How Did Kim Kardashian Get Famous

By Tiara

If you follow popular media, you have probably noticed that almost every famous person has their own fashion line or brand. This is due to many reasons, including the fact that they are very fashionable themselves, or people watch them and learn how to be more stylish, or they make money off of it.

Another reason is because they understand marketing and publicity, so they use that to promote their product. Many times, these people begin their fashion lines before getting famous, which shows that they like what they designed and people liked buying it.

By having your own style, people will recognize you as being designer material. They will also associate your design skills with success and wealthy entrepreneurs. People will believe that you created your clothing line yourself and that you put lots of effort into designing it.

There are several ways to start your own fashion line. You can create designs yourself, find designers who want to partner up with you, or you can source materials from sellers and sew together new clothes that match your design.

This article will talk about the third option, creating your own fashion line through manufacturing.

Started a clothing line

how did kim kardashian get famous

Since her career as a model has been relatively short, it’s no surprise that most people don’t know much about Kimberly Kahlidina Chapman. However, she was once in very high demand for our national obsession with looking fashionable.

Kardashian made her way onto the fashion scene back in 2005 when she launched an apparel collection under the name “Kim K.O.B.” (an acronym for Kendall On-Bed). The clothes were marketed directly to men who wanted more of what Kardashian already had — a hot body.

But before long, the word got out among fashionistas that this young entrepreneur had some style of her own and she was good at marketing it. So she shifted the focus of her brand from sexy, all-out prints to more modest silhouettes like oversized sweatshirts and loose fitting pants.

Since then, the company has expanded into jewelry, handbags, and even bedding.

Married Kanye West

After six years of dating, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got married in an elaborate ceremony held at their home in Calabasgion, California, on October 24, 2016. The pair had been engaged since February 2015!

The couple met back in November 2011 when they were seated next to each other on a flight from Paris to Los Angeles. They struck up a conversation before both of them went to sleep that night thinking they’d never see one another again.

A month later, they exchanged phone numbers and started talking regularly via text and then telephone calls. Over the course of several months, they shared intimate secrets such as past romantic relationships and dreams for the future together.

They also discussed fashion and beauty products, which eventually led to her investing in his business ventures. It was clear that they enjoyed spending time together so, after a year of steady growth, they made plans to meet face-to-face in New York City.

After just over two weeks apart, they finally connected in London where she surprised him with a trip out of town. From there, things quickly escalated and they decided to be together forever.

Had a baby

how did kim kardashian get famous

After years of being surrounded by media, people started to take notice of Kourtney Kardashian. You may have seen her before in TV shows like The Hills or Keeping Up with the Kardashians, where she played the supportive wife to famous brothers.

She made it onto our list because after she had her third child in May 2018, she revealed that she was pregnant again! This time around she announced the news via social media using the hashtag #DueEarlyInMay.

Not only did she announce her pregnancy while online, but she also shared some very intimate photos of herself during her second trimester. These pictures got lots of attention as they showed off all of her growing babies.

Became a business partner of Yeezy

how did kim kardashian get famous

After she made her debut as a famous face in 2016, when she appeared on TV’s The Runaway Series, people quickly noticed her beautiful looks and charismatic demeanor.

Her appearance was striking — and not just because she wore very little clothing.

Kim has always projected an air of confidence and self-belief. She is known for being outspoken and direct with others, but also never hesitates to speak up about how she feels or what she believes in.

This quality helped make her a successful entrepreneur. As a celebrity ambassador and spokesperson, she uses her influence to promote products and services that help other individuals or brands succeed.

She even launched her own fashion line!

It seems like every week, we are greeted by another news story about something Kim had done or said. Her media presence makes it seem like she could do no wrong, which clearly isn’t true.

Became a celebrity

how did kim kardashian get famous

As we know, being famous means just that — you are well known or recognized. It also typically implies having lots of fans or followers who admire your work and/or look up to you. What many people don’t realize is that before becoming a popular person, someone must first become famous!

It takes a lot of work to get here- not only for you as an individual, but for those around you who potentially could be influenced by your fame. This includes other professionals, businesses, and politicians.

So how did some of our favorite celebs get so big? By creating their own media source and marketing strategy to spread their message and grow their audience.

Here are five ways famous individuals made the leap into stardom:

1. Create Your Own Media Source

The way most celebrities make it in the entertainment business isn’t necessarily through talent nor is it always due to luck. They create what we call a “media source.” A media source can be anything from writing a book, posting online content, producing a show, hosting a podcast, or filming a YouTube video.

Some examples of powerful media sources include a magazine article written about you, a song you sang, a speech you gave, or a TV show you appeared in. By incorporating these pieces into your lifestyle or career, they become accessible to others which helps you connect with new audiences.

Adopted a baby

how did kim kardashian get famous

After she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in psychology, Kim got busy by adopting her first child. On September 28th, 2000, just one month after giving birth to daughter Kaia, she brought home a 6-month-old girl she named Jolie!

Not only did she take good care of this little angel for six months, but she even helped change her last name from Broomfield to Kendall.

Kendall is now an entrepreneur, fashion designer, and influencer who has almost half a million followers on Instagram. She also shares plenty of sweet family photos online.

In fact, many people credit her as helping shape modern motherhood – something that clearly inspired her to have her own kids later in life.

Became a singer

how did kim kardashian get famous

As we know, being famous means doing lots of things! One thing that almost every celebrity does is sing or perform for their fans. Some are very professional when they do this, while others struggle with perfectionism.

Kim Kardashian has always loved to sing and even though she may not have formally trained as a musician, she knows how to pitch-shift like no one else! She also knows her Taylor Swift songs well so she’s definitely not shy when it comes to performing in front of an audience.

Her first performance was at a Christmas party where she sang “Happy Holidays” and received a lot of praise. Since then she has performed several times for charity events and fundraisers which have raised large amounts of money.

These performances usually focus on her singing but she sometimes raps along too! Her favorite artists include Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, and Katy Perry.

Sold her own book

how did kim kardashian get famous

Even though she is now famous for something different, it’s important to remember how she got here! Before being known as the go-to source for every fashion trend in the world, she made her career off of writing her own books.

Kardashian has penned five bestsellers so far including The Life Inside Of You (2013), Living With Loss (2015),The Power of Optimism in Losing Things (2016), and Living with No Secrets (2018). All of these books focused on various topics such as self-confidence, depression, or spirituality.

She even released an autobiography titled Just Do It! in 2017 which discussed everything from why she became popular to what it was like having children at such a young age.

So even if you aren’t looking to become famous for your fashion style or knowledge about spirituality, you can still be successful by offering your readers your take on some topic that they might not have seen mentioned before.