How Did Jojo Siwa Get Famous

By Tiara

A few years back, there was a YouTube channel that caught our eye for several reasons. Not only did it feature mostly lip-syncing videos of popular songs, but its members also included comedian Ariana Grande!

We loved their style so much that we started copying some of their moves. Then other people noticed this trend and now they’re famous.

Their popularity has skyrocketed due to the way they dance and lip sync songs. Many artists have even made their own versions of the dance or song and added their own flair to them.

Some singers have even called them out as thieves because of this influence. But hey, if you're going to steal from us, at least make something your own first! ; )

There are many different types of dancers who get inspired by these YouTubers. Some learn how to do the dances themselves, while others add their own unique touches to the music. Either way, it is beautiful to watch.

Many find inspiration from just one member alone, but when they couple those movements with a song, the results can be mesmerizing.

She started a YouTube channel

how did jojo siwa get famous

After graduating high school, Siwan decided to pursue her dreams of being a singer. Luckily, she discovered YouTubers who trained their own voice and music skills by creating a platform for themselves!

Her first song was actually not related to singing at all but instead was an advertisement or parody of The Office (TV show). Since then, her songs have changed tone mostly depending on the situation and genre.

She has also recorded covers and parodies of other popular songs such as One Direction’s What Makes Us Different and Katy Perry’s Fire.

These are some great examples of how she uses music in her career to get exposure.

She began making videos and posting them on Instagram

how did jojo siwa get famous

As we know, before she got famous as a YouTube personality, JoJo spent her early years working in fashion stores and marketing positions at major corporations. Her career took a turn when she decided to begin filming herself singing and dancing to songs for the community to watch.

This is what made her YouTube channel a success! It’s a well-paying hobby that she has turned into a full time job. Since then, her followers have grown massively and she now has over 5 million subscribers and almost 2 billion views on all of her content.

She is also very generous with her money and charity donations. Many people are inspired by her generosity and spending habits.

She began making videos and posting them on Twitter

how did jojo siwa get famous

In May 2017, Siwan posted her first video as a creator online. It quickly racked up over 1 million views in just under a month!

Since then she’s continued to grow her fan base through entertaining, quirky, and sometimes unexpected content. Her large social media presence has allowed her to connect with many people across the globe!

Siwan now boasts more than 2.6 million followers on all of her accounts, including 930K on Instagram alone! That makes her one of the most popular YouTubers out there.

She also enjoys having lots of diverse friends who support each other and believe in her creative talents. Many know her for her comedy skits and reactions, but she also does fashion and makeup reviews, music sets, and more.

She began making videos and posting them on her TV show

As we mentioned before, she made her first appearance as an extra on The WB’s popular sitcom, Drake & Josh. Since then, however, she has gone onto bigger things!

Her self-produced YouTube channel currently boasts over 1 million subscribers and her TV show is still in production today!

You may have seen some of her content before – she even received media coverage for appearing in a video where other YouTubers make fake pregnancies.

But how did she get here?

She started creating content back in 2015 when she was just 16 years old! And now, three years later, she is one of the biggest YouTuber influencers around.

She sold merchandise

how did jojo siwa get famous

After graduating high school, Siwan spent her time developing her skills in dancing and singing. Her talent was clearly visible when she was very young as she would perform at many events for free!

Her first paid performance happened when she was still in middle school. A YouTube channel asked if anyone could help them design their page look and style, so she offered to do it for them! Since then she has been designing covers and logos and creating new accounts to promote their business.

This is how she got into selling merchandise- by doing it for money! It’s like investing in yourself; you get experience buying products and marketing strategies from paying customers.

She opened her own boutique

how did jojo siwa get famous

After launching her career as an influencer, she now owns her very own line of jewelry and apparel called ISQO. The brand is inspired by nature and space, and thus its name stands for Inspiration, Space, Quality, Style, and Originality.

Siwan’s jewelry includes necklaces, earrings, rings, and bracelets that are designed to be striking, elegant, and creative. Many features include crystals or other gems that twinkle in all shades of the spectrum.

Her clothing collection includes dress shirts and sweatshirts with fun patterns or designs that stand out. Both brands have lots of followers, which shows how successful they are!

Running her business solo has allowed her to focus completely on her success without any distractions. It also gives her more flexibility when it comes time to take vacations since she owns the company.

She began making videos and posting them on her website

how did jojo siwa get famous

In May 2016, Siwan posted her first video titled “How to Dance Like Me!” The song she used was sung by Ariana Grande with the lyrics “Break down / Make-up, take off your clothes.”

Siwan then got into position and danced to the music while singing along. Her dance style is very reminiscent of some of the dances from Japanese anime or manga.

Her audience gave her good feedback so she started creating more dancing videos. Since then, she has over 1 million followers on all major social media sites like Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

She also does charity work for different organizations that help promote health and wellness. These include diabetes awareness programs and charities for children.

Overall, this young dancer has done extremely well for herself. She makes lots of money doing what she loves, meets many people, and educates others about fitness and self-care.

Drinking enough water and eating nutritious foods can play an important role in your overall health and wellness. If you want to see how much talent this artist has, look no further than their drinking habits!

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She began making videos and posting them on Pinterest

how did jojo siwa get famous

After developing her YouTube channel in 2016, she was signed to an agency that got her some media exposure. Since then, she has her own show on Nickelodeon called iCarly!

Her first big break came when she made a video poking fun at another YouTuber’s style. It soon went viral and landed her a role on TV as “Chandler” — a supporting character on the sitcom Drake & Josh.

She later received more recognition for her second skit, where she dressed up as Darth Vader’s daughter and sang a parody of Beyoncé’s song Formation. The song quickly garnered over 1 million views all by itself, setting up JoJo as a music artist.

Music is one of her biggest passions, so she now tours with her band and does other projects like recording songs and designing t-shirts.