How Did Kid Laroi Get Famous

By Tiara

As discussed in my last article, social media is an integral part of our society today. It has allowed people to connect with each other and showcase their talents and/or businesses.

It also allows for companies to market themselves to different audiences. More people interacting with a business or individual means more exposure which can lead to potential customers.

For individuals looking to start building their platform, creating engaging content and posting it online is a way to do so. People who are famous now used this as a way to spread their name and get followers.

Here I will talk about one such person- Kid Laroi. He made his fame by filming himself performing covers and then putting them up on YouTube.

He grew his audience through motivation, inspiration, and education. All of these helped promote his channel and him as an artist.

He started a book

how did kid laroi get famous

In September of 2016, 18-year-old Loroi Cook began writing his first piece of work — an essay he called “Why I’m Not Voting For Hillary Clinton.”

In it, he made the case that she is not only corrupt, but also dangerous.

He wrote about her use of private servers while Secretary of State, how she mishandled classified information as President Obama’s secretary, and even alleged that she tried to obstruct justice in the investigation into her illegal email server.

Despite all this, he said, there are very few people who believe she will be charged with crimes. Most people think she broke some rules, but will be let off because she’s rich and well connected. That isn’t enough for him.

Kid Trump never met a lie he couldn’t stick to, so why would he expect anyone else to? If you look at everything from A–Z, he argued, then voting for her is like putting your hand up and asking someone if they want to kill you.

It’s probably going to happen anyway. So instead of adding to that death toll, why don’t you do something more productive with your life? Or better yet, spend your time helping others achieve their dreams instead of letting other people take away yours.

He made a movie

how did kid laroi get famous

Many people know of or have heard of actor and comedian Daniel Dieng, also known as Frenchy Diaz or just plain ‘French’. His popular YouTube channel boasts over 1 million subscribers and he has his own TV show that airs every Sunday night on Universal Kids!

But before he was famous for being funny, he starred in his own short film back in August 2017. Titled How Did Kid Loai Get Famous, it is about a kid who makes a movie to get attention and win a contest.

The movie ends with him getting very excited when he finds out that his new found fame has won him a prize. It then cuts to two months later where he is announcing the winner of the contest at the same venue where he premiered his movie.

His audience laughs hysterically as they recognize their former self from the movie. They give a big applause for five minutes before the scene shifts to reveal that the person celebrating with them is actually the winner of the contest!

Many celebrities are aware of Daniel’s talent because of this movie but none more so than Harry Potter himself, Rupert Grint.

He went on a podcast

how did kid laroi get famous

In August of 2018, teenager Kaede Baraja wanted to do something she had been wanting to do for a while- start her own YouTube channel! So, she made one with a catchy name: Kanai. Her main focus will be gaming, but she has plans to include other content as well.

Her first video was titled “Ouazzad! My Life Is Over”, which garnered over 1 million views within just under a month. Since then, her channel has grown into a success full time job that brings in enough income to pay his bills and give him some savings.

She still puts in effort at school, works part time, studies online courses, and spends time with friends, but she is paid for it. She does not receive compensation from advertisers, however.

He did a live stream

how did kid laroi get famous

On March 6, 2019, you can find kid larry doing something very different. He is livestreaming his bedroom! While some may consider it boring or even childish, he has been attracting a lot of attention for this habit.

He started streaming as “asmrBJ” which means “breathy speaker.” Asmr is an audio style that features exaggerated breathing and voice patterns designed to get people into a trance. People who listen to asmr speak are usually asked to respond in kind by repeating what was said and/or speaking softly.

His audience grew quickly, so he rebranded as ‘kidlaroi’ and now his followers call him that too. Since then, it has become his main source of income.

He no longer streams as ‘breathy talker’ but instead does spoken word pieces and stories. They are typically about himself or experiences he has had with others. His followers grow increasingly excited as he narrates more and more things about himself.

His Instagram account

In May of 2018, 19-year old Austin Taylor started his online career by posting pictures of himself eating chicken nuggets with an absurdly humorous caption.

His followers loved it! They gave him enough likes that he eventually made his way onto The List, featuring mostly famous people who have a million or more followers. He now has over 2.8 million followers, making him one of the most recognized YouTubers in America.

He is also very well paid for his efforts. Taylor makes at least $5,000 per month through Amazon’s affiliate program alone, which means he earns close to $60,000 per year just from advertising.

But all this attention didn’t come overnight. It took years for him to develop his style as an artist and influencer. And even then, it was only after he built up a solid base of supportive viewers.

In this article you will find out how he accomplished everything mentioned above, including what tools and strategies he used to grow his channel.

His Twitter account

how did kid laroi get famous

In May of 2017, seventeen-year-old Austin Taylor started his journey to internet fame by creating an Instagram profile using the username lcaroi. He used this new social media platform to share pictures and videos he had edited or created.

His followers began to grow quickly as he was very creative and knew how to use editing software well. Many people would notice his artistic talent and praise it!

At that time, Taylor didn’t really have too many followers, but he made sure to interact with all of them constantly.

He would respond to comments and questions they left for him and would take some time talking about different things to make each other feel appreciated. This is what helped his following grow even more!

Taylor wouldn’t just keep quiet when someone needed help either – he always gave excellent advice and taught others something new.

That’s why so many people look up to him and want to be like him one day. He doesn’t hold back anything and isn’t afraid to speak his mind.

His motto seems to be “keep your mouth open and work hard” which definitely helps his reputation.

His website

how did kid laroi get famous

In May of 2014, 18-year-old LarOI uploaded his first YouTube video. It was simply him dancing to Drake’s “In My Feelings.” He called it his Dance Challenge Video and he put in some effort — he choreographed most of the song and even included his signature move (the rolling cranium).

He didn't have too many followers at that time but those few left comments telling him to keep posting more videos so he made one every week for over a year!

His dance style is very unique and clearly influenced by rap music and hip hop culture. Many people compare his moves to those of current popular dancers like Milly gaga or Jason ayala.

Since then, he has received almost 2 million views and around 30k likes on his Facebook page which now boasts about 15000 fans!

His channel grew enough to get him featured as an artist on another platform Vevo where he released two new songs. They are both well known and got lots of attention and praise.

Many consider him to be influencial in the dance community and he has inspired countless others to start creating their own dances and songs.

Any other ways to contact him

how did kid laroi get famous

Another way to reach out to Laroi is by contacting his manager, Drea Mounce. You can do this either through his website or via his social media accounts.