How Did J Lo Get Famous

By Tiara

As we know, Jennifer Lopez has been in the entertainment industry for quite some time now! She got her start as an actress with small roles in TV shows and films before breaking into music as a singer. Since then, she has consistently put out quality music and toured frequently to promote it.

Her musical style has ranged from more traditional songs like “On Display” to dance tracks such as “Booty Pop” and even reggae songs such as “We Are One (Olamide Uye)”.

She is also very popular for incorporating Latin and Latino themes into many of her songs. Many people enjoy listening to her music because she creates songs that appeal to different genres and cultures.

Her popularity extended beyond just music though. Her fashion styles have always been fashionable, but they never become boring or stagnant. New trends find themselves incorporated into her look along with her own personal touches.

Overall, she is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world due to not only her career but also her overall media presence. People all over the globe recognize her name and work.

She was in the “Material Girl” video

how did j lo get famous

Before she became one of the biggest celebrities in the world, Jennifer Lopez had her moment! While some may not know it, she made her debut as a famous singer back in 2001 when she featured on another song called ‘Jenny From The Block’.

This track is about two girls who meet at a party and then go out afterwards. Although there are no explicit lyrics talking about sex or anything too racy, the way the song sounds makes you think that something more might happen later.

The music doesn't stop and neither do they! This can definitely set a tone for what happens next. Obviously, nothing crazy does occur but it's an interesting start to see how professional this artist is.

Her voice alone is enough to win over anyone though! It's very soothing and beautiful which makes it perfect for singing songs about love and romance.

Since this initial appearance, she has gone onto become one of the most well-known singers in the business and has even won several awards for her work.

She was a backup dancer

how did j lo get famous

While most people know Jennifer Lopez as an award-winning singer, actress, and entrepreneur, she did not make it to the top without first proving her talent as a dancer. In fact, before becoming a superstar, she spent years performing for small audiences in various dance styles including raps, swing, and disco!

In 1989, when Lopez was only twenty-one years old, she landed a job dancing with MC T.I., one of the members of New York’s hip hop group The Boyz. He gave her his phone number, and she called him later that day to ask if he needed anyone else to work for him.

He said yes, so she packed up her things and moved across town to join his crew. It was here where she would meet another member who would help launch her career — Tarik “Black Magic” Ollison.

She says their relationship developed quickly into something more, but they never officially dated.

She hosted a TV show

how did j lo get famous

After quitting her job as a lawyer to become a singer, Jennifer Lopez took another route to stardom by hosting The Dance Contest! This was back in 2005 when she first launched the show. It quickly became one of the biggest shows for NBC at that time with over 10 million viewers each week!

The premise of the show is simple – contestants are asked to dance to music and the audience gets to vote for their favorite dancer. Each round has two or three dances depending on how many dancers there are, and then the winner moves onto the next round.

The best part about this show is that anyone can watch it no matter what level dancing you have. There are some very famous dancers on the show including Usher, Shakira, and Britney Spears!

Many celebrities have danced on the show before them, but none have done as well as Jennifer did! Her charisma as a host makes her entertaining to watch, and people love watching her perform.

She started her own recording label

how did j lo get famous

After leaving Columbia Records in 2000, Jennifer Lopez launched her own record label through Sony Music Entertainment-the same company that she was signed to before!

Her new label is called Republic Records and it’s where she has released many of her hit songs. Some of these include “If You Had My Love,” “I Just Can’t Help It,” and my favorite song off of The Bodyguard soundtrack, “Hero.

She released her first album

how did j lo get famous

As we know, Jennifer Lopez has never been one to shy away from sharing her love of music with us. She began performing songs for others in local clubs when she was just 15 years old!

Her very first performance took place at The House Of Blues in Anaheim, California where she sang two songs — both of which are now famous.

The first song she performed is called “On My Knee” and it's about asking for a kiss. This lyrics include lines such as "Would you put your hand up my dress? / If I let you, would you touch me here?" and "I want to feel your heart beating only mine".

She also performed the second song, titled 'Booty', which contains similar lyrics including lines like, "Your butt looks good in that short skirt" and "You got those nice cheeks, baby.

She released her second album

how did j lo get famous

After recording several songs, including one she later re-recorded as her debut single, ‘Honey’, Jennifer Lopez decided to release her second studio album in 1999. Titled On My Own, it featured the hit song of the same name which would go on to win two Grammy Awards for Best Dance Recording and Song of The Year.

The music video for ‘On My Own’ was directed by Hannah Beachum and features some great dance moves from Lopez. The lyrics tell the story of someone who is torn between staying with their current partner or looking for something more substantial.

Lopez’s character decides to pursue romantic relationships but they always end badly and she feels like she has wasted her time on him. As she puts it, she will never feel that way about anyone else and she will be alone forever.

Her tone throughout the song reflects this very well and she delivers her lines with conviction.

She started her fashion line

how did j lo get famous

After she left The O’Neals, she decided to start her own clothing collection. In an interview with Vogue it was revealed that she would take pieces of clothes from various designers and re-brand them as her own.

This is what she did for her first collection which she called “Lovelies in Love.” These are some pretty catchy names!

She wore these dresses at the MTV Music Awards where she received both praise and criticism for this new look. Many said that she copied other people’s styles but her designs were unique enough to make them special.

Her next big move came when she appeared on the second season of America’s Got Talent. Here she performed the song My Life Would Suck Without You.

After filming ended she announced that she had signed up with IMG Models! This agency represents A-listers such as Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lopez.

She started her own production company

how did j lo get famous

After leaving The X Factor as one of its top contestants, Jennifer Lopez launched her own record label! In March 2016, just over a year after she left The X Factor, Lopez announced that she would launch an album under her solo music brand, All I Have.

The album was set to be released in September but it was pushed back until November 10th due to “post-production” work.

It is now being marketed as All I Have Album Day — which happens once every decade when the album releases. Fans can pre-order the album from Amazon and get early access to some songs!

In addition to launching her own recording studio, Lopez also founded a TV show producing business! Her team produces for other studios and networks.