How Did Johnny Depp Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, actor and musician extraordinaire Johnny Depp is quite popular these days. He has racked up many accolades for his acting career, which includes starring in some of the biggest blockbusters of our time like The Hunger Games, Alice In Wonderland, Pirates Of The Caribbean, and most recently The Mummy!
As funny as it may sound, he did not become famous by just being really good at pretending to be angry or depressed for a few minutes every day.

He made his name through his portrayal and performance of quirky, eccentric characters that are hard to relate to but who still want what they want and will do anything to get it- the kind of people that other people look up to.

His personal life seems to be constantly in the spotlight as well, with reports of both cheating scandals and diva behavior surfacing almost daily.

But aside from his professional accomplishments and public appearances, there’s one thing about Johnny that always stands out to me…he loves animals. A lot.

In this article you’ll find out more information about his love for dogs and how he got into owning them.

The “Pirates of the Caribbean” franchise

As mentioned earlier, his career as an actor was not always going so well for him. He had just finished filming the movie The Rum Diary in Jamaica when he got the offer to play Captain Jack Sparrow in the Pirates Of The Caribbean movies.

He negotiated a salary that was 2 times what he made before! And now he is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. He has also won several awards for his work.

He still struggles with his self-confidence at times but overall he feels very happy with how his life turned out. He knows he will keep working hard and believing in himself because of what happened here.

The “Edward Scissorhands” film

how did johnny depp get famous

Many people credit the success of actor Johnathan Thomas "Johnny" Depp with making him famous. He is most well known for his work in film, particularly action-packed adventure films.

His first big break was playing Edward Scissorhands, an eccentric young man who cuts himself off from society due to grief over the death of his parents. While filming the movie adaptation of the Stephen King novel about the same name, he met director Tim Burton. They became close friends and have since worked together on several other projects.

Since then, he has starred in many popular movies including Pirates of the Caribbean (2003) and the recent blockbuster hit The Dark Knight Rises.

He also voices major characters in animated features, such as Madam Marge in Lady Bird and Captain Jack in Despicable Me.

The “Fantastic Beasts” franchise

how did johnny depp get famous

Most people know of actor Johnny Depp for his work in such blockbuster hit films as Pirates of the Caribbean, Edward Cullen in Twilight, and most recently, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. He has also lent his acting talent to various TV shows like Deadwood, Reno 911! And even directed one movie called Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas!

But how did this successful career come to be? It began back when he was just a kid.

He started off very young appearing in small TV roles including an episode of Charlie’s Angels and some parts in Growing Up Brady. But it was his performance as the title character in 1989′s Captain America that really got him into hot water.

After filming finished, fans noticed something strange about his portrayal of Steve Rogers/Captain America. They pointed out that he didn’t seem quite himself. His voice cracked more than usual, he seemed distracted, and at times, he wasn’t sure who Captain America was anymore.

Commercial success

how did johnny depp get famous

After his debut in The Barefoot Contessa, in 1984, he quickly landed supporting roles in major studio films such as Dead Man Walking, Cry-Baby and Jack of All Trades. He also starred in and directed the cult hit The Florida Project, which was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Picture!

But it wasn’t until later that he really got his big break. In 1989, he made what many consider to be his defining contribution to cinema with Edward Scissorhands. For this role, he won both a Golden Globe and SAG award for best actor.

Since then, his career has been full of accolades and milestones, including five Oscars, two Grammys, three American Film Institute awards and numerous other recognitions and achievements.

He is one of only eight actors to have their very own star on Hollywood Boulevard, and he still appears in top tier blockbusters today. Most recently, he played the title character in Gore Verbinski's Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise, making him one of the highest paid actors in America.

Recognition by the Academy Awards

how did johnny depp get famous

Many believe that his first true break into popular culture was when he won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor in the 2013 film The Music of Life. He played Dr. John Watson, a famous psychiatrist who has lost his sense of self-value and confidence due to his overbearing wife (played by Annette Bening).

His portrayal garnered him widespread recognition and praise. His fellow actors took notice of how dedicated he was while filming, as well as his performance once completed. Following his nomination, many people noticed a change in his behavior, including those who work with or know him.

He ceased interacting with others, and would only eat food that had been prepared and packaged professionally. He also stopped shaving and grooming himself, which is what made his hair grow quickly during the production of the movie.

This is not normal behavior for most men his age, making his appearance more dramatic. Some say this influence comes from his fear of death, but few understand it fully.

It's possible that part of his success came from his ability to tap into the fears and insecurities of other people. People are always fearful or insecure at some point in their lives, and acting is a way to connect with them.

Become an actor

how did johnny depp get famous

As we know, it’s not easy being famous. Having success as a celebrity requires more than just having good looks or talent in a few areas. It takes years of hard work to reach that level. And even then, some people are much easier to recognize than others!

If you want to be a successful actress, for example, you can’t simply pick up a book and say your part loudly. You have to go through many rounds of auditions before getting a chance to show what you got.

And while having lots of fans may help you gain recognition quickly, only very few people get to enjoy that benefit forever. After all, most people don’t become instant internet legends overnight.

With all this in mind, how did actor Johnny Depp manage to achieve such fame? He spent his life working on himself by educating himself about the art of acting and developing his skills beyond what anyone could ever teach him.

He also never stopped seeking out new experiences and exploring different genres and styles of filmmaking. The combination of these things made it possible for him to keep learning and improving his craft while still coming off as interesting and unique.

Johnny would probably tell you that his greatest asset is his imagination, but I think he’d agree that staying curious is one of his biggest strengths too.

Switch to directing

how did johnny depp get famous

After earning his acting degree, he tried his hand at both producing and writing. He made his feature directorial debut with the 1999 film The Beach Bum. It was not well received by critics or audiences, but it did earn him some accolades for his directing skills.

He then directed the 2004 movie 21 Jump Street, which focused on two police officers who pretend to be high school students in order to infiltrate an inner-city gang. While most people didn’t like the movie, it did very well financially.

Since then, he has gone onto direct and produce many other movies that have not done as well critically or commercially. These include the 2013 action movie Transcendence, the 2014 horror flick Dead Man's Chest, and the 2018 spy thriller The Mummy!

General feeling towards his work is that while they may all have been good films, none of them were truly his own. He does not get the credit for what he puts into his projects and there are always higher profile actors around him who feel his influence.

Partner with Disney

how did johnny depp get famous

When people talk about how famous actor Johnny Depp is, it’s usually because of two things – his acting career or his frequent appearances in major media events like movie premieres and awards shows. But there are actually several reasons why he became well-known.

He was already popular before he achieved big screen success, however. He has been featured in various TV programs and movies for years!

His first significant exposure came when he made his feature film debut as Edward “The Prince” Murchison in 1991’s The Frog King, an adaptation of Arnold Lobster (a classic children’s novel by Neil Gaiman). Since then, he has gone on to star in many other high profile films such as Pirates Of The Caribbean, Alice In Wonderland, and most recently, The Mummy!

These days, he mostly appears in blockbusters that use his recognizable face and voice as part of the marketing campaign. And even though he is paid very handsomely for these collaborations, he never stops working to expand his brand beyond just his appearance.

He publishes personal essays and gives motivational speeches, hosts game show competitions, and invests money in socially responsible causes. He also don’t shy away from telling all sorts audience what kind of products they should be using or endorsing.

He once said, ‘I really believe we’re here to help each other out.