How Did J.k Rowling Get Famous

By Tiara

As we all know, Harry Potter is one of the biggest book series in history. It has also been credited for creating an era of young adult fiction by putting emphasis on character development instead of just fast paced action or sci-fi style stories.

It’s hard to argue with that! If you read some of the other popular YA books from today like The Maze Runner or Divergent, you will see there are many traits shared with J.K. Rowling’s work.

There are often characters that struggle with self-doubt before eventually taking action. And there are sometimes unexpected twists and turns along the way. In fact, it can be said that both The Lord ofthe Rings and Harry Potter would not exist without the concept of “The Wheel of Time.” (More about this later!)

But how did we get here? Why are people so obsessed with these fictional worlds and what happens within them?

In this article, I will discuss the different strategies used to promote the Harry Potter books. Some worked more effectively than others, but they all played important roles in bringing the wizarding world to life for readers everywhere.

She sold millions of copies of her book

how did j.k rowling get famous

As mentioned earlier, it took several attempts for JK to get into the publishing business. Her first attempt at writing was in primary school when she wrote a short story about a boy that needed help finding his way home. This short story eventually got published as an article and then re-written as a novel!

Her second try at getting into the literary world came while she was studying English Literature at university. During this time, she had to write a short essay every week and she chose to do so by writing about why reading is important.

After graduating with a Masters Degree in Writing from Manchester University, she entered the self-publishing industry by creating your own print on demand (or directly printed) books. These are designed and produced by companies such as Bloomsbury Publishing who can turn your manuscript into a physical book within their facilities.

From there, she partnered up with Kickstarter where she gathered enough money to produce and publish The Philosopher’s Stone – which she later renamed The Sorcerer's Stone. Since its release in 2011, over 6 million copies have been purchased worldwide making it one of the bestselling novels ever written.

She continued to create more stories after The Philosopher's Stone and they too were successful. More recently, she has focused on writing young adult fiction and has even launched her own company under the name Pottermore.

She became a children’s author and blogger

As mentioned earlier, she was never professionally trained as an writer. However, that didn’t stop her from producing some of the greatest stories in modern literature.

Her first professional writing opportunity came when she published her first book at the age of 21 — for very little money.

She had written several short stories before then which she self-published under the pen name J.K. Rowling. These early works included chapters of what would later become The Harry Potter series.

It is important to note that while she may have been paid extremely well for the work she does now, she has consistently spoken about how difficult it was to make a living back then.

This isn’t meant to take away from her success, but rather to show just how much her career took off after years of struggling to be recognized as an expert writer.

She created the Wizarding World

how did j.k rowling get famous

Before she was famous, JK Rowling made her name writing books that focused on wizardry. The first of these is called ‘The Philosopher’s Stone'. It’s the story of an orphaned boy who grows up to be a famous writer.

In this book, his goal in life is to become rich and powerful by publishing a best-selling work about wizards. This work becomes a success and he gets both!

This inspired Harry Potter, one of the most popular fictional series ever written. There are eight main characters in total, including Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.

You can probably tell now why I consider Rowling a talented writer. Not only does she write engaging stories, but she also clearly knows how to grab attention through marketing strategies.

Her style includes incorporating familiar elements into new ones, such as dragons for magical creatures. These similarities appeal to young readers who enjoy fantasy novels.

Overall, she makes clever use of allegory in her stories which emphasize important messages. For example, many people compare Hogwarts –the school where all the main characters study– to real schools.

This link emphasizes the importance of education in your career and life. More than just knowledge, it teaches you skills like literacy and math.

She became a celebrity

how did j.k rowling get famous

As mentioned earlier, she wrote her first novel at age 15. It was simply called ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’, which is what wizards call The Sorcerer’s Stone, their most powerful tool for creating magic. You may have heard of this book before!

It is now known as Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stonesince that was re-published in 1997 as Harry Potter And The Sorceror's Stone. Since then it has become one of the biggest selling books series ever with over 400 million copies sold worldwide (that's almost half the amount of people who read these essays).

She continued to write more novels in the Harry Potter franchise while developing other successful writing careers such as being an author of young adult fiction and screenwriter.

Her debut screenplay went on to win two Academy Awards and be nominated for another five, including Best Original Screenplay. Her second film won several awards including Best Director.

She sold her own movie rights

how did j.k rowling get famous

After graduating with a degree in English, she took what was probably one of the most difficult steps for any aspiring writer-selling your own book. In fact, it’s almost impossible to do unless you are already famous or have wealthy parents that will publish it for you.

Rowling sold the film and TV adaptation rights to her first novel, The Hobbit, which is now an international franchise. Her contract allowed her to retain some control over how the story is told but also gave publishers enough leeway to make changes if they feel so inclined.

Her deal stipulated that no publisher can be given credit as the creator of the work, even though everyone knows who wrote it! This protects her artistic integrity, but may hinder her financial success since many writers get paid more depending on the popularity of their works.

Overall, however, this protection helped ensure that her creative vision remained intact and she still received significant royalties even after giving up total ownership.

She wrote other books

how did j.k rowling get famous

After taking some time off, she began writing her first novel at the age of 30. It was not an easy journey for her though. She had to take many breaks before deciding to invest in herself by publishing what would eventually become one of Britain’s most famous authors.

It took her almost ten years to get the initial idea for Harry Potter rolling. During that time she worked as a teacher, spent five months travelling around South America, and lived through two major earthquakes!

When she returned home, she started working part-time at a library while also juggling work commitments as a secretary. It wasn’t until her children were older that she felt able to devote more time to writing.

Her early attempts at fiction failed but she kept trying until she found her voice as a writer. It is now nearly twenty years later and she has published six novels and no signs of slowing down.

She even has her own award category at the British Book Awards which recognises her achievements as an author. In fact, she has been shortlisted for the prize so many times that it feels like an inevitability every year!

If you love reading then why don’t you try your hand at writing your own book? You do need to be confident with the use of punctuation and grammar, however.

She created the Fantastic Beasts franchise

how did j.k rowling get famous

As mentioned earlier, Harry Potter is one of the most well-known book series in recent memory. The books have been translated into over 40 languages and have earned more than $9 billion in sales globally.

They’ve also inspired many other successful franchises, including J.K. Rowling’s new trilogy about witches and wizards called Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.

This new project was announced back in March 2017 when she revealed that she would be writing a screenplay for an upcoming film. It was later reported by Deadline that Warner Bros had acquired the rights to make the movie with David Yates (forgoing another potential Fantastic Beasts 2) as director.

The main character will reportedly work at the International Magical Trade Commission (TIMAC), which sounds very much like it could be a retelling of the old Power Rangers team!

Rowling has already written two screenplays for this new film and they are both set in her TIMAC world. They’re not connected to each other or the Harry Potter stories but they do feature some characters from her wizarding world.

She created the Deathly Hallows franchise

how did j.k rowling get famous

As mentioned earlier, it was not until Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire that we see what would become one of her most famous creations; the Deathly Hallows. These are five artifacts which play an integral part in determining who will win the Sorcerer’s Stone.

The first two chapters focus almost exclusively on the deathly hallow known as the Elder Wand. This wand is very powerful and legendary, even to its own creator. Dumbledore mentions how no one knows where the Elder Wand went after Voldemort tried to destroy it.

This inspired J.K. Rowling to write into book three (Deathly Hallows) about another deathly holly, the Cloak of Invisibility. You can probably guess why this item is important!

After creating these two items, she began writing ideas for the third and final stone. But before she could write anything new, she had to start with something old.

She started by taking notes from the previous chapter and making them into their own story. In the case of theSorcerer'sStone, she made the setting and characters familiar from the beginning so that people wouldn't get confused.

Her rewriting and developing of previously written material is a trick writers use every day.