How Did Jessie J Become Famous

By Tiara

After rising to fame as a singer with her powerful voice, Grammy-winning artist Jessie J has made headlines for her clever use of social media. With over 6 million followers across all platforms, she doesn’t shy away from sharing pictures or stories that are off the wall or funny!

Her infectious laughter and sweet personality have helped make her one of the most well-known artists in the music industry. While her musical style is mostly categorized as pop (think Adele!), it also includes some hip hop and R&B touches.

She is famous for writing and singing her own songs including ones like Break Up By Now, Who I Be Without You, and Living My Life For Someone Else.

So what makes her song lyrics so compelling? Let us look into it here!

Music writer and journalist

Writing your own songs is an excellent way to expose yourself to new types of music. As you grow more experienced as a musician, other writers’ work will help you pick up additional tips and tricks.

Released first album

how did jessie j became famous

After winning The X-Factor in 2012, under the stage name of Jessica O’Brien, singer/songwriter Jessie J released her debut studio album I was so inspired by my time working with music at such an impressive level.

I wanted to make music that people could connect to and listen to for hours. That it made them feel something, even if it's just happiness or hope. My songwriting comes from me, my experiences and everything around me.

It all goes into making songs and lyrics that touch someone else.

Won MTV Video Music Award

how did jessie j became famous

After winning Best Pop Song for “Bang Bang” in May, 2017, it was time to celebrate! But there was one little thing…Jessie had forgotten to bring her own dress. Luckily, she found a cheap black frock at a nearby store that would do the trick.

She wore this dress while accepting the award and even took some pictures with it! This is what made her famous – she owned her look and invested in fashionable clothes.

After the show, people noticed how stylish she looked and asked who designed her looks. Many referred to these as ‘JESSIE COLLAGES’ or ‘JESSIE DESIGNS’ because of the way she dressed herself.

This inspired other young artists to try designing their own outfits and being fashionable. It also helped them gain more followers on social media sites like Instagram where they could share their artistic side and be complimented for it.

Had a number one single

how did jessie j became famous

After winning The X Factor in 2012, singer-songwriter and actress Jessie J quickly became one of music’s biggest stars. Her infectious dance hit “Dance With My Daddy” earned her five Grammy nominations this year and she has been consistently putting out new songs ever since!

Her latest album is All About You and it just released last week. It is her first full length studio effort since 2013’s Who I Am and her second overall after 2010’s Impossible.

While most people know Jessie for her singing career, she also starred in several TV shows including Grown Ups 2 as well as hosting Saturday Night Live twice.

She made her feature film debut with Pitch Perfect 2 earlier this year and will next be seen in Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again in July 2019.

Sold out shows

how did jessie j became famous

After winning The X Factor in 2012, singer/songwriter Jessie J quickly landed her first major record deal with Syco Records (now Universal Music) and producer Alex da Kid. They worked together to write and produce her debut album I Was Made For This. It featured the hit singles “Price Tag” and "Bang Bang".

The song that made it onto Billboard's Best Dance Song of All Time is titled "Turnt up." And if you listened closely during the chorus, you could hear someone singing back-up vocals that sounded an awful lot like...Jessie!

"Turn me up," she sings, before breaking into her signature high note. "I need some turnt up!"

Since then, she has gone on to release several more top songs including "Too Bad", "No Tears In Heaven", and "Play With Me". She also won The Voice as herself twice making her famous for that too!

In addition to all of these accomplishments, she has starred in her own TV show, music videos, and feature films such as Pitch Perfect 2 and Living Proof.

Visited China

how did jessie j became famous

After leaving The X Factor in 2016, our favorite singer went onto have even more success. In fact, she now has her own show! On April 24th, Netflix premiered their new show, To Tell My Story. It follows the life of musician and actress Jessie J as she travels around the globe to meet fans, discuss her career, and tell her story.

In the premiere episode, we see Jessie meeting some young Chinese students that are passionate about music. They talk with her for several minutes before asking if anyone knows any songs about love. At this, Jessie starts singing “I Know What You’re Doing” along with them!

The scene ends with everyone laughing and clapping. This clearly shows how popular Jessie is in China! Many people know her song “What About Me?” which is very well known there.

Not only does she enjoy being famous in China, but she also enjoys helping other artists too! Back in May 2018, she appeared on The Voice of Germany where she helped promote an artist named Sarah Bolden. Since then, both singers have been collaborating and winning many awards together!

Overall, it seems like Jessie loves being famous and using her fame to help others! She is definitely not shy when it comes to sharing herself with the world.

Married Jordan Jones

how did jessie j became famous

After years of being in the music business, singer/songwriter Jessicah Johanson decided to take her career more seriously and launch as solo artist. In May 2016, she changed her name from Jessica Leanne Gabor to just “Jessie” and released her debut single titled Who I Am.

Her new stage persona was inspired by actress Ashley Greene who starred in The Actor's Life Story- a movie about people with strong personalities.

After receiving great feedback for her song, Jessie took some time off before deciding what next move would be. She eventually made the decision to pursue singing full time and launched a Kickstarter campaign to do so!

She reached her goal within 24 hours and now has access to professional recording equipment to produce her songs. Now that she is fully invested into his dream, Jessie can focus on it without any distractions.

Had a baby

After being in a relationship for two years, singer/songwriter Jessie J revealed that she was pregnant with her first child. She shared this news via an Instagram post on May 31, 2016. The post quickly went viral as people congratulated her on her decision to have a kid.

Some even pointed out how beautiful her and her partner’s children would be! While many admired her for choosing to parent, some criticized her for putting herself before her son or daughter.

Many thought it was unfair of her to put herself first when there are young kids involved. Others said she didn’t deserve the fame she has now because she doesn’t work hard enough to earn it.

But none of those things matter to Jessie.

She knows what she wanted and she worked really hard to get it. Her parents were supportive from the beginning so she has no reason to feel guilty about starting a family.

Her success means nothing if she isn’t happy and content with who she is as a person which she clearly is not.

So instead of feeling bad, she should celebrate her life and all that it brings her. Having a kid won’t take away from that.

Released another album

how did jessie j became famous

After announcing her engagement in May, singer-songwriter Jessicah Thiessant released her new EP, Take A Bow! The title track features Ariana Grande and was quickly met with praise. It has over 1 million views on YouTube as of this writing.

Thiessant’s music is mostly categorized under pop, but she does experiment with other genres here and there. She writes most of her songs herself and records them all by herself.

Her talent can be said to shine through no matter what genre her song belongs to. Her lyrics are always meaningful and she never fails to put a smile on your face. Many people have mentioned how her voice changes when singing different styles and how it fits the song perfectly.

She is known for being very open about her personal life which seems to help her feel comfortable in front of the camera. People seem to admire her for how down to earth she is even though she has such a large audience.