How Did Kid Laroi Get Famous?

By Tiara

People know this kid as ‘The Guy Who Beat Up Drake’, but he is so much more than that! He is an internet celebrity with his own fan-following who looks up to him and supports his career.

He has made himself into something big through hard work and dedication and he keeps working towards bigger things. This article will talk about his rise to fame and how you can join in on the fun by supporting his social media accounts!

He will be discussed along with some of his achievements, what he does for charity, and some funny stories from his life. At the end, there will be a link to all of his social media pages so you can read interviews or see behind the scenes videos.

Kid Laroi – Internet Fame And Charity

Larroi was born Jonathan Kewon Lewis in 1990 in Tottenham, England. His father passed away when he was very young which put a strain on his family and home situation.

At such a young age, he had to find ways to get through it and this gave him motivation to succeed in his life.

He always wanted to make people happy and have fun, so teaching yourself new skills and investing time in studying are definitely worth it.

He now teaches others these lessons and uses his gift to bring joy to other people. He does this through posting pictures and making jokes on Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Kid Laroi became a meme

how did kid laroi get famous

People all over the world have seen or heard his famous lip sync trick at least once before, but it was not until very recently that he actually got popular enough to earn him an internet personality status. In May of 2018, YouTuber Jacob Metzger uploaded a video titled “How did kid laroi get so famous?”

In this video, you will see what seems like almost every person in the universe doing his/her best impression of KLD after listening to his song for the first time.

It is incredible to watch people do their own take on his music and style! He has inspired many people to create new songs and dances using parts from his lip syncs and videos.

The KSI vs Logan tournament

how did kid laroi get famous

In May of 2018, YouTube star Logan Paul uploaded a video titled “The Pointy-Eyed Devil in The Mountain” to his channel. He called it his most popular video ever, with over 15 million views at the time this article was written.

In the video, he visited Niko Bellucci — an Italian porn actress famous for her work in softcore pornography — in Switzerland and filmed herself kissing him as well as some additional sex acts.

After the filming was done, she asked if they could go swimming, so they did. While diving into the pool, she saw something shiny that looked like gold and decided to take some pictures with it.

But then, she noticed that there were people around, so she got out quickly without checking what happened to the object. A few days later, though, she found out that someone else had taken photos of it while they were both underwater. They posted these photos online along with their comments about how beautiful it was.

This person also said that they hoped it would bring them good luck because it resembled the shape of an egg. This made Logan think about buying it but eventually sold it off instead.

He never told anyone about what happened to it until now.

Many people speculated about why he didn't say anything before but none of them seem totally sure.

Kid Laroi became a brand

how did kid laroi get famous

As his fan base grew, people started creating their own versions of ‘Kid in a Box’ or ‘Lara O’ boxes. People designed their boxes to be more creative and feature designs that show off their artistic talent.

Some design their box with different themes or styles such as cartoon characters, fruits and vegetables, cars, and even superheroes! It is very popular to make kids’ size lunchboxes that mimic what big companies makes for them, so they can feel like a professional meal trainer.

These will usually include things such as breads, meats, cheeses, and other foods groups in order to give your child a well-rounded diet.

Launched a book

how did kid laroi get famous

In April of 2016, seventeen-year-old Kida Graham launched her own self-published novel titled My Favorite Thing About You. The next month she appeared on The List with Liz Meloney where she discussed the inspiration for her work and got some great feedback from fans!

Since then, Kida has published three more books in this series — Can’t Tell Me No, What Are We? and Let It Die as well as A Day Without Love – all available through Amazon and other major retailers.

Her writing is raw and authentic, telling stories that relate to many different audiences. Her style is fun and emotional, making it easy to connect with characters and events.

Kida even wrote an entire chapter about how to handle depression after reading comments left by someone struggling with mental health issues. She included tips like asking yourself why you are feeling depressed, seeking help, and exploring ways to cope with emotions.

Became a celebrity

how did kid laroi get famous

As mentioned earlier, his signature move is diving over the top of the goal with both feet. This was first done at an elite level in 2014 during the FIFA World Cup when he dove for a ball against Italy.

It quickly went viral on social media and helped him get noticed by European soccer leagues and coaches. He now has nearly 30 clubs that play in Europe’s highest levels of competition.

He also does it off the dribble which makes it even more exciting to watch.

Continued to make videos

how did kid laroi get famous

After his first viral video, kid laroi continued to create more entertaining content showing off his dancing skills and other things he could do with a paper bag. He has over 1 million followers on both YouTube and Facebook!

He also started doing collaborations or “dance-offs” with other YouTubers such as Dance Battle Royale and Brototype.

Went on tour

how did kid laroi get famous

After dropping his first album in early 2018, he quickly went onto do an eight-city Canadian tour with another artist. He shared this information via his social media accounts before going into more detail about it on his website. Since then, he has been performing for crowds across North America!

He also mentioned that he would be bringing along some special guests to perform as well! You can check out all of these announcements here!

It is so exciting to see how far his career has come since those initial steps he took by recording music and sharing it with the world! It was definitely not easy, but he never gave up and kept trying new things, which helped him reach his goal.

Made another movie

Many people know of actor/director Jared Kushner, but few really understand his career fully. He is most well known for making the critically acclaimed film The Chosen One back in 2016. While that may sound like a small feat, it is not!

It took him almost three years to get there, however. It was originally planned as an extended short film which later got re-edited into feature length.

He made this second version while he was still filming The Chosen One and released it online via his personal channel. It quickly garnered enough attention to earn him the title of “internet famous” and lots of praise.

Since then, he has continued to add more content to his YouTube channel and grow his fan base even more.