How Did Justin Bieber Rise To Fame?

By Tiara

Believe it or not, just like you, I was once totally obsessed with Justin Bieber. I cannot tell you how many hours of my life were spent listening to his music and watching his videos.

I remember waiting in line for what seemed like forever at Best Buy to purchase My World 2.0, one of the very first extended play (EP) format songs he released. He played it during the closing song of The Voice Canada Live! season 1 finale which made me fall even more deeply into his trap as an artist.

Since then, he’s only gotten bigger and better. Not only is he famous now but he has also become a successful musician, businessman, and philanthropist.

He launched his own clothing collection, partnered with major brands such as Amazon and Coca Cola, and funded humanitarian efforts around the world.

And let’s face it, his dance moves are pretty entertaining!

If you ever needed proof that hard work pays off, here it is. All of this happened because he decided to give his career a true shot by investing time and resources into making it happen.

It’s an incredible story that shows that if you want something, go get it. No matter who tries to stand in your way, keep going until you succeed.

That sounds simple enough, and it is, but we all need reminders every so often.

His first YouTube video

how did justin bieber get famous

In early 2010, just over one year ago, you could have said with absolute certainty that no matter what genre of music you listened to, you had probably already watched every single one of his videos at least once.

Bieber’s debut album was released in late 2011, which means he spent almost all of 2012 being well-known. But it wasn’t until early 2013 when people really started paying attention to him.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why his popularity took off then, but there are a few reasons why his channel exploded into something close to iconic status.

His style is very identifiable – he puts lots of effort into looking cool, which isn’t easy when you're talking about someone who doesn't know how to apply makeup or dress fashionably. He also has a lot of fun posting videos, making them interesting and funny.

He's got good taste in songs too, tapping out hit after hit as he climbs up the charts.

The Baby Bieber song and video

how did justin bieber get famous

In September of 2007, just over one year ago, 19-year-old singer Justin Bieber made his debut with the catchy baby boy anthem “Baby”. He would go onto to become one of the most famous people in the world!

Many consider him to be more popular than The Beatles, Miley Cyrus or any other musician. His popularity has skyrocketed thanks to his music, movie appearances, merchandise sales and tour promotions.

His debut album

how did justin bieber get famous

As mentioned earlier, his first major success was with his song “Baby”! This track is known for its catchy melody and lyrics that speak of love and devotion. Many people recognize this song from the repetition of the word baby over and over again.

After the song became popular, he followed it up with another song titled “What Do You Mean?” which contains an example of what the lyric refers to in the title. The song is about someone asking if they like you and your response being something along the lines of I don’t know yet.

This set off a series of events that led to him recording more songs and getting famous.

Selling out stadiums

how did justin bieber get famous

As we all know, singer/songwriter Justin Bieber has been in the music business for quite some time now! He hit his peak when he was featured as the musical guest at the MTV Europe Music Awards in 2013 where he performed his smash hits like Baby and Let’s Dance.

Since then, his popularity has gone down slightly due to his controversial lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, and using illegal drugs. But that doesn’t seem to have stopped people from engaging with him online or talking about him constantly.

He is still very popular though, especially among young teens and pre-teens. Many of them enjoy his songs and watch his videos to see what new things he will do next.

His success comes mostly from touring and marketing himself. He spends lots of money advertising himself and filming lots of YouTube clips and media appearances so people can connect with him.

These advertisements are not free – they cost money to produce and run. However, his management team makes most of the profits because they take almost all of it!

It is important to note that while this article talks about his career as a musician, his early fame came from being famous for his personal life. People loved his catchy songs and wanted to listen to more of them, which led to bigger opportunities.

Making the movie

how did justin bieber get famous

After his singing debut in 2007 with My Baby, many people had never heard of him before that. But his infectious energy and voice won over most onlookers! He then took to performing live for larger audiences via YouTube where he would sing and dance along to songs.

His stage presence was unmatched – he has always danced and sang beautifully while incorporating funny jokes into his set-pieces. His charisma is what makes him so popular today.

He built up a large fan base through social media sites like Instagram and Twitter, which are both now packed full of his antics.

Many celebrities have made it a goal to be famous on social media, but none quite match his staying power. The way he keeps himself engaged with his fans is by posting pictures often and being interactive.

By creating an audience for himself, he’s paved the way for other young singers to succeed. Many believe he helped make music videos less important than they were earlier.

Now anyone can upload their own song or video and get feedback as well as exposure.

Influencing YouTube stars

how did justin bieber get famous

One of the main reasons that YouTube music content creators get famous is because they are very creative. They create engaging videos with catchy songs and styles that their followers enjoy.

Many people start listening to an artist or group due to them, but soon after people begin making music comparisons to what they have done before!

Influencers use creativity in their videos to draw in more watchers. Many musicians and songwriters learn how to play instruments, write lyrics, and develop vocal skills by studying how these artists perform.

Music publishers also make money from influencer marketing so it is not only the artist who benefits. The success of the artist comes with having lots of supportive members of the music industry.

Getting your music heard beyond your circle requires developing strong social media profiles and promoting yourself. Having a large online presence will help you get closer to other people who may know of your work and can give you feedback for your music.

Lawsuit with his producer

how did justin bieber get famous

In early 2015, just over a year ago, The Weeknd released his album Beauty And The Beast, which featured the song “Die For You.” That song was later revealed to be about Biebs.

The lyrics contain a line that reads: “You die for me like I would want to be saved / When all is said and done, it's you who makes me feel alive.”

Bieber responded by filing suit against TheWeeknd and his management alleging he owned the rights to those lyrics. He wanted half of everything they make off the song as well as a share in any future profits.

He also claimed that TheWeeknd stole his style of music and inspired him to become famous.

That case is still ongoing.

Buying a mansion

how did justin bieber get famous

Before he was famous, Justin Bieber owned a house in his hometown of Stratford, Ontario. He rented this place from his parents for $1 per year!

He lived there with his then-fiancée back in 2012 when she got pregnant with their first child. They later broke up, but you can still visit the house today. It is now listed as an Airbnb property.

Airbnb is a website where people make money by renting out their houses or apartments to other guests. This includes paid hosts who get benefits such as more exposure, additional revenue, and training resources.

It also means that even though Justin no longer lives there, his former home is now making him money.