How Did Kidd G Get Famous

By Tiara

In March of 2018, something crazy happened that would forever change how we perceive Kidd Gonzales. A YouTuber named Ethan Klein posted an edit he made to his channel featuring him doing a parody song and dance about how famous you can make yourself by being nice to people.

In this video, titled “Kidd B-tch Is Getting Too Many Messages”, he uses as lyrics someone saying how much their life has changed since meeting him, all because he was kind to them. At the end, he makes a joke about how they could also be his friend now, which gets many reactions.

His response to some comments is very interesting. He says that it takes only one person to help you achieve your dreams, and that if there are no signs of anyone helping you grow, then probably don’t go after those dreams. Or maybe even give up completely!

This seems like a shocking tip, but really? Does it make sense? Absolutely! We live in a society where everyone is trying to get ahead through any means possible. It doesn’t matter whether it’s through blackmail, intimidation, or simply creating a fake persona to win over others.

By giving into these demands, you are letting other people control you and take advantage of you. This isn’t healthy for your mental health nor will it help you reach your goals.

Had a YouTube show

how did kidd g get famous

Many people know him now as The Benny Boom, but back in his early years he was known as Kidd Gomez. He had his first big break when he made an appearance on MTV’s Listening to Morning with Jordy at 6:00 AM! As you probably already guessed, he is not related to Jessica Day.

He started making music around middle school and eventually got some exposure through social media where he would make songs and videos. At that time he didn’t have too many followers, but his content always received lots of comments and feedback.

That changed in 2014 when he decided it was time to start creating more elaborate songs and filming them live. This is what most people recognize him as today – The Benny Boom. His catchy voice and witty lyrics have attracted a large audience.

His popularity really took off after he uploaded his song “The Joker (Prove You Wrong)” which has over 2 million views on YouTube alone. Since then, he has published several other songs including ones about Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Taylor Swift.

He also recorded an album titled The Album Is About To Drop which features collaborations with different artists such as Too $hort, T-Minus, and Young Nudy.

Made a movie

how did kidd g get famous

In 2006, director Matthew Heynen released his low-budget comedy The Room, starring himself as an aspiring screenwriter who gets stuck writing a script with no dialogue for one of his friends’ films.

The film received mostly negative reviews, but it did manage to find its audience online. More than 10 million people have seen The Room since its release, making it one of the most viewed movies in YouTube history.

Since then, Heynen has made several more comedic videos focused on movie stories or scenes, including ones about characters walking down a street and eating a hamburger, and another where two men are chatting away while sitting next to each other at a restaurant table.

Heynen also includes his own narrative introductions and endings for all of these videos. These explanations and conclusions include things like “It’s kind of funny how movie plots work!” or “This is actually happening right now in a theater near you.”

These comments set up the next humorous video he makes almost exactly one year later — which is why many consider him to be a movie critic in his own right.

Sold merchandise

how did kidd g get famous

As we mentioned before, one of the main reasons why people recognize him is his fashion sense. He has designed many pieces for major clothing companies such as PUMA and Nike, and even created his own shoe line!

His style is very flashy and richly decorated. Many of his designs use leather, rhinestones, florals, and other striking decorations. These styles are mixed in with more casual clothes that are not necessarily expensive but still look nice.

He does not limit himself to just designing shoes either; he also creates t-shirts, hats, and sweatshirts. All of these have his signature printed on them so that you do not have to know how to design to tell who made what item.

These products all get popular and earn him money, which helps him keep buying new things and developing his craft. His popularity continues to grow due to his success in marketing and business skills.

Became a brand

how did kidd g get famous

After he was released by the Knicks in 2016, Kidd made his way to join the Golden State Warriors as an assistant coach. He spent two seasons with them before being hired as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks in December 2018. Since then, he has won over fans across America with his motivational skills and witty comments towards players and coaches.

As his career progressed, so did his personal life. In 2015, he married longtime girlfriend Renee Montoya in Hawaii. They have one son together.

He is now considered one of the top young minds in basketball coaching. His knowledge of the game is unmatched and he uses it to help others succeed.

His success comes not only from his ability to teach the sport but also his marketing strategies to promote himself and his team. By creating and branding yourself, you can create your own platform to get attention.

Quit his job

how did kidd g get famous

After growing up in South Los Angeles, Kidd grew up watching The Comedy Channel every weekend to watch comedians perform. He wanted to be part of that community, so at the age of 19 he left home with no place to go and no money for transportation.

He lived off food stamps and gave away most of what little savings he had because he could not afford to pay rent or buy groceries.

For six months, he performed everywhere he could get work — from open mic nights at local comedy clubs to serving as an MC for various events. When no one was willing to hire him as an actor, he took another route and trained as a stage manager.

His persistence paid off when comedian Cedric the Entertainer hired him as his assistant. Since then, he has worked as a writer, production staff member, director and even acting coach for Ced’s show, Life In A Day.

Made a music video

In May of 2017, Kidd received some major media exposure when he made his first song and music video. His song was titled “Bruh” and featured two other artists with similar stage names — Kamaiyah and Kane. The lyrics describe going through difficult times as well as trying to stay positive in life.

The music video for his song features him performing his song next to both Kamaiyah and Kane while they perform theirs. At the end of his verse, all three of them use their own individual verses to tell people about how much they believe in him and that we should too.

He then gets into an argument with each artist one by one which includes telling everyone why they are wrong and what he is right. He even goes so far as to say that he does not need their help or praise because he knows who he is inside and outside of the studio.

After everything is said and done, he tells everyone that he only wanted to make them happy and hoped that it gave someone else inspiration. He also says that if you have struggled with depression before, try talking to others about how you feel and seek help.

Became a comedian

how did kidd g get famous

As we know, comedians are not necessarily well-known for their gentle humor. Some make light of very serious issues or situations by having some funny bits in between more heavy topics. This is how most people recognize many popular comics!

Kidd Gomez is one such comic. He started doing comedy at an early age when he would tell his classmates jokes while they were waiting for class to start. His classmates loved it so much that he eventually made his way onto stage with his own set up!

He has since become famous for telling hilarious stories about his life and experiences while embracing other cultures through his standup routine.

His unique style and infectious laugh have helped him gain popularity and recognition as an entertainer. It also landed him several appearances on TV and film where he can showcase his talent.

Opened a restaurant

how did kidd g get famous

After quitting his job as a manager at a Chipotle Mexican Grill, chef Aaron Davis opened up what would become one of the most well-known restaurants in Chicago – The Tavern!

The Tavern was an intimate space with just 24 seats that catered to globally inspired cuisine. Guests had the opportunity to try things like chicken shawarma sliders, jerk pork belly bao balls, or octopus tacos with spicy mango salsa.

Chef Davis’s passion for food is infectious and he always makes sure to source high quality ingredients. He even published a cookbook called My Kind Of Food which features recipes from all over the world!

He also hosted a show on Netflix titled Chef vs. Cook where he took different dishes made by average people and experimented with them to see how they could be improved.