How Did Jennifer Lopez Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, JLo is one of the most famous people in the world! She has been featured on every major network many times for her dancing, singing, acting, and fitness skills.

Her rise to fame was not easy however. It did not come easily for her nor for those around her who tried hard to help her reach that goal.

She had to go through lots of stages before she made it big, even then it took awhile for her to find success. This article will talk about some of the ways she got here and how you can be like her by starting from within and working hard to achieve your dreams.

We will also look at what helped her succeed and maybe some things you can pick up from this information.

Became a recording artist

how did jennifer lopez get famous

As we know, JLo got her big break as a singer when she was chosen by Marc Anthony to be featured on his album in 2007. Since then, she has starred in several hit music videos and sang lead vocals for many more songs!

Her singing career took off after she released her first solo studio album in 2008. Titled Just The Way You Are, it included the singles that made her famous.

Many of these songs feature lyrics about how much she loves you and wants to make you happy. This includes songs like “On Display”, “Give Me More”, and my favorite, “I Make You Happy”.

She has also sung some heartfelt ballads such as “Love Is Not Discrete” and “If I Never Meet You Again”. Both of those songs are from her second studio album, 2012’s Living In A Fantasy.

What is her legacy? It’s not just her beautiful voice or her successful musical collaborations, but everything else she creates!

From acting to fashion designing to hosting TV shows, she does it all. She even designed her own line of makeup! All of this comes together to show us that she knows what makes her popular and uses it to keep coming back.

Launched a fashion line

how did jennifer lopez get famous

Before she was jet-setting around the world as a singer, actress and dancer, JLo had her own clothing collection! In fact, her first signature style came at an extremely young age when she would wear tight jeans with a sweater or jacket to make them seem like pants! She later rebranded this look as “lounge” clothes because of its relaxed feel.

In 1999, just before her 30th birthday, she launched a fashion label called Jen by j Lo. The brand quickly gained popularity due to its flamboyant designs that heavily featured Latin American culture in themes such as Chola jewelry and bright color schemes.

Many consider the label to be part of what made JLo famous since it drew attention to her beautiful looks while also promoting Latino beauty cultures. It even allowed her to experiment with different styles and trends for their influence.

Since then, the company has expanded into other merchandise categories including fragrances and housewares.

Started a production company

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After leaving her position as an entertainment correspondent for CBS, in 2000, JLo launched her own media production company, Ray of Hope Productions.

JLo’s first project was a short film she directed herself called Living On A Budget! The movie features mostly still photos and videos that tell viewers how to save money by keeping their home budget under $1,000 per month.

It also teaches people how to do their nails with regular supplies instead of expensive ones they cannot afford. Many beauty products can be found at affordable prices these days, so why not learn some easy tricks from someone who made it rich?

Her next venture was developing her acting career. Since nobody is ever truly famous overnight, it took time for JLo to reach top status. But once she did, she didn’t let go of it easily!

She has starred in several hit movies since then, including both blockbusters and more niche films. She won many awards for her work, too!

But none of this would have been possible if she had not started off as someone unknown.

Married Ben Affleck

how did jennifer lopez get famous

Before she was ‘JLo’, before she had her own TV show or movie, before she was famous, Jennifer Lopez lived in obscurity.

She owned two restaurants with her best friend and business partner, Daymond John. One was a sushi restaurant in Beverly Hills called The Om Shop, which closed down within months of opening. The other was an Italian grill in Hancock Park called Avanti!

Her personal life was also relatively quiet. She dated musician Sean "Diddy" Combs for several years before calling it quits in 2009.

But everything changed when she married actor/screenwriter/director Brett Ratliff back in July 1999. He made sure to tell people he knew immediately after the wedding that his wife was not only beautiful but successful as well.

He even listed her as one of the producers of their sitcom, The Re-Boot. But this is really where things get tricky.

It seems Londo never actually got credit for being a producer on the show. In fact, many believe he wrote, directed, produced, and starred in every episode himself!

His claims are backed up by some pretty strong rumors and evidence.

Became a mother

how did jennifer lopez get famous

As we all know, JLo is famous for her dancing ability as well as her beautiful face and body. But aside from Dance Moms and some music videos, she mostly got into our hearts for being a great mom!

She has two sons, Mateo (8) and Casper (6). She always makes an effort to be in public with them, never hiding their presence while promoting herself or other projects.

Her daughter, Ariana, was born back in 2010.

Won a Grammy

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After winning Best Dance/Electronica Album for her song “Bang Bang,” JLo took to the stage with an impressive performance of the song. She stripped down to a black bodysuit that showed off all of her tattoos as well as some major muscles!

Her dance moves were incredible and she totally owned it. Many have referred to this performance as one of her best because not only did she show off her talent, but she made sure to put in effort into showing how much she loved dancing.

After the performance, she was given the award and hugged her fellow nominees before taking pictures with them. Her sweet personality really comes through when you watch her TV show or film career.

Her style has always been very striking, so it is no surprise she got famous for being beautiful. People love her for her infectious smile and classic look.

Enjoyed a decade of success

how did jennifer lopez get famous

After achieving major recognition as an singer, songwriter, dancer, and actress, it was clear that Latin music superstar JLo enjoyed a successful career.

Her singing style is known for its rich vocals and infectious melodies, which have garnered her many accolades. She has won six Grammy Awards, eleven Billboard Music Award nominations, two American Music Award wins, and nine MTV Video Music Awards.

In addition to her musical achievements, she has also starred in several hit films including The Wedding Singer, What Happens In Vegas, Hustlers, On Demand with Netflix, A Rat Race, Yours Mine And Ours, Chasing Happiness, Hustle & Flow, and most recently Justify.

She received my favorite actor/actress nomination at this year’s Oscars for her performance in Hustlers and she will soon be seen next year in All The Money In The World, alongside Kevin Spacey and Margot Robbie.

Not only does she love acting, but she loves writing too! Her first book, I Love You Like No Other, was released last September. It is about her personal experiences with self-love and loving yourself unconditionally.

Had a difficult divorce

After eight years of marriage, JLo made national headlines when she filed for divorce in October 2014. The two had been dating since 2006, so it was definitely not her first rodeo!

Her reason? Her husband didn’t want to have kids together. Luckily for her, he is very supportive of her career now, so she doesn’t need to worry about that!

She also wanted to be more focused on her career at this stage in her life, which makes sense. Plus, having your own kid can get expensive! So, being married with no little one on board really only has one outcome – big money savings!

By the way, what a great role model she set for women by choosing to stay home instead of chasing her dreams. She never felt like she deserved bigger roles because she didn’t have children, and I think we all know how important that feeling can be.