How Did Kim K Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how Kim Kardashian got famous! She is by no means the only celebrity to achieve fame through social media, but she certainly made her career and herself known through it.

Kim started posting pictures and videos of herself on Snapchat back in May 2015. At that time, she had almost 3 million followers, which now totals around 9-10 million!

Her early snaps were mostly self-taken photos with very little editing or production value. But as her audience grew, so did her desire to look better than she actually was.

That's why you'll see lots of makeup and skin treatments in her earlier posts - she wanted more likes! As her audience kept growing, she was able to spend money on products and services to improve her looks, making her appearance more impressive.

By taking some nice looking pics and sharing them online, she was able to gain attention and followers quickly.

Started a YouTube channel

how did kim k get famous

Before she was famous, Kardashian had her own channel where she would share beauty products and hairstyling tips. Her followers loved her so much that they started creating content for their channels using Jenner as their name! This is called “rebranding” your username and platform to match what people recognize you as.

It is very common for influencers to start out with their real names before re-branding. Many use their initials or first nicknames instead!

By adding the keyword ‘keen’ or ‘styler’ to your search, you will find lots of articles and videos about how to do Kylie looks or Ariana gawking at Kendall’s haircut! It is perfect way to get inspiration and learn some tricks from the professionals!

Another good source are Instagram stories, where Kylie has shared many of her personal styling tricks.

Became a social media influencer

how did kim k get famous

After she gave birth to her first child in 2006, Kardashian went into what’s known as “the lost year.” She didn’t do anything spectacularly famous-looking or non-sexy until late 2007 when she posted pictures of herself eating fried chicken with the caption “Chicken Wings!”

Her followers reacted favorably to this unusual food picture and soon she was sharing more recipes for chicken wings and how to make them taste better. This is where it all started — her Instagram account has over 15 million followers today.

Now that she’s an internet celebrity, people ask her about everything from diet tips to whether or not she would do certain things. Some even get paid to be interviewed by magazines because of her reputation.

Opened her own boutique

how did kim k get famous

After she graduated with a fashion design degree, Kardashian opened up her first brick-and-mortar store in 2007. The next year, she launched an online shopping website called Kolor which quickly became very popular.

Her company took advantage of the growing popularity of fast casual dining by offering fashionable clothing and easy access to quality footwear. Since then, her business has boomed and she is now one of the highest paid self-employed people in America!

Kolor closed down in April 2019 but had over $100 million dollars in sales before it shuttered its doors for good. Now that she’s famous for something other than being married twice, you can add entrepreneur to her list of accomplishments.

Sold her own products

how did kim k get famous

After graduating with a degree in fashion design, Kardashian went into business for herself! She designed her very first line of jewelry — which she sold exclusively through This is called drop-shipping, where you sell someone’s product and they handle all the logistics to get it shipped to them and then billed by their supplier.

Kardashian only needed her website and computer skills to do this, so she learned both. But soon after launching her site, she began creating more ways to make money from it.

She started doing sponsored posts on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, where companies pay to have people talk about their products. And she began writing an online shopping column that she would later turn into a podcasting show. All of these strategies are now part of what makes her famous.

Her self-brand has always been about being rich and successful, but now we can add “famous” to that list.

Started a makeup line

how did kim k get famous

Before she was known for her expensive jewelry, high-end fashion statements, or even having a kid with Kanye West, there was Kylie. Back in 2010, when Kendall Jenner debuted as Kylie Cosmetics’s latest spokesmodel, she didn’t have quite the same level of popularity that she has now.

But before long, people were talking about her natural beauty and how well she used products from the company. Since then, Kylie has built an empire full of lipsticks, concealers, foundations, and other product lines. She also doesn’t shy away from sharing pictures and stories of herself wearing some of the products she sells.

Her influence is still growing today. Many brands are designed to appeal directly to the Kylie style – everything from her skin and hair coverage to her attention to detail with their packaging.

Kylie isn’t just famous because she makes great looking cosmetics, however. She’s become a symbol of success through hard work and dedication. Her ability to build upon what she already had inspired many others.

It’s kind of like when someone says they learned something new this week and you think, “Yeah! I always knew that!” But then you realize that maybe they didn’t and it makes you feel smart.

This article will talk more about why Kylie made such a big splash and what she can teach us about being successful.

Launched a perfume line

how did kim k get famous

After launching her clothing brand in 2017, Kendall Jenner launched her signature scent in May of 2018. The Eau de Parfum is called Just Do It and it costs $65 for 1 ounce.

Jenner has said that she wanted to create an easy going fragrance that people could use as a basis to explore other brands’ products. Her sister Kylie commented that they both loved how this scent makes you feel and wants to know what one would do with all the drops!

The two worked together closely on their new product and are credited with helping each other bring out their inner artist when creating the look and style of the perfume. They also both enjoy using it themselves and have done so at various events.

Started a clothing line

how did kim k get famous

After launching her fashion lines in 2005, Kim Kardashian has since solidified herself as one of the most recognizable people in our culture. She is known for flaunting her toned environs via constant photoshoots and runway appearances. Her style is always vibrant, never dull.

Her modest dress sizes have allowed her to show off various shapes and styles that other designers can’t because of their size restrictions. Even though she is now famous for being rich and having lots of kids, she still maintains an air of mystery with her private life.

She is also very outspoken about politics and feminist issues, making her a powerful influence in the community.

Adopted a baby

how did kim k get famous

In September of 2007, just months after she gave birth to her daughter Kaia, Kylie revealed that she had adopted a 7-month-old girl named Chioma. She wrote about it in an essay for Seventeen magazine’s “Inner Beauty” column.

‘I wanted my child to know that there is nothing wrong with being different,’ Kylie writes. ‘Being unique doesn’t make you special, but people who are special are never shy to tell you that they like what they like!’

She continues, ‘As parents ourselves, we would often feel pressure to put our own interests aside so our children could learn how to be like everyone else. But I always made sure those kids learned how to appreciate things independently.’

And apparently, this little girl needed some lessons in self-confidence.