How Did Kim K Become Famous

By Tiara

Before we dive into how popular fashion designer Kim Kardashian became famous, let’s talk about something important: what is fashion? What makes clothes look good and what people call “trendy” are always changing.

Clothing can be categorized as formal (tailored clothing) or casual (denim pants and sweatshirts). Some styles are considered more expensive than others. For example, leather shoes are typically costlier than sneakers.

As humans, we develop attachments to certain looks and materials. When you see someone wearing black jeans with a white shirt, it is because they like that combination.

People who dress in classic, elegant clothing usually take time to find their style — they experiment with various types of shirts and jeans until they find one pair they love and then they stick to them!

With all this variability, I believe it is easy to start creating your own unique style. You can choose colors, fabrics, and patterns that appeal to you and mix and match them for different looks.

Having some basic rules of fashion is helpful when designing our own look. For instance, never put on too much makeup or too many hairsprays and gels – they will likely get stuck and weigh down your hair. Make sure to research hairstyles and beauty products before investing in ones that are not approved by your natural hair type or skin condition.

When shopping, keep an eye on trends to make sure you are not buying outdated merchandise.

Then she appeared on the cover of Vogue

how did kim k become famous

In September 2010, just as The Kardashians was entering its golden era, it was announced that Kylie would be featured in the October issue of one of the world’s most prestigious fashion magazines — Vogue.

That magazine has a long history of featuring beautiful people in provocative clothing for their readers to admire. It is also famous for not requiring very much content from its writers or editors.

So when Kylie revealed herself to be an aspiring designer with her own collection and new show on E! Entertainment, everyone got really excited.

What makes Kylie special isn’t only her beauty but also her infectious smile and self-confidence. She doesn’t shy away from attention nor does she feel the need to defend herself against it.

She knows what sets her apart from other celebrities and uses that knowledge to promote herself.

She started her own brand

how did kim k become famous

After years of being known for wearing expensive, designer clothes, Kim Kardashian has officially launched her own line! On March 6th, she announced that The Collection by Kim was available at and select stores nationwide.

The collection features seven pieces including sweatshirts and long sleeve tees with “Kim” printed across the chest or back, as well as leggings and track pants. All items are made from high quality materials and most come in black and white colors.

Since its launch, the collection has been received very positively by fashion critics. Many praise the designs and how they fit Kim herself. Some even say it is authentic street style clothing due to its affordable price points.

However, some criticize the lines for being too cheap and simple. They also note that the brands logos and styles seem ripped off directly from other companies.

She opened a store

how did kim k become famous

After she graduated with her degree in fashion design, Kardashian went straight into the clothing business! In April 2010, she launched an online shopping site that allowed people to create their own personal style by buying or creating new pieces from inventory and/or sourcing them directly from brands or designers.

The name of the website is Kolor – Get Inspired, Shop Online. And what inspired it? According to Kylie, her favorite color is red so the company’s colors are all shades of pink, orange, purple, and (of course) red.

But not just any old version of red — kylling red was designed specifically for kylies to use when designing clothes. Her collection includes long sleeve dresses, sweatshirts, pants, and even jewelry!

Since launching, Kolor has gathered over 100,000 members who share their designer favorites and styles. It also boasts more than 1 million products across various categories, making it one of the largest private marketplaces on the internet.

Now, nearly three years later, Kolor no longer requires you to be an employee customer to shop its products. You can access and purchase everything yourself!

And while most people know about Amazon Prime, there’s another membership program called Fling that comes with 2-day shipping and 24 hour customer service.

She became a spokesperson

how did kim k become famous

After she gave her first fashion show in 2006, where she dressed as if it were a runway event, people started asking for more of her style. Since then, she has designed clothes and shoes that are very popular and many brands now use her designs or features to create new products.

She is so famous now that she even has her own fragrance! The scent was created by top perfumes maker Floris (the company also makes famous scents like Eternity and Candy).

It was released in May 2017, and quickly sold out everywhere. Many say it smells better than some expensive designer fragrances because it does not have alcohol or plastic notes. People also praise it for being longer lasting.

Her success means she enjoys spending money on lots of things, including traveling and keeping up with friends. She spends around $5 million per year on all this, according to Business Insider.

She married Kanye West

how did kim k become famous

After meeting in 2007 at an after-party for his cousin’s wedding, Karlie Kloss and rapper/designer Ye became close friends. Two years later, he proposed to her during Christmas season of 2010! They tied the knot two months later in September 2011 in Florence, Italy.

The couple welcomed their first child together just over one year later, a daughter they named Stormi Rae in May 2013. The next summer, news broke that she was pregnant with twins! A few days later, reports surfaced that only one baby made it out alive — but both babies are doing well now.

Since then, the family has grown via three more children: son Saint in June 2016, daughter Chicago in December 2017, and finally another girl, Kai Storie, in April 2018. All five kids have been featured prominently in Kylie’s career as a fashion influencer.

But before all of that, there was Kim. And yes, she too had to battle complications with motherhood before she could break into the industry.

She became a mother

how did kim k become famous

After she gave birth to her first child in September 2006, Kardashian received widespread praise for choosing to keep the baby rather than put her through an expensive in vitro fertilization (IVF) procedure.

Many people considered her decision pro-motherhood, while some criticized it as being too focused on money instead of fostering a healthy relationship with your offspring.

Kardashian later revealed that she had wanted a family since she was a little girl.

She now has three children — daughter Kaia at one year old, son Saint at five years old, and ten-month-old Chicago at home.

Her second pregnancy made her famous again when reports surfaced about how she planned to hide the bump under loose clothing so as not to draw attention to herself or the baby.

However, this tactic backfired when photographers took many candid pictures of the developing child!

“Having kids changes everything,” Kardashian says. “My life is completely different because I have such a great job and I’m very lucky to be able to do what I love every day.”

This article will help you become more like Kylie Jenner by learning about her rise to fame and fortune. You can also learn from his experiences and things he has done throughout his career.

Reading these articles will give you a better understanding of why she succeeded and may even inspire you to achieve your dreams.

She started a beauty line

how did kim k become famous

In 2010, after filming her first fashion show in over ten years, Kylie decided to launch her own makeup brand!

She founded The Kylie Cosmetics Company, which is now one of the leading lip color brands in the market. Since then, she has created various products including eye shadows, blush, and luscious liquid lipstick colors.

Her best-selling shades include Stay Me!, Who’s That Girl?, and Chanté Let’s Get Dirty, all of which contain high concentrations of iron so they can be used as either concealers or face coverings if needed.

Since launching her company, Kylie has become famous for using sustainable, natural ingredients in most of her products. Many people have praised her talent for cosmetics design and how diversity friendly her product range is. Her self-confidence has also been admired as she continues to pursue her dreams no matter what others think.

She made a documentary

In April of 2010, fashion guru Kris Van Assche asked his followers to put together an online shopping event for his company’s website. Some people joined in, but he was looking for something more.

He wanted someone famous to do some product photoshoots so that his audience could admire their look while they purchased it. His followers then sent him emails with suggestions, including Kendall Jenner.

Van Assche contacted her and she agreed to help promote his brand through her social media accounts. But instead of doing a standard photo shoot, she suggested filming one.

She filmed several different scenarios using products from his line and uploaded them onto YouTube under the title “How did I get my start as a influencer?” The video went viral and has over 1 million views at the time of writing.

It also helped launch her career as an YouTuber and influencer. Since then, she has built up a very loyal fan base and influenced many other brands.