How Did Kim Kardashian Get Famous?

By Tiara

This is not your average story about how to get famous online. Luckily, there are few rules when it comes to becoming well-known for something you do online.

Something we can learn from Kim K is that being in the media is a game. You need to treat it like one – or even better, use it as one.

Her career took off after she made her debut on the TV show Keeping Up with The Kardashians. Since then, she has launched several other successful brands including YouTube channels, beauty products, clothing lines, and more.

She’s always been aware of what will make her popular so she keeps up with the trends by posting pictures and videos of herself doing things. These activities are mixed together with some fun stories and she ends up having an entertaining video that people enjoy.

That’s why she has over 100 million followers on all sorts of social media platforms!

If you want to become famous for your personal style or business, learning from others who have done it before is key. In this article, I'll go into detail on three ways to take control of your online presence and market yourself.

Started doing commercial videos

how did kim kardashian get famous

After she got her start as a social media star, Kardashian has gone on to have success in many different fields. She began filming YouTube tutorials for makeup and beauty tips several years ago. These now run in the tens of millions of views and she has collaborated with top brands such as MAC and Stila!

Her most famous video is probably “Blinged Out” where she shows how to dress up like Aaliyah for an upcoming night out. Since then, she has continued to do more fashion videos and other fun content.

She also does large-scale photoshoots and sponsored vlogs which are usually related to a product or event that she is promoting.

Kardashian has always made money off of her fame so it makes sense that she would continue to make a living beyond just blogging and posting on social media.

Became a celebrity

how did kim kardashian get famous

As we know, The Kardashians are a family-television show that has gone beyond its initial concept of just having famous parents to also featuring extended families and even cousins. While some people may not watch the show for the stories or the lessons it teaches, most agree that the main reason to watch is because of the beautiful people involved.

Kim is one of the biggest reasons why people enjoy watching The Kardashians. She always looks incredible and she consistently broadcasts her beauty tips and fashion secrets to all. Her natural beauty is what made her successful in the beginning, but now she amplifies her look with frequent makeup applications and photogenic bods.

Her knack for capturing attention gets her many followers who admire her work and appearance. On top of this, she constantly updates her social media accounts to keep fans engaged.

She often shares pictures and videos of herself and her family, as well as interviews and events she’s attending or hosting. Many consider her to be influential, as she cultivates an audience that watches her show and follows her on various platforms.

Overall, Kim is known for being very publicity hungry.

Married Kanye West

how did kim kardashian get famous

After five years of dating, celebrity couple Kim and Kanye broke up in May 2018. But it was definitely not due to a lack of passion or intimacy!

In fact, many people claim that their breakup was caused by just the opposite — too much intimacy. It is very public knowledge that Kim has always had an over-exposure of her personal life. She even made headlines for posting a nude self-shot on Instagram.

So when she decided to marry Kanye at his family’s home outside Chicago, it seemed like the perfect solution to keep their private lives separate. Some even say they were afraid that this wedding would get out and ruin their image.

However, some sources allege that the divorce was more about money than anything else. According to reports, Kim wanted $100 million and half of all his belongings.

She also allegedly cheated on him with several men while he was hospitalized after having a mental breakdown. Many believe these affairs are what really hurt him and ended their marriage.

Had her baby

how did kim kardashian get famous

After years of being surrounded by cameras, there was one thing that propelled the famous K-Mart fam member to even more fame than before – she had a kid! On May 16th 2016, just over three months after giving birth to North, The Kardashians’ youngest child, fans were gifted with the news that Kimberly Kris Jenner gave birth to a little girl they can call Reign.

Not only did the new mom reveal the name and gender of her daughter, but she also shared all of the details about her newborn infant including how she found out she was pregnant. She also opened up about what it has been like balancing work and motherhood so far and what she expects to be as a parent.

While many may think having a child is the best way to bring yourself success in life, nothing could be further from the truth. Following your dreams will always put you first which may not sit well with some people. It takes great self-confidence to balance work and family so if this doesn't seem easy for you now, don't expect it to get easier as time goes on.

It's important to remember that things won't change unless you make them happen - and sometimes this means failing. But don't fail because you didn't try hard enough or believe in yourself, because there'll never be a reason to believe in yourself until you do.

Became a billionaire

how did kim kardashian get famous

In 2018, just how famous you are depends on what kind of media exposure you get. If you’re known for your appearance, then you’ll have to deal with people taking pictures or filming you constantly.

If you’re well-known for your business acumen, then people will invest in products or services from you as an influencer.

And if you’re known for being rich, then there will be constant talk about how much money you have.

But beyond all that, most of us rely on others sharing information about who we are through social media. This is how most people become aware of our personal lives, so it’s really important to stay private.

With over 30 million followers on Instagram alone, Kardashian is very public by nature. But she makes sure not to let her personal life go too far beyond those close to her. She also uses privacy settings to keep things restricted.

Became a business partner

how did kim kardashian get famous

After filming her first season of Keeping Up with The Kardashians, Kylie Jenner decided to capitalize on her growing fame by starting her own makeup line. In October 2010, she launched Kylie Cosmetics at an event held in New York City’s SoHo district.

At the time, there were few products available for people who wanted natural looking make up that was also affordable. With the success of her new product, Kylie has since then become one of the most well-known faces in beauty.

Since launching her company, she has collaborated with some top brands and designers, including MAC, Chanel, and Victoria Beckham. She is also known as the go-to artist for movie sets, where she will do the makeup for actors and actresses.

Jenner never intended to be famous, but now she is! Her beauty brand has grown beyond her control, though, as it continues to spread via social media and word of mouth.

Sold her own brand

how did kim kardashian get famous

Even though she is famous for being married to Kanye West, owning your own line of jewelry or clothing is way more powerful than that! After all, you are investing in yourself, showing off what you have designed and manufactured just like any other business person.

Kanye started his fashion career with high-end leather bags and shoes before moving onto designing his own lines of t-shirts and hats. He now has his own collection of jewelry under the name Yeon Jeong, which includes rings, necklaces and bracelets.

You can easily learn how to start design your own clothes or jewelry from someplace where people show their artistic side — look at the designs around and get inspiration from those. Then take it one step further by practicing making things yourself!

Designing something totally new takes time so don’t be afraid to spend hours creating and perfecting your products. Once you have mastered the basics, you could even go into manufacturing them if you feel comfortable enough!

Your creations will definitely speak for themselves and maybe even inspire others to create their own looks as well.

Opened her own boutique

how did kim kardashian get famous

After she made it big as a famous fashion designer, Kylie Jenner opened up her very first clothing store in your typical high-end shopping destination — West Coast Plaza!

Jenner’s new line of products is called “Kyliexpress.” It includes jewelry, handbags, shoes, and even fragrances that are all manufactured by top brands such as Coach and GivenY.

Her website also features several pages with tips for beginner dressmakers and how to design your own look. She also shares some little secrets about makeup and beauty products that work well for fashionable people like yourself.