How Did Jennifer Lopez Get Famous?

By Tiara

Over the past few years, singer/actress/fashion icon Jennifer Lopez has solidified herself as one of the top celebrities in our society. With her hit song “On My Body” and show The Dance Moms, she has become well-known for her dancing skills.

Her success comes from being passionate about what you do and working hard to hone your craft. She is not only talented, but also works hard to keep learning new things so that she can continually improve her career.

She is also very generous with her time and money to help others. Not only does she spend lots of time promoting charities and giving speeches at events, but she frequently donates items or money to various causes.

Interpersonal relationships are an important part of Jennifer’s life. While some may consider her friendship group overbearing, they have helped her develop his strong social bonds.

Heck, even though she doesn’t always agree with their decisions, she still likes them! Her close friendships play an important role in her personal life and career.

Became a recording artist

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After leaving The LXs, Jen left New York to pursue her dreams in music. She moved into an apartment with her best friend, Elisa Hernandez. They would later find their way as roommates in another area of Los Angeles.

At this time, she had no money for instruments or studio facilities, so she made her own set up by buying a microphone and some speakers and then editing and enhancing them through software.

She recorded herself singing songs that she wanted to sing and eventually found success in it! Her first song was called If You Had Only Me Alone (And I’m trying hard not to laugh here) which she uploaded onto YouTube in August 2012.

It quickly got over one million views within just two weeks, most likely due to its catchy tune and beautiful lyrics. People also commented about how good her voice is and what a great singer she is.

Her next step was to look for producers to work with her and help take her music career to the next level. Luckily, she met several people via social media who helped give her advice and introductions to professionals in the industry.

After meeting these people, she invested in professional equipment to record and produce her music, and now we have proof that she really does pay attention to detail!

Since having this production team has allowed her to succeed as a musician and performer, and they are very open about sharing their knowledge and secrets with others.

Appeared in a movie

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After graduating high school, actress and singer Jennifer Lopez made her feature film debut in What’s Up Pops? In 2001. You probably know her now for her charismatic performance as Sofia Reyes in The Fast And The Furious franchise or her sass-talking persona in Clueless. But before all of that, she was just another pretty girl with big dreams!

Her rise to fame is quite interesting, too. It wasn’t easy – no one gets famous jumping out of bed every morning and going into work like it’s a normal day – but there are some key things about how she got here that helped make her successful.

In this article, you will learn about five important ways that professional dancer/actress/model/businesswoman JLo built up her career.

Found her niche in the music industry

how did jennifer lopez get famous

Before she was famous, JLo had to work hard to get noticed for your normal person like us. She didn’t have many big hits before “Give Me More” but she is now considered by most as one of the greatest singers of all time.

Her musical style has been described as both urban and latin influenced with some dance moves thrown into it.

She got here through hard work and determination though! Her early career includes singing backup vocals and performing at karaoke nights.

But it wasn’t until 2008 when she really broke out nationally with her song ‘On The Floor’. This is where her talent truly shined through and she hasn’t looked back since.

Worked with some of the best recording artists

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After moving to Los Angeles from Puerto Rico, singer Aqours (the name is short for Aquarius Rising) member Mami started singing in local lounges and bars. She had her first professional performance at an open mic event where she sang two songs – one cover and one original. The audience loved what they heard, and music publishers quickly approached her about representing their product.

At this stage, Mami was still performing under her given name Maria Victoria Sanchez. But she wanted to grow as a musician so she made the switch to using only her artistic moniker. Her new manager helped brainstorm potential monikers that would be more marketable and successful as a performer. He also got her into yoga and dance classes so she could improve her craft even more.

Mami’s hard work paid off when she landed her first major label record deal. Sony Music Japan signed her to release a Japanese version of her song “Boomerang.” This gave her the opportunity to collaborate with famous musicians such as Mitsuki Takamoto, Ken Ishii, and Masashi Okusaku.

These collaborations proved very popular, and several other big names were asked if they wanted to join in on the fun. Many of them did! Over time, Mami built up quite a repertoire of tracks including collaborations with Troye Danson, Mark Hoppé, and Ricky Martin.

Became a fashion icon

how did jennifer lopez get famous

Before she was just considered to be one of the greatest singers of all time, JLo made a name for herself as an actress. She starred in such blockbusters like 2001’s _Dirty Work_, 2003’s _Get Real_, 2004’s _Angel Eyes_ and 2005’s _Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls_.

But it is her role as Alex Luna in the 2002 hit movie _Jodie Foster's The Dangerous Book For A Girl! that really put her on the map. In this movie, Luna learns how to defend herself from abusive men by reading a book.

This film inspired many young women to learn self-defense and gave them inspiration to begin doing so. Many even formed groups with similar names as the character in the movie does!

Her next project was totally different though. While filming the 2006 comedy _I'm It!,_ Jessica met Cat Marnell who played Phoebe Whitey in the sitcom _The Office_. They became close friends and later started dating.

Shortly after their engagement was announced in May 2014, they called off the wedding. But they still remain good friends to this day.

Since then, both have enjoyed success away from each other. You may know her as the singer, songwriter, dancer and actor known for hits including Break My Heart, On Display and All I Have (featuring Drake).

Started a family

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After she left her job as a lawyer to pursue acting, JLo quickly landed some major roles. She has appeared in over twenty films since 2000 when her first movie hit theaters — The Cell Phone Movie!

Her career took off after she gave birth to twins in 2005. At that time, she decided to focus more on being a mother than working full-time as an actor.

Since then, she’s starred in several popular movies like My Name Is Jessica, A Rat Race, In Too Deep, Out of Time, Hustlers, On Point, Living With Your Parents And Reassessing Life When They Announce You Are An Uncle!

She also hosted The Dance Contest for five seasons before it was cancelled due to low ratings.

These days you can find her starring in romantic comedies, action flicks, and dramas spanning all genres. Her most recent film is All The Money in the World which released last December.

Became a business owner

how did jennifer lopez get famous

As we know, JLo got her start as an actress with significant roles in several hit films. But she didn’t stay in that industry too long before making the leap into owning businesses.

She owned at least six restaurants at various points during her career, including one located just outside of Paris where she lived for many years.

And back when she first started hosting “Dance Your Ass Off,” she hosted the show out of her house! She even sold her own line of beauty products under the brand name ReEvolve.

All these ventures made her wealthy beyond most people’s dreams, but they weren’t your average small business ventures. Many were well known brands that she took over and improved upon.

So how did someone who was once famous for playing characters now run companies that are considered iconic? Let us look at some of her smart business strategies.

Went on a vacation

how did jennifer lopez get famous

In 2007, while filming her new movie The Re-Doing, actress Jennifer Lopez took some time off to go on what she calls her “second honeymoon” with her then fiancé Casimiro Garmen. They traveled to Paris for two weeks.

It was during this trip that Lopez learned about the art of ma dansance. A dance form inspired by jazz and rhythm, it involves striking poses and movements in a way that is elegant and graceful.

She had tried it before, but now she made it part of her workout routine, practicing twice a week.

Her first performance as a dancer was at a party hosted by music producer Louis Jascale. He asked if anyone knew how to do the move, so many people got into position. Some even received a prize for their efforts!

Jazzy dancers are not the only ones who can learn this exercise. It can be adapted for most any kind of dancing or just because you want to try it out.

You don't need expensive equipment to get started. You can use your own body weight and your feet to perform this pose.