How Did Jake Paul Get Famous

By Tiara

A lot of people know the name Jake Paul now, but back when he was first filming his YouTube channel, he wasn’t quite as famous. He started posting videos about two years ago, and ever since then, he has been growing in popularity.

He made his mark by creating different types of content for his audience. He would make jokes, do challenge games, and even organize competitions with other YouTubers or popular brands!

His style of humor is very dry – no one laughs at his jokes, unless they are really funny. This is what makes him special though because his comedy is clearly written to provoke laughter, but also inspire thoughts and conversations.

Jake Paul continues to experiment with his media platform to see how many ways he can connect with his audience. This includes experimenting with new genres and styles of video making.

Overall, his success comes from creating engaging, entertaining experiences for his viewers. Most importantly, he invests time into cultivating an intimate relationship with every fan.

This article will discuss some important things you should consider before investing your time in the community that works hard to support you.

His Paul Brothers channel

how did jake paul get famous

Before he was famous, his fans knew him for his YouTube channels that featured him filming with his team of “Paul brothers” (Jake, Logan, Kyan, and Deji) as they hang out, do things, and make fun of each other. These videos are mostly about making fun of the others and having some funny moments.

He got popular because of these boys. They made his channel grow to over six million followers by posting almost daily videos. The media noticed this growth and published stories about it, helping his popularity rise even more.

His success has also helped other YouTubers gain fame like himself. Many people have inspired their own channel or lead to bigger opportunities by supporting his content.

His influence extends beyond just his channel though. He is known for being very flashy and incorporating expensive products into his video content. This includes buying new cars, clothes, and jewelry!

These additions help his online reputation as someone who lives an extravagant lifestyle. Because of this, he has many sponsorships and collaborations.

Something most people may not know about Jake is that he started donating plasma back in May 2016 so he could earn money. He donated twice a week until his recent surgery in October which prevented him from doing so temporarily.

Many people don't realize it, but anyone can donate blood once a year without too much trouble.

His Twitch channel

how did jake paul get famous

As mentioned earlier, before he got famous for his YouTube channels, Jake was already popularly known for his Twitch streamer channel. He has over 1 million followers on that platform alone!

He started streaming in November of 2016 and now he streams every single day at around noon or one o’clock. He typically broadcasts with his best friend Cassie, who is also very well-known YouTuber. They play games together and chat about things while they watch his livestreams.

His popularity skyrocketed when he made it into The Game Awards event as a guest speaker where he discussed his rise to fame. Since then, he has never looked back!

What makes him so successful is that he creates engaging content. He hosts large live events like Gamescom (an annual video game festival) and spends lots of money to promote himself and his brand.

By giving away freebies and products, he gets many people to follow him and support his company or product.

The Paul Brothers and Logan

how did jake paul get famous

As mentioned earlier, the Paul brothers got their start as very young kids posting YouTube videos of themselves playing games. These early works soon attracted attention from bigger channels like Disney for their entertaining content.

Their popularity led to them hosting game shows, creating new accounts to boost views, and eventually producing scripted comedy series.

But it was their next project that really took off. In May 2016, they launched a channel called Team 10, featuring two teams with ten members each. One team would be made up of people with no professional social media profiles while the other had limited time lines.

The latter team consisted of individuals who used pre-existing social media platforms to create fake accounts to support the team’s cause. This included making accounts tied to real people so that supporters could take over those identities to help promote the account!

This is what most people refer to as “Fake News.” It is not uncommon to see people praise this tactic as an excellent way to spread awareness about a product or service. However, there are legal limits to how far you can go before it becomes plagiarism.

The challenges

how did jake paul get famous

As with any successful person, there were lots of things that helped him reach his current level of fame. Being able to connect with an audience is one of the most important qualities in anyone wishing to succeed in entertainment or business.

Jake has always been good at connecting with people. He started filming YouTube videos when he was just 15 years old and quickly became very popular for making fun of other YouTubers’ videos.

He now boasts over six million followers and his channel has become extremely profitable for himself as well as Disney!

But before he was famous, he needed to be known. He had to create a large community of supporters who would come back to watch his videos every week. And he did this by creating new challenge types like ‘Oddly Challenge’ and ‘Ghosting Challenges’.

These gave others chance to join in on the action and bring attention to themselves while helping grow his fanbase. His style of comedy also won many fans – he makes light of difficult situations which are sometimes funny but also teach valuable lessons.

The Diamonds channel

how did jake paul get famous

As many of you know, The Diamond Channel is one of his main channels. It was back in August 2017 when he made his big return as an influencer. He rebranded it to just The Diamond Channel and released his first video titled “Jake Paul’s GRIND MODE!”

In this video, he makes fun of people who use autocorrect to spell his name wrong. He then proceeds to make jokes about how he will take revenge by putting up more diamond videos.

The reason why people mistook him for Jay Sean at first was because they both have very similar style hair and clothing. Many people also remember that he did a lot of sponsored content for Glamour and other brands which are heavily marketed towards teens and young adults.

After The Diamond Channel gained popularity, he branched out into different genres such as beauty and fashion hauls, movie reviews, and more. Since then, he has consistently put out entertaining content every week.

The Jake Paul Movie

how did jake paul get famous

Before he was known for his constant, flashy YouTube videos with catchy songs and costumes, before he had 5 million followers and a television show, there were just small talk conversations about how best to take down The Team Jacob (as they like to call themselves) team in your battles.

As you can probably tell, these people are very passionate about this rival crew of yours that has totally taken over their community.

And while some may consider them too focused on being famous, it’s actually quite the opposite- they spent their childhood developing their passion for filming and editing films and now they do it as a career!

Their talent is undeniable and anyone could watch one of their videos and know what professional quality work they have mastered.

But how did we get here? Why would two kids who grew up together make content so professionally done if it wasn’t for a mutual understanding of each other?

It all started when Kian and Logan left high school and decided to pursue acting. They both shared an apartment and would spend hours studying their characters and perfecting their lines until bedtime.

At night time though, things got weird.

The boys would reenact scenes from movies they had seen before creating their own stories using similar themes and settings.

The Bizaare channel

how did jake paul get famous

Before he was famous, his YouTube channel had less than 1 million views. He did not have much of a presence before August 2018 when he made his big debut as a YouTuber.

The House Party challenges

how did jake paul get famous

As we all know, YouTube is not just about watching videos – it’s also a place to make your own! Creating a video or editing an existing one is a great way to get your name out there, gain followers, and promote yourself or a product.

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It is very possible to create your own YouTube channel with these tools. But what if you are not too technical? What if you do not have access to those programs either due to cost or because you only have computer number two that does not work so well?

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