How Did Justin Bieber Get Famous

By Tiara

Believe it or not, almost every famous person you know was once considered very unpopular or even infamous. Some made changes to improve their image before finding success. Others were just plain lucky enough to be in the right place at the wrong time!

With that said, there’s one small town where an unknown kid performed for no money in front of mostly empty bars with little more than his voice and charisma. He left all he had back home behind and now he is among the most well-known people in the world.

What makes someone get popular? It isn’t always due to your choice of clothing, hairstyle, or song lyrics. Sometimes, it takes nothing but an eye-catching smile and some talent to win over crowds.

In this article, we will look into how young singer/songwriter Justin Bieber got so big. We will talk about his early career, what changed his public perception, and how he stayed successful despite constant media exposure.

He will also tell us why he thinks his popularity has gone too far. What are his thoughts on the amount of attention he receives today? You may find his answers interesting.

Popularized music

how did justin bieber get famous

Before we get into how Justin Bieber got famous, let’s talk about what made him special in the first place. He was popularized through his music. Music is something that everyone can relate to at least somewhat.

Music has universal themes that appeal to many people. For example, most people can agree that songs with catchy melodies are cool. There’t much more you can say about it!

As such, most people can enjoy other musicians’ work for this reason alone. In fact, many people who listen to mostly instrumental music (no lyrics) have still managed to make their music seem important and influential.

Having an intimate connection with your musical medium gives you confidence as a musician. You know what you like, so you stick to it, and others admire you for it. This seems to help motivate you to keep practicing and developing your skills further.

Bieber clearly had this talent from early on. As mentioned before, his music was enough to win over new fans every time. His infectious energy and desire to succeed helped fuel his climb to fame even more.

But there were also some things about his music that set him apart from the rest. These qualities contributed heavily to his success as a musician. They’re worth exploring now!

2 Important Themes In Biebersongs That Help Make Him Great

1. Melody

Melody is the part of a song that appeals to our emotional side.

Appeared on the first Bieber video

how did justin bieber get famous

Many people know how popular singer, songwriter, and producer Justin Timberlake is today, but very few know who his musical inspiration was when he was a kid. Before he became one of the best-selling artists in the world, he listened to a lot of music. His early favorites include The Beatles, Nickelback, and Bruno Mars.

In fact, some musicians have even said that they are inspired by what Timberlakes’s music represents — confidence.

He comes across as extremely confident in both his songs and himself as an artist. This has helped him gain many followers and fans.

Timberlake now enjoys success beyond just singing and producing music. He writes, directs, and produces most of his own material as well.

His track record is undeniable – he has won three Grammy Awards, ten Billboard Music Award nominations, two MTV Video Music Award wins, and nine American Music Award nods. He also boasts eight number one singles on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

Became a celebrity

how did justin bieber get famous

As we know, the media can play an important part in shaping people’s perceptions of you. The way that the media portrays someone will have an effect on their perception of you.

For example, after music icon Taylor Swift cancelled her concert due to concerns about audience safety, she received criticism for cancelling. Some argued that by doing so, she got paid enough money for her show, so why worry about safety?

This ignores the fact that performing arts venues are not designed with security measures like they are for sports arenas or theatres where there is more crowd exposure. It also downplays the importance of artistic expression as an integral part of our culture.

Furthermore, some pointed out that since Swift spent her career encouraging others to be kind and respectful, it was hypocritical of her to ask for safety precautions at her own event.

These arguments clearly don’t factor in how much danger artists face when performing! In fact, studies show that up to 70% of musicians experience musician’s stress syndrome (AMS) – which includes symptoms such as anxiety, depression, irritability, mood swings, and physical effects such as aches and pains.1

It is very common for musicians to suffer from AMS because of excessive pressure to succeed in their field, perfectionist tendencies, and/or having less than perfect relationships with other members of the band.

Grew his fan base

how did justin bieber get famous

Before he was famous, Justin Bieber had to work hard to gain recognition. He needed to develop and grow his fanbase.
He started off by sharing his music with people through YouTube before it became popular. Then he took that opportunity and built an audience there!

By creating your own channel and putting out quality content, you will attract new viewers who will eventually be inspired to start listening to or buying his songs.

His first song got over 10 million views in less than a year so his style of music has crossed a line into mainstream success. People enjoy his catchy lyrics, melodies, and vocals; therefore, his music is very accessible.

Another way he grew his popularity was by meeting other aspiring musicians and giving them tips.

Made a movie

how did justin bieber get famous

Many people know of pop singer Justin Bieber for his hit songs like Baby, Never Let You Go or Even If We Try Now. But how did he get there? He made the decision to make a music video!

In May 2010, just one month after launching his YouTube channel, Bieber filmed his first short song and music video called “My World”. The lyrics tell the story of someone who feels left out and lonely in their life, but then they meet someone else and things start changing.

It is very possible that this other person inspired him to write his own song and add some vocals to it. Either way, his career as a musician was underway!

Since then, he has continued filming videos and releasing them via his YouTube channel and Vevo account.

Became a billionaire

how did justin bieber get famous

Believe it or not, just like any other person who becomes famous, there is a way for him to stay that celebrity. He must continue to put in the work into his career he already has an audience for!

Bieber now has his own fashion line, house music albums, and even his very own fragrance. All of these things are profitable and he makes money off of them every day.

His first clothing collection was called “Underdogs” which consisted of t-shirts and sweatshirts with funny sayings and slogans. Since then, he has released several more collections including one for his birthday this year!

He also has his own house music album titled Purpose which features songs such as Dance With Me!, Baby I Need You!, and Love Yourself. And lastly, his own perfume was launched in March 2019, it is called For What It's Worth and costs $60 per bottle.

These products all make money and he gets paid well for promoting them through social media sites and telling people about them. His main platform is YouTube so he can create new videos for each product to promote them.

Brought back Bieber fever

how did justin bieber get famous

Many people enjoy listening to music, but there is an exception for some songs. Some songs are just too catchy or engaging to listen to! People start singing parts of the song or doing things related to the song in order to get their own fix of the song.

It is impossible to listen to a few minutes of a new song without copying at least one part of it or performing something related to the song. This is what made musicians famous before YouTube and social media sites like Facebook.

Some artists use this technique to gain more followers or fans. Technically anyone can do this, but only popular artist promote it by including references to the song in different settings and incorporating the style into their fashion or art.

Continued to release new music

how did justin bieber get famous

It’s no surprise that he made his big break in America as a singer, but how did he get there? He spent years developing his craft as a musician before hitting it big.

He started performing songs and singing at small events back when he was just 16-years-old! His first ever performance took place for his high school theatre production and he received such great feedback from audience members that he decided to start touring more frequently.

From then on, his musical career took off quickly!

He performed several times per week which allowed him to hone his skills while also meeting many people who supported his dreams. This is what helped him gain popularity and friendships all across North America.

His success comes down to his work ethic and passion for music. You can tell he loves what he does by how hard he works and how much energy he puts into his performances.