How Did Kris Jenner Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into how to be famous, or at least popular, in the media field, let’s talk about who gets famous. The term “famous” can mean many things to different people, but most agree that it takes three main factors to happen: exposure, engagement, and reactions.

If you are already engaging with others through sharing thoughts and ideas, then you have started part of your campaign for fame. Starting from here, you can choose to do so publicly or privately, but either way, you will need to continue interacting with other people to grow your reputation.

By exposing yourself to more people, you are creating opportunities to start conversations and gain attention. This is what helps you achieve your goal of being known!

Having enough exposure creates space for you to make an impact on others and get reactions. People will share their opinions of you after they come across you, which is why having lots of followers on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook is important.

Was a judge on The Bachelorette

how did kris jenner get famous

As we know, The Kardashian/Jenner Empire is now one of the largest in America, with each member having their own show or film that they are famous for. Starting off as season 1 “The Bachelorettes” contestants, Kris has since starred in her very own spinoff series, while also appearing in other television shows such as Keeping Up With the Kardashians and Marriage And Kids For People Who Hate To Work.

In fact, she was so successful that she made it into TV Magazine Shows! She appeared twice on Mornings On The Dose where she discussed all things Khloé-related!

It is no surprise then that people recognize her name even if they have never seen her work before. Not only does she appear frequently on screen, but she also publishes how to do x number of things related to the media industry.

Her expertise in this field makes her an invaluable asset to others who want to make their dreams come true by working in this field. If you are ever struggling to figure out what to do next, look no further than YouTube or Netflix to see what products and services she endorses.

Became a star of the show The Housewives

how did kris jenner get famous

Before she was famous, you probably know who Kris Jenner is now. She’s the mom to Kendall and Kylie Kardashian-Jenner and Caitlyn Jenner (formerly known as Bruce). You may also recognize her from another popular TV show, The Housewives!

On that show, she is often referred to as “the mother in law.” But before she had any family, she lived what many people refer to as the good life.

She owned a house with an infinity pool in Beverly Hills and spent lots of money buying and giving expensive gifts to other people.

However, it seems like those things are never really enough for her. She always wants more. This way of living was very publicized during seasons one through five of The Housewives.

Since then, however, her lifestyle has taken a nosedive due to debt and lack of income. It's hard to tell whether this is because she is just not able to stop spending or if she is struggling to find work as a television personality.

It all goes hand in hand though - she needs to make money to keep spending so she can't afford to separate these two issues.

Became a business partner of Kanye West

how did kris jenner get famous

Before she was famous, before she became one of the most powerful people in entertainment, Kardashian made her name as a fashionista and entrepreneur. She is well-known for being very candid about everything, including her career!

In fact, many believe that it’s not only her personal life that makes Kim such an interesting person to follow, but also her work ethic and success as a businesswoman.

Kim started doing makeup at a young age, which helped her develop her skills as a artist. Since then, she has designed her own lines of cosmetics and organized beauty events.

She is particularly known for creating products that are in or related to popular culture. For example, her bestseller The Best Overnight Hair Stylist Kit features shampoo, conditioner and night time hair spray that tout celebrity brand logos.

After launching her own line of skincare products, Kylie Cosmetic, she partnered with another top skin care company to produce their first product — Hydroxyapatite (HA) gel supplements. HA is a naturally occurring mineral found in bone and teeth.

It acts like glue to help bind with other substances, helping promote healthy growth of new cells and tissue. It can be directly applied onto all areas of your skin -face, body, feet-, and helps retain moisture.

Was a contestant on the show I Need a Girl Like You

As we know, The Kardashian-Jenner family is famous for their constant media presence and dramatic TV shows. But how did they get here? They’re not just randomly famous!

The answer to that question comes down to one person: Kris Jenner.

You may have heard of her before as the mother of Kylie, Kendall, and Kaia, or even her marriage to Bruce Jenner. She has since stepped into other areas of the entertainment industry including acting and hosting.

Now she hosts the popular talk show Keeping Up With The Kardashians which chronicles the lives of the younger generation of Khashs.

She is also very well known for being the founder of the company World Of Makeup, which now boasts over $1 billion in sales.

So what made this entrepreneur turn television personality? That’s hard to say, but many agree it was because of her son Brandon. He appeared on I Want A Boyfriend as part of his talent quest and he needed help finding clothes so she agreed to do the same for him.

From there, everything took off and she never looked back.

Became a mom

how did kris jenner get famous

Before she was famous, you probably know Kim Kardashian as that beautiful woman with big hair who sang songs about being rich and wanting a lot of kitty cats. You may also recognize her from her TV show where she is very candid about all sorts of things, or her documentary series.

But before all of those things happened, she was just another working class person living in the middle-class area of Calabasgound, California. She grew up watching The Kardashians and thinking they were cool.

She never imagined herself to be famous, but she always wanted to be a parent one day. When her sister Kourtney got married, she realized there’s no time like the present!

So, she decided to try her hand at it by becoming a surrogate mother for an anonymous couple.

Opened her own boutique

how did kris jenner get famous

Before she was famous, Kardashian had another career that made her rich! She ran her own line of clothing under the name Klassen. In fact, she launched it right after she got married to Robert in 2000. After deciding not to keep the brand as a collection, she opened up a store exclusively selling her clothes.

Klassen is an Israeli word for “class” or “style.” The company also has stores called Khaadi Collection and Kylie (after Kim's daughter). Since then, she has continued to design fashionable clothing and have them manufactured by other companies.

She now has her own team of designers who create new fashions that she incorporates into the line. Many people know her for her beautiful dresses with elaborate silhouettes and glamorous trims, but she does not limit herself to one style.

Launched her own jewelry line

how did kris jenner get famous

After years of being surrounded by beautiful fashion, it seemed like the next logical step for Caitlyn Jenner to launch her own collection. In 2005 she did just that with The KJ Collection! Her first offering was a pair of earrings which she called “Twins” due to their resemblance.

Since then, she has designed many different styles and types of jewelry including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. Many people have received her designs from there or through referral as she is known for supporting other designers and artists.

Her products are mostly marketed towards young girls but she does offer some pieces such as earrings and necklaces in more adult-themed materials. She also offers several charity donations for each item she sells!

She continues to design new things frequently while keeping up with the already successful ones.

Started a makeup line

how did kris jenner get famous

Before she was famous, you probably know Kim Kardashian as that crazy housewife with hair trends like “butt-hurt” buns and poofy fake tans. You may also recognize her from when she would cry about how much money she had to spend on new clothes or her constant appearances on The Price is Right.

But before all of those things happened, she worked in the beauty industry. In fact, back in 2002, she launched her own beauty brand!

Kris has always loved making products so she started doing it herself by sourcing and mixing natural oils and butters to create new ones. Her first product was actually lip balms, which are now popular again!

She then took these products and designed them to be more fashionable. For example, one of her most successful products is the Sleek Apelelm Nourishing Facial Mask in Natural Clay. This comes in either your choice of brown or black and is marketed for its ability to improve skin tone and texture. It is not expensive either – around $18 per tube.

Her business strategy seems to work as she has expanded into other cosmetic lines such as Glitter Gel (for nail wraps) and Mascara in Fun Packs (the latter two being our favorite!), both of which contain enough product for at least one use.