How Did Kanye West Get Famous

By Tiara

As we know, music artists have always enjoyed making popular songs and getting known for their work. Some musicians achieve this with very expensive or elaborate settings and props used in filming of their videos.

Kanye West is one such artist. He has consistently spent lots of money to promote his career by creating more interesting videos that get noticed by many people.

He began doing this when he was an up-and-coming rapper with no significant fan base. Since then, he has become well-known and famous!

Here, I will discuss some things you can do to be like him and gain recognition as an artist. These are ways to increase your YouTube channel views and earn followers from all across social media websites.

I will also talk about some funny stories related to him.

Started making music

how did kanye west get famous

As we know, rapper Kanye West is known for his eccentric style and frequent collaborations with other artists and celebrities. He’s also famous for being very candid about everything he feels passionately about. When he feels that something or someone has made an egregious error, he will let them know via social media or direct confrontation.

West began his career as a musician in 2007 when he released his debut album The College Dropout. Since then, he has gone on to create some of today’s most well-known songs like “Power!” and “Monster.”

He has also publicly declared himself to be a fan of several major pop stars including Taylor Swift, Katy Perry, and Rihanna.

In this article you will learn how Kanye got here – and what might be his next big move.

Became a rapper

how did kanye west get famous

Before we get into his music, let’s talk about how he got here. Most people know that Kanye started as a producer before transitioning to being an artist. He produced songs for other artists such as Drake, Rihanna, and Beyoncé and even released two of his own albums!

But what many don’t realize is that Kanye didn’t start producing for other artists until his sophomore year at Dartmouth College where he studied art. While he was studying fashion design, he would produce tracks and put them online. It wasn’t until later when he transferred schools and added rapping to his repertoire that things really took off.

His first big break came from The Weeknd. After meeting him through a mutual friend, Kanye sent him his track “Monster.” The song features a very famous line — ‘I made it my mission in life to be bad’ – which inspired The Weekend to add his own flair to the lyrics. Since then, they have been close friends and collaborators.

Kanye has also worked with some pretty major names including Jay-Z, Daft Punk, Kendrick Lamar, Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake, Rick Ross, Ariana Grande, and more. Many of these collaborations have received significant acclaim making him one of the top hip hop producers.

He has also designed t shirts and hats under his label YEESA and launched his own shoe collection.

Sold millions of albums

how did kanye west get famous

After dropping his debut album The College Dropout in 2004, Ye made headlines for not only his music, but also his style. He was frequently seen wearing very flashy clothes and matching jewelry or shoes that cost a lot.

His fashion choices were mostly influenced by street styles from urban neighborhoods like Chicago and Oakland, California. He would add leather jackets and hats to keep it simple and cool.

He always kept himself in shape with workout sessions outside of recording songs. He would do things like running on the beach or through parks, weight lifting, boxing, yoga — you name it!

With every new song he released, he would get more popular and famous. His first hit “Bass” had lyrics such as, "I got big balls so I take my time/ But when I really want sex, I put some thoughts together." This sparked conversation about gender roles and sexuality.

Was sued by Taylor Swift

how did kanye west get famous

After his debut album, The College Dropout, was released in 2004, rapper Ye has never been one to shy away from media attention or promoting himself. He made his name as an outspoken artist with strong opinions that have sparked conversations across the music community and beyond.

He’s also frequently accused of plagiarism and copyright infringement. In 2016, he faced legal action for allegedly lifting lyrics and melodies from two songs – “Cliquey Culture” and “Monster” – for his own song “Famous.”

In August 2018, he received another lawsuit after posting what some deemed to be pro-Trump comments at a concert. Since then, many more accusations of racism, homophobia, and xenophobia have surfaced online.

Despite all this negativity, how did we get here?

Kanye is well known for being dramatic and passionate about everything he puts his nose into, so it's no wonder he attracted negative reactions during his rise to fame. This article will look at the reasons why people are drawn to him and how they influence his career and life.

Married Kim Kardashian

In May of 2008, just over one year ago, Kanye West made his fashion statement by unveiling a new look for himself at an event held in Los Angeles. He had chopped off his long hair and grown it out into what would become known as a mussed-up “pixie” cut with razor precision.

He paired this hairdo with oversized sweatshirts and pants that were patterned to resemble jeans, creating a fashionable wardrobe staple. Since then, he has modified his hairstyle several more times but has never lost the pixie face!

With every new style, though, he always includes the signature shaved sides and nose. His most recent inspiration comes from Japanese culture, where people often grow thin mustaches or go full fake beard.

Since he debuted his famous looks, he has received both praise and criticism for them. Many admire his unique sense of fashion while some feel his designs are too expensive or distracting from his main career platform — music.

Became a billionaire

how did kanye west get famous

As mentioned earlier, it took some time for Ye to really come into his own as an artist. He released his first album in 2007 with no major success other than his loyal fan base. It wasn’t until he paired up with popular producer The Runway that things started to take off.

After producing several of each other’s songs, The Runway invited Ye to join him and Jay-Z at their New Year’s Eve party. “I felt like I was walking into a club and meeting two people who were defining what kind of music we would make together,” Ye said about the night he met Hov.

He continued by saying how inspired he was by their artistic creativity and work ethic. Since then, he has worked with both rappers and musicians all across different genres and fields. Some even say he helped them find success outside of hip hop!

Kanye is one of the most famous individuals in our culture today. Not only is he rich, but he also makes powerful statements about social issues and politics. His passion for art and fashion helps him stand out from the rest.

His creative style sets him apart and earns him respect. Many artists strive to sound just like everyone else, but not Kanye.

He knows what sounds good and he will use them to get the job done. This is why his music sounds unique and well put together.

Had a baby

how did kanye west get famous

After dropping out of college, Kim Kardashian got pregnant with their first child in 2005. They welcomed daughter North in June 2006. She is now twenty-one years old.

Kim gave birth to her second child, son Saint, in September 2008. He was eight months at the time.

Kanye and Kris Jenner’s relationship deteriorated after she found out about his affair. In May 2017, they divorced. Since then, he has had relationships with several other women.

He also made headlines for some of his rants against people including Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and others. Many consider him to be very outspoken and polarizing.

He once said that Jesus would not like how he treated people and talked about religion being a “myth.” He later apologized for those comments.

Overall though, most people think he's pretty charismatic. He inspired many through his music and style. His fashion sense influenced many popular brands.

Launched a fashion line

how did kanye west get famous

After dropping out of college, rapper Kanye West decided to launch his own clothing brand! He designed his collection in his very own style – which received lots of praise.

West’s fashion sense is known for its use of bold colors and patterns. Many say that he inspires people to experiment with fashion by letting them run wild with their creativity.

His clothes are also known for having significant messages or statements attached to them. For example, one of his most popular designs features the word “Jesus” printed across the chest.

Since then, Kanye has launched several other brands including YEEZY, footwear company SWISH MESH, and tech company GFX ON.