How Did Kim K Become Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, K-pop is one of the biggest music scenes in the world right now. With its catchy songs, flashy costumes, and impressive dance moves, it has become very popular around the globe.

Many people are familiar with some of the artists like Psy, Got7, or even BIGBANG, but what many don’t realize is that most famous K-pop groups formed from an individual artist who had success before joining together as a team.

In this article you’ll learn how five different members of MOMMA IS A B*TCH! came to be, why they decided to work together, and how their teamwork helped them succeed as musicians.

You’ll also find out about another member of the group who is not quite as well known, but definitely does not hesitate to take credit for MAMA IS!.

She began dating Kanye West

After meeting at his fashion show in Paris, she eventually made her way to his home where he surprised her with an expensive gift — diamond rings!

He asked if she would marry him and then took out two more sets of matching jewelry that he designed himself. At this point, most people would say “YES” but not Kim.

She thought it was too much so she never put any engagement ring on her finger. To make a long story short, they broke up several times before he finally proposed to her again last September. This time, she said yes!

They got married just over three months later on December 10th in Florence, Italy. Since then, she has shared many pictures of them together as a couple along with lots of stories about their life together.

Kim is now one of the highest profile celebrities in the world and she owes a lot of her success to musician Kanye West.

She appeared in a music video

how did kim k become famous

In May 2010, singer Katy Perry released her song “I Kissed A Girl” with lyrics like, “You made me want to try - what is it called?- kissing you’re my new favorite thing.” Many interpreted this as an endorsement of gay sex, but that is definitely not the case.

Katy was making fun of people who use clichéd lines and concepts in love songs to seem cool or intelligent. Her clever take on the love lyric makes it clear she does not care for that style at all.

Many more noticed the word “girl” in the line and assumed that Katy wanted to experiment with women. This interpretation ignores the context of the whole song and the repeated emphasis on the word “boy.”

The audience did not see any mention of girls until several minutes into the song, when Katy says, “And then I met a girl and I kissed her / And it felt so good!” At which point, the audience realizes she meant “boys.

She appeared in a TV show

how did kim k become famous

After graduating with a degree in psychology, Kendall landed her first job as an assistant manager at a Chipotle restaurant. There she met another employee who would go on to have his own TV show two years later!

In May 2015, Kendall got invited to audition for The Office, NBC’s beloved sitcom that follows the daily lives of workers at a paper company in Chicago. Many people call it the best comedy ever made because of its ability to make you laugh while also exposing dark sides of business and workplace culture.

After filming several episodes, Kendall was promoted to supporting cast member which includes those who do not hold a prominent position within the show but are still important to the story. Her role is that of Carlie Pilates, owner of the gym where receptionist Michael (Amituion) works out.

Her appearance in the show became very popular and she eventually received several recognitions including winning an Emmy Award. Since then, she has starred in several other shows such as Workaholics and Dogtheirs.

She now boasts over 2 million followers on various social media sites and is constantly sharing pictures and videos.

She began dating Nick Cannon

how did kim k become famous

After meeting in 2007 at an Atlanta nightclub, the two soon started talking more seriously. A year later, they got engaged! However, things didn’t go quite as planned when she found out he had another girlfriend back home.

Kim was not happy and decided to break up with him but before she did, she made sure of one thing — that he would never forget her.

She gave him something she always has- her number. And then waited… for what seemed like forever.

Nick called it his ‘worst breakup ever’ because he really loved this girl and wanted to be married to her. But after many attempts to get into his phone and find her number, he gave up.

He said he hoped she would eventually call so they could talk about how much he cared about her. But she never did, which hurt very badly.

After all of these years, he still thinks about her sometimes even though they broke up over a decade ago. He wonders if maybe someday she will too.

She began dating Tristan Thompson

how did kim k become famous

After years of being surrounded by a lot of famous people, it seems like Kylie Jenner is finding her level with someone! On March 6, 2019, just one month after announcing their engagement, she announced that she was engaged to NBA player Tristan Thompson. The two have been together ever since!

Tristan’s got quite the reputation in basketball. He won an Olympic gold medal as part of the men’s basketball team for Canada in 2012 and he has also made appearances at championship games.

But before all of that, he didn’t exactly rack up many kudos for his personal life. Before meeting Kylie, he hadn’t even starred in a TV show or movie yet!

He did, however, appear in several commercials while he was still playing professional basketball. In fact, some might recognize him from one such ad where he models a white shirt with the slogan “Keep Calm And Gluten Free.”

After marrying Kylie, things took off for both of them.

She began dating Saint

how did kim k become famous

In May of 2010, Kendall Jenner got engaged to billionaire businessman Kris Humphries. The engagement was announced via an elaborate surprise party attended by over 1,000 people at Santa Monica’s Palace Cafe.

The wedding took place just two months later in July at Trump International Hotel & Tower in Chicago. Over 3,000 guests gathered for the ceremony that lasted more than three hours!

Since then, the couple has welcomed one son together — their first child born in August 2015. They also have a daughter who was born in March 2017.

She is known as Kylie and she shares her name with his ex-wife. While it may seem like a weird choice, many think it’s pretty sweet.

She began dating Ronaldo

how did kim k become famous

After meeting at a party in 2007, she started to see him again and then they both realized they had made eye contact for the first time. They connected over their shared passion for fashion and fitness, so they decided to meet up outside of work to chat more.

They spent the next few weeks talking about everything from politics to sports before he asked if she would like to go out with him. At that moment, she knew what she wanted — she just needed to make sure her job was done!

He took her to lunch and it went well, so she agreed to go on a second date with him. He picked her up in his car and they enjoyed each other’s company as they traveled around London together.

Ronaldo did some nice things during this trip, but nothing too extravagant. However, he never treated her like anything less than royalty, which is exactly how she liked to be seen.

Two months later, he invited her back to Portugal for Valentine’s Day. Even though she lived almost two hours away, she didn’t hesitate to accept his invite because she loved spending time with him.

After celebrating V-Day with family members, they headed out to eat. While eating dinner, she noticed something strange under his shirt sleeve.

She began dating Bieber

how did kim k become famous

After years of being surrounded by a media spotlight, Kendall Jenner is now in her own category as one of the most famous people in the world! The 22-year-old model met Justin Timberlake at an after party for his 36th birthday back in May 2013.

The two started dating soon after that and got engaged just over a year later. They tied the knot in a small church ceremony in January 2016 and welcomed their daughter, Kaia, three months later.

Since then, things have been pretty crazy for both of them! It was reported earlier this week that Jenner had filed for divorce from Timberlaken early 2018. This comes less than a year into their marriage, making it the second shortest marriage of theirs.

Jenner has also publicly talked about struggles with body image and depression. While she never mentions him by name, there are several similarities between the couple’s relationship and stories of his past relationships.