How Did Kanye West Get Famous?

By Tiara

As we all know, Kanye West is just like any other person in that he loves to talk about himself and his success. He even made it his career! But how did this famous guy get here? What inspired him to succeed as an entrepreneur and business leader?

He spent his childhood trying to be the most popular kid at school. This didn’t work out so well for him, but it worked out very well for us.

By high school, however, he was already making music people could listen to. His lyrics were some of the first to openly discuss mental health issues and self-esteem. These songs became cult classics among those who needed them.

It wasn’t until later though when everything really took off. After launching his own record label and touring company, YG Entertainment, he released his debut album The College Dropout which featured many now classic tracks such as “Bassicalesssly” and “Touchdown Dunk.”

From there he kept creating more hit after hit including Watch The Throne with Jay Z, Cruel Summer, and Life Of Pablo. All three of these albums have had significant influence on the hip hop genre today.

So what makes someone successful and influential in our culture? It’s not only their talent, it’s also their communication style.

Graduated from high school

how did kanye west get famous

After graduating high school, Ye made his way to Chicago to attend the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana as an art major. While he was there, he got into some shenanigans that got him in trouble with the police and the university.

He allegedly hit someone with his car (no injuries) and then took off after being pulled over for driving without insurance. He later pleaded guilty to both charges and received probation.

After finishing his degree, Kanye left campus and went home where he worked various jobs before getting involved with music again.

Kanye has said that he never planned on becoming famous so he did not research how to be successful as a musician prior to launching his career. Rather than studying business or marketing, however, he focused more on creative writing which helped prepare him for the media.

Released his first album

how did kanye west get famous

Just like anyone else who dreams of being famous, Kanye West needed to put in some effort into getting there. He had to launch a career as an artist and make his own music before people would listen to him and buy his songs.

He also needed to come up with a good business model for himself so that he could keep making more music and paying his bills.

Kanye didn’t have any of these things when he started trying to be famous. But he was smart enough to pick out his weaknesses and work hard to fix them.

With every challenge he faced, he got better at it. It may not have been easy, but he always gave his best shot. This is what made him successful in the end.

Now that you know his secret to success, try to do something similar if you want to achieve your dream of being well-known. Don’t just hope things will happen, instead make sure to take action and develop strengths by doing things such as practicing your writing or yoga.

Went to college

how did kanye west get famous

After high school, most people is able to enjoy their lives more or less immediately. For some, it takes years before they are really able to focus on studying and developing themselves because of prior responsibilities like work, family, etc. For others, it takes much longer to find their passion and what career path to take in life.

For Kanye West, it took him almost twenty years to figure out how to be successful as an artist. He did not start making music until he was nearly thirty-years old.

He didn’t get famous until he was well into his thirties. Even today, he is still not completely known for his music, but for being outspoken and controversial.

However, everything about him has been designed to promote his art and himself as an artist. From starting with hip hop to designing his own lines of clothing and jewelry, there isn’t anything that he hasn’t done that can be linked back to becoming a musician.

He even started his own fashion line! Read on to learn all about it and how you can pick up pieces from his collection online.

Worked as a intern for record labels

how did kanye west get famous

Before he was famous, Ye worked in the music industry in various capacities. He spent his early years working as an intern at multiple recording studios and production companies where he learned how to manage records, organize songs, and develop relationships within the music business.

Ye landed his first job while he was still attending college at Millard High School. There he served as an assistant manager of the school’s radio station, KMWB-FM. While there he made some waves by launching a successful mix show called The Incomparable.

He later moved onto other positions including A&R (artist and repertoire) which included developing new artist talent and supporting current artists. This includes finding new songwriters, producers, and musicians and helping them grow their careers.

As part of his position, he would also get involved with the album cover art and design process, creating aesthetically pleasing images that express the spirit or theme of the project.

He also had to deal with all types of people so it taught him about human nature.

Started his own label

how did kanye west get famous

As mentioned earlier, it was The Breakfast Club that helped launch Kanye’s career as an artist. He received significant exposure due to the show’s popularity and he made several appearances on each of its different episodes.

He also released two albums independently under the name GOOD Music. His first album was called The College Dropout and featured songs like “B-Boy Glue” and “Touchdown!” It became popular among music listeners because it prominently features Broadway songs.

His second album is titled Yeezus and features songs about how much money he makes and why Jesus might not be your savior. This album also heavily features lyrics filled with metaphors and references to science and technology.

Kanye has since then branched out into other ventures such as fashion lines and movie production, but all started from his love for musical theater and hip hop.

Became a famous rapper

how did kanye west get famous

As we know, Ye is not your average artist. He doesn’t stick to the norm when it comes to style or music. He likes to talk about politics and social issues in his songs, he uses unconventional rhyming schemes and patterns, and he isn’t afraid to be controversial.

But beyond all of that, he’s known for being outspoken – very vocal about what he believes in and how he feels about things.

He has strong opinions, which he expresses openly – sometimes controversially! This includes everything from celebrity gossip and feuds to political statements and ideologies.

Since he became well-known, many people have made references to his outspoken nature and influence as an artist. His lyrics have inspired many artists to create their own music and expose themselves through their art form, and he has helped shape the way other musicians sound and perform.

Started a fashion line

how did kanye west get famous

Before he was known for his music, rapper Kanye West spent most of his time in front of the camera designing flashy clothes or talking about design. He started his own clothing collection in 2007 under the name Yeezy!

The collection quickly garnered attention due to its uniqueness and quality. Some described it as having “high-end” designs that are both fashionable and meaningful. Many noted how much effort went into making each look perfect.

Since then, his brand has grown into one of the biggest in the industry. It even inspired other popular fashion brands like Adidas and Puma.

He now has his own store where you can find all sorts of products from his label. Not only do they cost more than the average t-shirt, they go up really high!

West is well known for being dramatic when it comes to business and life. But aside from the theatrics, he always puts his money where his mouth is. His company is no exception.

He never takes credit for someone else's idea or concept. He makes sure everyone knows that he had a hand in creating everything from start to finish.

Married to Kim Kardashian

how did kanye west get famous

Before we talk about how he got famous, let’s talk about his wife. You may have heard of her before she was with Kanye, but you probably don’t know much else about her!

Kardashian is born Kára Jenner, but when she was in high school, she changed her first name to Kim. She then married into the Kardashian family, taking Robert Kardashian as her husband and receiving her last name.

After college, she began appearing on TV shows such as The X-Factor and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. These show became very popular so she continued doing more episodes while also starting her own spinoff series. All together, she has over 30 million followers on social media!

Now that we’ve talked about who Kylie is, let’s discuss how she got here.