How Did Kim K Get Famous

By Tiara

As we know, since her debut in 2010, Kendall Jenner has been one of the most popular fashion icons ever! She’s graced the covers of almost every major magazine and is consistently featured on best seller lists for both beauty products and clothing lines.

Her rise to fame was definitely not easy though- she had to go through many different stages before hitting that next level. In this article, I will be talking about some of the ways she got famous and what influenced her style along the way.

Topic and bullet point: What Influenced Her Style

She often mixes and matches classic looks with more edgy pieces, and vice versa. For example, she would wear a tight dress with high heeled shoes, or loose fitting pants with a cropped jacket. Or, she could put together something totally unexpected like leather jackets paired up with flannel pajama shorts.

This article will talk more about some of the trends that made an impact on Kendall’s style and how they relate to her current look.

Appeared in a YouTube video

how did kim k get famous

After she made her appearance, many people noticed her and started to talk about how beautiful she is. Many praised her for being very fashionable and creative with her looks. Some even said that she has some of the best hairstyles they have seen and that she always looks like she spent hours to achieve her look.

Some may consider her fashion style to be more daring than normal because she likes to put lots of emphasis on showing off her shape or feature through tight clothing. This makes it seem as if she takes pride in having an attractive body and she doesn’t try to hide it from the public.

Overall, most people are impressed by her beauty and how well she uses fashion to show it off. They say she is a powerful artist who knows how to use clothes to tell everyone else around them what type of person you will make them think they are.

Sold her own brand

how did kim k get famous

As we know, being famous is not easy. It takes hard work and perseverance to reach that level. Most people do not succeed in their dreams of becoming popular so they give up.

It is very important to remember that you are what you promote. If you will show off your beautiful self, then others will notice and want to join you to enjoy looking at you.

Your beauty can be natural or manufactured — just make sure it comes from within. Refrain from using too many expensive products unless you have money to spend.

Many people start their climb towards fame by promoting themselves via social media sites such as Instagram, Snapchat, and Facebook. By having lots of followers, these websites will keep them busy by asking for comments and likes.

Appeared in a TV show

how did kim k get famous

As most of you know, Kim Kardashian is famous for being married to basketball player Kanye West. But before that she was an actress! She appeared as Tracy Jordan’s girlfriend on The Office!

In fact, her very first appearance was on an episode of season three where she has a small part. However, it definitely helped launch her career.

By appearing in this sitcom she got noticed by producers who wanted to hire her for more material.

Became a billionaire

As we know, Kylie Jenner is just like any other business mogul! She designs her own clothes and products and sells them through either her own company or via collaborations with others.

Her most famous product line is called The Kylie Collection, which includes lipsticks, blush, bronzer, eye shadows, and nail polish. It’s also very popular to buy “Kim Kardashian”-themed clothing and merchandise.

The reason people purchase these items is because they want to look more like the same person – in this case, the wealthy entrepreneur Kylie Jenner.

It is quite easy to see why she became rich so quickly. By taking some of the things that made her successful and marketing them, she has made a good career for herself.

She always gives credit to those who help her succeed, such as posting beautiful pictures and comments about her on social media, but it is important to note that hard work pays off.

Jenner will never be known as the quiet girl with no ambition unless she put in significant effort into developing her talent and self-confidence.

Sold her own brand

how did kim k get famous

Even though she’s famous for being Glam, there are few things more boring than watching someone who has their makeup done by a professional do their own makeup.

Kim Kardashian is different. She made it her business to learn how to apply her own cosmetics and then she marketed them as her own products.

She started doing this in 2011 when people noticed that some of the products she was using were missing from the market. These products included eye concealers, foundations, blush, and bronzer.

So, she created her own versions of each one! Her first product launch was for an under-eye concealer she called Translucent Matching Powder. It received several good reviews and now you can find it at most drugstores.

Her next product line focused on foundations and she launched two shades of foundation — Natural Foundation and Matte Foundation. Both got great feedback so she continued to expand the collection with two more natural looking foundations and three light contour shades.

Then, she released a primer which helped set the stage for your other cosmetic layers and sold very well.

Last but not least, she designed her own bronzers and gave them her name (Kardashian Gold) and marketing spiel. They have all been successful brands within her company.

This article will talk about why investing in self-branded products is a smart idea and tips to help you start producing your own beauty products.

Made a movie

how did kim k get famous

After she made her debut in 2007’s Confessions of A Shopaholic, people took notice. The then-21 year old starred as the overgrown kid with daddy issues who finds herself working in a mall store after being let go from her previous position for bad management.

She portrayed this character so well that it inspired many to follow in her footsteps by breaking into retail or going directly sales.

Many now know her as the face (and sometimes body) of Maybelline. With every release, she advertises their new products making them popular and famous. Her career has really taken off since then!

Kim is known for keeping things lighthearted and fun when promoting brands and merchandise. She doesn’t take herself too seriously which helps her connect more deeply with her audience.

Her infectious laughter and sweet demeanor draw in watchers everywhere. People feel comfortable around her because she makes them feel special. This influence spreads beyond her personal life and onto her business acumen – she always puts her energy into helping others succeed.

Since coming out publicly in 2017, she has focused most of her time and efforts into charity work and empowering women through speaking engagements and blogs.

Sold her own brand

how did kim k get famous

As we know, Kylie Jenner is famous for being able to market herself. She marketed her self-branded lip products with success, so she’s made lots of money off that business idea. But it wasn’t just her lips that got people talking, it was also her fashion style and overall look.

Jenner has always dressed in very expensive clothes, but you never really see videos of her looking like she doesn’t have any money. You can tell she does!

She brands herself as having “luxury lifestyle” clothing and accessories and marketing yourself about how rich you are helps to reinforce this image. People will talk about you, not because of what you say, but because of who you are — and that takes some doing.

Your reputation goes before you and you can make it or break it based on your actions. So, if you want to remain popular, keep yourself busy by spending money on things such as educational materials and courses, gadgets and technology, and fitness equipment and toys.

Had a baby

how did kim k get famous

As we know, the Kardashian family is famous for their constant media presence and plastic surgery stories. Khloe got married at an early age to Tristan Goddard, but unfortunately, this marriage did not last. They divorced in 2010 after three years together.

Tristan has since moved onto other relationships, while Khloe now has a son with her ex-fiancé. Their child’s name is Reign James, and he or she lives with his or her father most of the time!

Khloe also gave birth to a daughter in May 2019, and she was named Stormi. She too lived with her dad until she went off to college. Since then, she spends most weekends with mom Kris Jenner and her own kids.