How Did Joe Rogan Get Famous Over Time?

By Tiara

As we all know, comedian and actor Joe Rogan has done some incredible things to become famous. He started his career as an internet personality before getting popularized through his podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” which he hosts with Meka Rauch.

He is also well known for hosting two of the biggest comedy festivals in the world, The Global Comedy Festival and GCN (Global Comedy Night). Both of these events have helped many up-and-coming comedians gain exposure and recognition.

However, it was not always easy for him to reach this level. It took years of work and dedication for him to get here. This article will talk about how he got so big and what you can learn from his success strategies.

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Started a podcast

how did joe rogan get famous

In 2005, host Joe Rogan started an online show called The Reel World with his friend Alexia Robinson. They both contributed to the show together until 2017, when Robinson left to pursue other opportunities.

The two would talk about movies and TV shows and they’d give their opinions. Over time, the show gained enough momentum that people began to listen to it instead of watching the movie or television show itself.

Rogan’s audience listened as he discussed the movie or show while also listening to what he had to say about the in-depth process of producing films and programs. He shared insights into how filmmakers and writers create stories and how media influenced his own life.

His popularity continued to grow beyond just entertainment conversations. His YouTube channel has over 40 million subscribers who watch him discuss everything from politics to sports to science to music.

He is famous for being open and honest with his guests, taking no prisoners when necessary. This quality helped make his show popular and allowed his personality to shine through.

Became a comedian

how did joe rogan get famous

As discussed earlier, being famous means different things to different people. For some, it’s having a large social circle that includes others who know them well, lots of opportunities to meet others while they work, and expensive clothes. A small amount of these items is not considered too much for many people with big-name careers!

For other people, however, it’s about putting in effort into activities that don’t necessarily pay off immediately but will later. This can be anything from running outside every day or swimming once a week to mastering an instrument or painting. It’s spending time developing skills and learning from your mistakes instead of just doing what you have done before.

Joe Rogan has been very successful as a broadcaster since he made his debut on Comedy Central in 2001. But it wasn’t always so. He spent several years trying out various styles and ideas before settling on his current one – hosting comedy podcasts where he interviews notable comedians and individuals in related fields.

He also doesn’t advertise himself as the show’s host or even mention his name too often during the episodes he produces or co-produces. His fame comes mostly from his audience, people who listen to the podcast and watch his TV shows or visit his website. These followers feel connected to him and believe he knows something important about life.

Became a YouTuber

how did joe rogan get famous

After leaving The Jerry Springer Show, comedian Joe Rogan began hosting his own talk show, The Joe Rogan Experience. While he started off with only 250 thousand followers, now he has over 15 million!

Joe is well known for being candid and real when talking to people of all backgrounds and situations. He doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to issues either, making him popular across most ideologies.

He also loves science so he often talks about that as well.

Became a social media influencer

how did joe rogan get famous

As mentioned earlier, Joe has always enjoyed sharing his knowledge with others and creating conversations around interesting topics. He started posting videos online back in 2004 when he first launched The Reel World! Channel. At that time, it was just him talking to the camera as he shared experiences, lessons, and insights into life.

It wasn’t until 2009 when things really took off for him. That's when he made the decision to start hosting an internet radio show called The Listening Place. It was at this stage where he truly became famous, not only because of how popular the show is, but also due to all of the great content he continues to create today.

Since then, he has hosted over 1,000 episodes across various shows, including ones like Talk ShowTheory and Relationship Mastery With Jesse. He has also published several books, such as Power Of Broke And Being Poor (2016) and Meditation For Non-Meditators (2017).

Started a podcast network

Before he was known for having one of the largest audiences for his talk show, before he was famous for being an entrepreneur, before he became arguably the most popular personality in the media industry, Joe Rogan started a podcasting company!

In 2005, after leaving The Jerry Springer Show to host Loose Nuts with Jimmy Kimmel, Rogers launched The Podcast Network with DJ Blake Gossard. Since then, it has grown into the biggest platform for entertainment podcasts out there.

Now, the company hosts over 800 different shows that have collectively garnered more than 40 million downloads and is still growing every day.

Joe’s talent as an entertainer really shined through while running this business, though. He always had to be thinking about how to get people listening to his shows and supporting his colleagues and themselves.

He never rested on his laurels or took himself too seriously, which made his success even bigger. People loved him because he didn’t take himself overly seriously.

Became a brand ambassador

how did joe rogan get famous

As mentioned earlier, Joe is famous for his love of comedy and talk shows. But he’s also well-known as an outspoken critic of politics and current events. He has no qualms sharing his thoughts even if they are not popular or seem like “bombshells.”

Since launching The Reel World in 2008, he has done just that – shared his opinion about everything from celebrity gossip to political issues.

He doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to topics such as feminism, religion, capitalism or socialism. Nor does he back down when people try to start arguments with him or try to tell him how to run his show.

But all this criticism only makes him more passionate about what he talks about, and him becoming increasingly well-known means there’s an ever growing audience who agrees with at least some of his points.

As his profile continues to rise, so do his opportunities to give back through charitable work or investment in products and companies that make an impact beyond just their profits.

Launched a podcast line

how did joe rogan get famous

In 2005, host of The Voice of Reason radio show Joe Rogan launched his own podcasting platform with just one other person — himself! His now-legendary company is the industry leader in popularity and success that it is today.

Rogan’s Podcast Empire now boasts over 120 million downloads and more than 1 billion content listens per month across all of his channels. He has also appeared as a guest speaker at numerous universities to talk about his career and influence.

He is an outspoken critic of political and social institutions, which he says contribute to mass suffering and unhappiness for large portions of the population. At times, this can lead to radical action or movements such as the Occupy movement and the current populist shift we are witnessing around the globe.

His entertaining conversational style makes him a favorite media figure among both casual and hardcore listeners looking for insight into life and spirituality.

Many people know him for his love of comedy and self-deprecation, but there are many others who listen for his knowledge in politics, philosophy, science, and history. He is well known for being open and honest with his guests, never passing up an opportunity to ask tough questions or share his beliefs.

It is no surprise then that he has built a legacy as one of the most influential people in our culture.

Became a movie producer

how did joe rogan get famous

As we know, comedian and talk show host Joe Rogan got his start as a popular radio personality in America. But it’s not like he always had his eye on the entertainment industry. He studied business at Stanford before dropping out to pursue comedy full-time.

In fact, one of his very first jobs after quitting school was working as an assistant manager at Comedy Central. It wasn’t long before he was given more responsibility, leading him to produce his own weekly TV show.

His rise from there is pretty well documented. Now, he's arguably the most famous face in media (and probably has some of the biggest earbuds too).

He produced The Listening Podcast with Graham Clutterly back in 2008, which eventually led to them creating The Gist. Since then, they've both done many other things together, including hosting several podcasts of their own.