How Did Karol G Get Famous

By Tiara

Before we get into it, let’s talk about how Karol got famous! She is an entrepreneur, business owner, and digital influencer who started her career as a fashion blogger. Her success comes from creating content that people find entertaining and inspiring, and then giving away valuable lessons and products by promoting them.

Her style has also been described as fashionable and quirky, which fits her brand well. Over the past few years, she has collaborated with major brands such as Target and Old Navy to create clothing lines.

She even launched her own makeup line in January 2020! All of this hard work paid off when Business Insider ranked her No. 1 Social Media Influencer in their Best-Selling Products category for the month of October 2018.

And now, you have the chance to learn some of Karol’s secrets for becoming a social media influence yourself! Read on for more information.

She filmed a YouTube video

how did karol g get famous

After filming her now-famous lip sync song, “I Will Never Let You Go,” singer/songwriter Karol got some unexpected attention from all of the videos she had posted before. Many fans noticed that she seemed to be mimicking another famous singer’s style and tone.

It wasn’t until later that people realized who that other singer was! Most people called it mimicry or proof of inspiration, but for those in the know, they knew exactly what was going on.

Karol has always been passionate about music and even wrote her first song at age five. Since then, she has continually immersed herself in new genres and styles, studying how artists use rhythm, melody, and voice to inspire themselves and others.

She also keeps an eye out for unique ways to combine and experiment with these components to see where they take her musical style. Because of this, she is known as a strong composer and producer of her own songs.

What many don’t realize though, is just how much influence Karol has on her musical style. Not only does she pick up on sounds and styles of others, but she adds things of her own to create something fresh and special.

She studies not only the work of others, but also their off-the-beaten-path strategies, ideas, and potential mistakes too so that she can avoid them when creating her own material.

The video went viral

how did karol g get famous

In May of 2018, YouTube user karoliswanson posted her now-famous “Bitch I’m On A Boat!” clip. It had nearly 5 million views at the time this writing.

The video features karoliswanson sitting in an expensive boat while two other people try to talk her into jumping off it. At first she is reluctant, but eventually gives in and hops out onto the water.

She then starts dancing on top of the boat before falling down and disappearing under the surface. When she resurfaces, she is holding up the boat with only her legs.

After getting some laughs from viewers, karoliswanson started making jokes about how she would probably win the prize money if she won the race because of her strength. She also joked that she needed to buy a bigger boat since this one was not big enough.

Her audience seemed to enjoy these gags so much that they began sharing their own stories of being too poor to afford a boat ride. Many people have used this inspiration to inspire others to give up material possessions or do things they never thought they could do before.

Since karoliswanson made such a splash by doing something extremely risky, many media sources refer to her as the “dancing waters diver.” Her popularity has skyrocketed since posting the video.

She made a book

how did karol g get famous

After quitting her job as an administrative assistant, in 2015, to focus on writing full time, Karol wrote her first novel, Find Myself In This Book.

It was about a twenty-something girl who quits her career and life to follow her heart after she meets someone she’s been searching for.

Her inspiration? A real person!

In fact, Karol used herself — her experiences, feelings, and stories – as the main character.

By writing from your own experience, you give more weight to your words because it is coming from a place that is true for you. Your readers will connect with you more than if you are trying to pretend to be someone else.

That said, even though her characters were not explicitly based off of anyone, people have noticed some similarities between them and Karol.

She has spoken about how much her character Lucy resembles her personality and how her family can tell when she is in a mood due to changes in her behavior and tone caused by reading similar books or watching movies.

Since then, Karol has written several other novels including Finding Love In The Second Half Of Life (about finding love while in your twenties) and Living With Less For More Than Money (tips for living a less materialistic lifestyle).

She made a movie

how did karol g get famous

After graduating with a degree in business, she decided to pursue her passion of filmmaking. With no money or connections, she picked a place to shoot her first film — an open stage at a local performing arts center.

With nothing more than her camera and some creativity, she produced her first cinematic work – a short movie about two friends who have a coffee date but get into an argument instead.

It was very entertaining to watch and got the audience involved. Many people laughed due to how true the plot resembled something that happened in their life!

Since then, she has filmed over 10 other movies all while still working as an administrative assistant.

She sold merchandise

how did karol g get famous

After graduating with a degree in marketing, Karli (no last name given) got busy selling products she designed herself. With her designs ranging from beach towels to jewelry, she quickly gathered a loyal following of customers who supported her creative vision.

Her merchandise soon took off online, where she also found success as an influencer. Now you can find her design studio website here:, on most major social media platforms, and through her own mobile app.

She even has her very own fashion line! Check out her new collection at for more information.

She went on tour

After dropping out of college to pursue her dream as a singer, professional musician, and influencer, Karli G Taylor realized she would need to take action to get where she wanted to be.

In May 2017, just over a year after quitting her job as an assistant manager at Chipotle and leaving her home in California, Karli took off with little more than her suitcase full of dreams and a YouTube channel filled with her singing and dancing covers.

Her first destination? The Bahamas!

She packed only necessary items — and still got some great photos! – but rest assured, she was fully prepared for everything else she’d need there.

She released an album

how did karol g get famous

In April of 2017, twenty-two year old singer/songwriter Karol G dropped her debut EP What We Are. It quickly went viral after she shared the music video for her song “What I Like” with the world!

The lyrics to this song are incredible and tell your inner most secrets. They are also very catchy which makes it easy to listen to many times while you're doing other things.

The song is about asking someone if they like you more than their past self, and if they do then you should accept that and move on. This theory works both ways - if they don't want to be together anymore, then you should let them go and look forward to new opportunities.

Since its release, "What I Like" has received over 2 million views on YouTube and has been covered by major media sites such as The Washington Post, USA Today, and Entertainment Weekly.

She won a Grammy

how did karol g get famous

In June 2019, twenty-three years after her first song was heard, singer/songwriter Karol G received some good news as she picked up one of music’s most prestigious awards — the Best New Artist trophy at The 59th Annual GRAMMY Awards in Los Angeles.

While this isn’t quite as flashy as winning an Album of the Year prize or even Song Of The Year (which she also achieved earlier this year), it is arguably more significant than either!

As far as we know, there has never been anyone else like her before when it comes to combining catchy melodies with relatable lyrics that appeal across various genres and demographics. Her songs often discuss issues such as self-confidence, love, sexuality, religion, and feminism – all themes that are important for your average person to understand.

Her style sometimes refers to itself as ‘contemporary folk’ which makes sense because she writes about everyday experiences mixed in with poetic stories and references. This gives her songs a very accessible feel that appeals beyond just those who already listen to similar artists.