with all those sales, she eclipses $100 million in revenue each year!

So how did she get here? What took off about her and what still makes people love her now are some of her greatest strengths. They also show there’s no wrong way to succeed – you can be yourself and focus on creating great products while also being successful.

Became a billionaire

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie was an average person with an incredible passion for fashion. While growing up in Southern California, Kylie spent most of her time studying or spending time with family members.

She eventually decided to pursue a career in fashion by attending Los Angeles Valley College as well as The Fashion Institute of Technology (TFAIT). After graduating from TFAIT, Kylie worked at some of the top brands such as Chanel and Givenchy before creating her own line.

Since launching her makeup company in 2010, Kylie has become one of the highest paid self-publishers in the industry. She is also known for being very social media savvy and interactive with her followers and fans.

Kylie’s success can be attributed to her hard work and dedication to her craft as well as using social media to spread her brand name. Since having her TV show in 2015, she has continued to gain popularity and recognition.

Overall, Kylie paved her way to fame through her talent in fashion as well as marketing and business skills. She still designs many products herself including some that are manufactured under her label.

Went to rehab

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, you probably know Kylie as “that girl with the big hair” or maybe even just “the kid with the weird hairstyles.” But before all of that, Kylie lived an extremely private life.

You may have heard stories about how she went into rehab back in January after her then-boyfriend Travis Johnson filed for divorce. While that is definitely a very interesting story, it isn’t necessarily what made her famous.

What made Kylie famous is her knack for throwing really lavish parties and exposing lots of people around her – including those who might not otherwise be exposed to such a person.

She also doesn’t hesitate to tell everyone what she’s doing and why, which some say makes her seem more popular than she actually is. However, her transparency has won her many loyal fans who admire her work ethic and passion for life.

This article will talk more in depth about one of Kylie’s early jobs and how she got where she is today.

Became a mother

how did kylie jenner get famous

Since her birth in 1996, people have been watching the lives of Kendall and Kris Jenner’s daughters, Sofia, 14, and Reign, 12. While most know their children for their beauty, there is one thing that sets them apart from other famous parents- they come from a very wealthy family!

The Kim Kardashian lineage goes beyond just having money; it also includes fame. Even though Kylie isn’t as well known as her older sister, she too has her own fan base due to her success in the fashion industry.

Jenner studied design at The University of Texas before moving out to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams. She started selling fake leather jackets online and soon was able to launch her own clothing line, KY by Kylie.

Since then, her collection has branched into skincare products and even makeup. Her best seller is probably her lip color, which comes in many shades. Many consider her blush to be legendary and some may even say it inspired the trend we refer to as Ombre.

She continues to amaze with every new project she launches, proving that hard work pays off. It seems like no matter what profession you are in or what level you reach, Kylie will always be one step ahead.

Launched a skincare line

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie did something that very few people have ever done before – she launched her own cosmetic brand!

In August 2016, Kylie announced the launch of her new skin care range, The Kylie Skin Collection. She also released some products from the collection at an event held in Los Angeles that same month.

Since then, the 22-year-old’s face cream has been best sellers across all channels, with over 2 million bottles sold as of January 2020. It is even featured in major beauty magazines such as Vogue and Glamour, giving it significant exposure.

But not only does Kylie get paid for being famous, she makes money off every product sale too! Her business model includes creating products that are easy to use and contain active ingredients that work effectively. This helps contribute to her success as she doesn’t need to waste money advertising expensively to gain attention.

Kylie’s popularity didn’t happen overnight, but she still managed to achieve fame through determined efforts. By establishing herself as a well-known figure in the beauty industry, she paved the way for other young entrepreneurs to do the same.

Sold millions of dollars’ worth of makeup

how did kylie jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kylie Jenner sold lots of Makeup! She would source new products and improve upon older ones by adding more features or creating new brands that are now popular.

Her first product line focused on blush-livening concealers and foundations. Since then, her company has expanded to include high intensity powders, eye shadows, lip colors, and gels. All these products are marketed as “kawaii” (Japanese for cute) cosmetics.

She is also very vocal about self-love and beauty practices that are inclusive to all genders, races, and body types. This includes not only cosmetic products but hairstyles and grooming habits as well.

Jenner consistently posts pictures of herself doing her make up and other aesthetically pleasing looks.